Hurricane Earl

Hurricane Earl didn’t really do much along the eastern coast of the United States. It never really hit land and, while at one point a strong Category 4, it didn’t really get a chance to do much damage.

On Saturday morning, Earl made landfall in Nova Scotia.  As you can see from the blip below, it pretty much went straight through Halifax…which is where we were.

By the time it hit Nova Scotia, it was a Category 1.  However, it had been “down-graded” to a powerful tropical storm by the time it reached Halifax.

Having said that, the winds were sustained at over 70km/h (40 mph) with gusts reaching over 120km/h (75 mph).

Sunshine and I actually went out to breakfast that morning when the outer reaches of the storm were hitting the city.  The rain was incredible and the wind was powerful (gusts up to 75km/h at the time).  When we got back home, we decided to just take a couple of pics to document the fact that we were actually in the storm to begin with…

Hurricane Earl...we fear you! (kinda)
You can't really tell with this picture, but the rain and wind was pretty darn bad at this point. I know...I look like a goof.

At this point (around 10am or so) we went inside.  It wasn’t too much longer after these pictures were taken that the power went out.  And y’know, what’s a couple of kids in love to do when the power goes out in a hurricane?


The storm was a fast-mover and the skies began to clear up by mid-afternoon.  We decided to drive around the city to see if there was any damage anywhere.

This is what we saw…

This was literally one street over from us.
And this tree was literally TWO streets over from us.

While there wasn’t any real damage to buildings that we could see, there was a LOT of debris and trees and branches down all over the city.  What was really eerie, though, was that driving around Halifax we noticed that almost the entire city was without power.  And because the sun was out and the day turned out to be quite nice, people were walking along the streets in droves.  It was really a very odd scene.

We found a section of the city that did have power, picked up a couple of things to eat for supper, and then head back to Sunshine’s place for the night.  The power came back on at 11:30pm…not too shabby…and the rest of the weekend was spent as if nothing had ever happened (although we heard the chainsaws cutting up those downed trees last night).

There are still a few hundred people in Nova Scotia without power as of 7am on Monday morning, but we both know that things could have been a LOT worse, so we’re quite thankful for that.


4 thoughts on “Hurricane Earl

  1. Glad you’re all OK…wind storms are scary! A few years ago Hurricane Isabel hit where we were in Northern Virginia and we were without power for 5 days with two toddlers–eek. Glad you had some “fun” together though 😉

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