The Work Transition

I’ve been in my new job now for about two months.  The job itself is 50% boring and 50% really challenging.  It’s a job where a lot of other people rely on me for accuracy so there’s a fair amount of pressure involved.

It’s a job that’s in a completely different part of the building that I’ve been working in for over three years now, so that’s been a major obstacle for me to overcome.

In my previous position, I was seen as a leader.  I’m an extrovert by nature (shocking, I know) who knew what I was doing…a combination that got me noticed (although not always in a good way).  But after being on the company’s United Way committee as a volunteer (my employer raised over $200,000 last year), being voted into the company’s Employee Forum (i.e. representing the concerns of over 1,100 employees to management) not once but twice, and also being asked to emcee two employee recognition events…I was well known within the building and (at the risk of sounding arrogant) pretty well-liked.

The people who I now work with don’t know me very well, so now I’m not only starting over from a job duty perspective, but I’m also starting over from a co-worker relationship standpoint…and that has been pretty tough so far.

I’ll get into more details on Monday, but I think I’ve finally gone from feeling like an outsider to feeling more welcomed by my new peers. I guess thus far I can say that the transition has been successful…and that’s a major relief.

I’m sure you’ve all been through this type of transition, either with a new position within a company or with a new employer all together.  I normally feel a bit uncomfortable at first but try to let my personality win people over.  While it’s been pretty uncomfortable at times, I’m just glad to be able to settle in a bit.


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