I think I’ve got a man-crush at work…

WOW…that doesn’t sound right at all, does it?

On Thursday I was mentioning how difficult I was finding the transition in my new job…not only from a work perspective but also from a worker-relationship perspective.

I’m new to the team.  They don’t know me and I don’t really know them. I’m used to being the one that everybody turns to for support and a laugh.  Now?  Well…things are starting to improve after a pretty slow start.  People are  beginning to loosen up a bit around me and chat and smile (even if there are people around me who would rather sit in silence and not enjoy their jobs at all).

One guy in particular has quickly become a friend.  So much, in fact, that I think it might be considered a “man-crush” right now.


It started off with us discussing the upcoming NFL season.  We talked about different teams and fantasy line-ups and trades and all that fun “guy stuff” that I hadn’t really had a chance to talk about in a very long time.

We talked about music.  This guy knows almost as much about music as I do and we talked about favourite bands, great 80’s rock songs, Canadian acts we’d like to see tour again, and even the best rappers of all time.

Oh…it gets better…

He’s an assistant manager at the local movie theatre (i.e. his 2nd job), so he’s as much of a movie buff as I am. We not only talked about favourite movies, we unofficially set-up our first “man date”.  Since he can get me into the movie theatre for free, he’ll take me to see whatever “guy movies” are playing that we both want to see that our better halves would rather not.

He’s even invited me over to his place to play Rock Band sometime.

Yes…he’s my new man-crush.

Okay…that may not be the right term, but to be perfectly honest I haven’t had a “male bonding” friend in about five years.  Once I got married, I relied on my ex-wife to be my best friend.  Once my ex-wife and I split up, even my best friend from high school distanced himself from me and I kind of backed into my own little shell.  I never really fond any guys in my last job that I felt like hanging around with AFTER work was over with.

And where I’ve got my son every other weekend and I’m with Sunshine every other weekend in between, there isn’t a lot of time for me to go out and do “guy stuff”.

Basically…I think I’ve made a friend.

And at the risk of sounding like a kid starting the first day at a new school, it’s a pretty darn good feeling.


4 thoughts on “I think I’ve got a man-crush at work…

  1. That’s great! I learned during my marriage, and subsequent divorce, the importance of having guy friends, but it’s never quite worked out. I think it’s harder to find a really good man-friend than it is to find a girlfriend. Even though I’m in a happy relationship with an incredible woman, I’m still looking for the elusive BFF.

    Go Bears!

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