Attempting sanity in my crazy life

Wow…what a crazy couple of weeks.

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of the feedback (whether positive OR negative) that I’ve received this week.  I’ve received emails in addition to comments, so forgive me if I haven’t responded to everybody as life is just crazy busy at the moment.

At the end of the day, please know that I have, in fact, read all of the comments by everybody and have taken them to heart.  One of the reasons I continue to blog is because of the feedback I can receive from the “Blogosphere” on issues that can be seen as sensitive.

I’m not purposely trying to be controversial.  I’m not purposely trying to “stir the pot”.  I’m just posting from the heart, which sometimes isn’t as smart as posting from the head but that’s why I started blogging to begin with…just so I could get things “out there” and work through them in my own way.

Okay…here is a summary of where everything stands now:

  • My mom’s cancer will never go away.  That was a hard pill to swallow when finding out last weekend.  Her broken leg hasn’t healed yet because the tumor on her leg hasn’t shrunk.  She will begin taking a new pill form of chemotherapy starting this weekend and the hope is that it’ll shrink the tumor enough that it will allow her leg to heal.  The bad news?  The radiation she’s taken and the chemo she’ll continue to take will NOT destroy the tumors that are in her body.  The word “terminal” was never used, but my father told me that she’ll live the rest of her life with tumors.
  • I had lunch with my mom and dad yesterday, and mom was in good spirits.  Whether she’s in denial, is oblivious, or simply is that strong…I’m inspired by her acceptance of the situation.
  • My daughter’s mom called me at work yesterday and told me that Rugrat had to go to the hospital on Wednesday night.  Apparently she’s got a flu bug of some kind that gives her an extremely sore stomach and a fever of 104 degrees.  She hadn’t eaten since Monday and was so weak that her step-father had to literally carry her into the hospital.  The doctors told her to try drinking some Gatorade and take some Advil in an attempt to regain some strength and lower her fever.  I talked to her last night and she was soooooo weak.  I hung up in tears because I just wished I could be there for her and give her a hug.  If she doesn’t eat by mid-day today, they’re going to have to admit her to the hospital and feed her intravenously.
  • On top of all that, there is FINALLY a conditional offer on my house.  Mind you, it’s a low-ball offer and conditional on them selling their own home, but after changing realtors and having the house on the market since February…it’d be nice to finally go somewhere and start over fresh.

It’s Thanksgiving up here in Canada this weekend, so for all of my Canadian readers I’d like to wish you a very happy holiday.  For me, though, I work for an American company on American holidays…so I’m in to work on Monday like normal.  The positive side of that is that I get a 4-day weekend in November to celebrate Thanksgiving, so I’ve really got no complaints.

Again, thanks to everybody for the feedback this week.  Hope you all have a great weekend regardless of where you are.


3 thoughts on “Attempting sanity in my crazy life

  1. Oh wow. Ugh. The news about your mom has me just sick. (Too fresh after losing Jim, sorry.) I will stay positive for her and send lots of prayers. You never know!

    Sooooo sorry to hear about Rugrat! Rascal was just saying something to me last night about the “bad dad” feelings. He said I may not be able to relate because my girls are with me all of the time. But he said it hurts to be away from his children, especially when they are going through something, good or bad. I’m sorry for your pain. I’ll send hugs for you and prayers for her too.

    Good luck with the home sell. And I hope you have a great weekend.

    Much love.

  2. Your mom and your family are in my prayers to continue to have strength with her illness.

    Rugrat is in my prayers too! That sounds like such an awful flu bug!

  3. Congrats on the home sell (almost there!)…a little bright spot in a lot of sadness and frustration. Hugs to you and prayers to your family. (and I totally agree with you on blogging being a huge support system!!)

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