R.I.P. Jim “Depot Dad” Everson

Rachel “Single Mom Seeking” Sarah wrote this on Jim’s Facebook wall today.

As some of you know, we have lost Jim. He’d asked us to let you know when it was time. The time has come. Thank you to everyone for the love you showed Jim.

In late July, Jim had asked Phil and me to pass on the following, written by Jim:

“I know everyone will remember me in their own way, but for my own selfish interests, I hope that people will remember me as a person who, though often bewildered by the world, was also someone who delighted in learning about it, and mostly, was thrilled when given the opportunity to share in the excitement of learning. I would like to be remembered as a devoted father and a loving friend.”

Sunshine and I are extremely saddened to know that we’ve lost someone we considered a “blogger friend”…someone who communicated with both of us and made us feel like we could hang with him at any point.

In fact, I was more than just a little happy to have been placed on his “Blogosphere Bingo Card” of fellow bloggers he hoped to meet in person (once he met you, he colored-in the card)…

RIP, Jim.  You’ll never be forgotten.


4 thoughts on “R.I.P. Jim “Depot Dad” Everson

  1. beautiful post. he will be remembered by so many, and the words written here are wonderful. can I be an honorary member of blogger bingo even though I am not a single parent, just the divorced part? *winK*

  2. The beautiful thing about Jim’s blog was that it was so perfectly Jim. Even though you never met him in person, you knew the essence of Jim. We were all blessed for having him in our lives.
    Thank you for your wonderful memorial.

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