Sunshine is great

There’s nothing better than sitting on the beach basking in the sun’s glow.  Isn’t sunshine great?

Wait a second, that’s not what I’m really going to write about.  I’m NOT a big fan of sitting out in the heat.  I burn…I peel…and I’m white again.  Bah.

Last night I was talking with Sunshine on the phone and I mentioned to her that I was so busy getting prepared for this weekend that I didn’t really have time to write a blog post.  So she suggested that I write a post about how great she is.  Makes sense, right?  So here we go…


This woman really helped me this past weekend when my 11-going-on-21 year old daughter was giving me attitude.  It was really frustrating because she was wanting to be treated like an adult but still wanted to act like a kid (which Sunshine touched on in this post) and I wasn’t completely sure on how to handle everything.  Thankfully, Sunshine spoke to her and things seemed to be…I dunno…easier after that.

And my son?  He LOVES her.  When I just wanted to sit back and be lazy and take pictures and enjoy watching my son play, Sunshine couldn’t wait to run around and help play WITH him.

And me?  I got stressed and even got a bit snippy with her over nothing at one point.  She immediately recognized that I wasn’t myself and helped bring me back down to earth.

So as I enter a FULL WEEK with Sunshine AND her two amazing girls, I thought it made total sense to just tell the world how great my soul-mate is.

And she IS great…for so many different reasons.

So thank you, Sunshine.  Thank you for being EVERYTHING I’ve ever wanted and/or needed in a woman and a partner.  You’re really the best.

Sunshine is great. Indeed.


8 thoughts on “Sunshine is great

  1. For the record (and so everyone doesn’t think I’m totally vain) I was JOKING when I suggested that you write a post about how great I am. :-p

    But thank you…so much. You’re not so bad yourself. 😉

  2. I am kinda wondering what you think regarding this….
    I enjy your family posts but am wondering if Rugrat really would agree to her photo being out in public on this blig if she knew…remembering myself at her age I think she might be mortified to be honest.
    Also wondering if her mom would approve….

    Sorry to butt in about this, but wondering if perhaps she may be of the age when it’s time to exclude her photo from your public blog? She’s a lovely young girl,but I am just thinking about giving her a bit more privacy as we all need at thsi age(not from your writings, just the public photos….)

    Just my thoughts! All the best!

    1. Whether it’s on a blog or on Facebook or on Twitter, her picture is out there (she’s got her own Facebook under her own name, too).

      There’s no name attached to her picture other than Rugrat on my blog…and quite frankly, I don’t have big enough of a readership to have it matter one way or the other.

      Once we have the discussion about my blog and she says whether or not she approves of her pictures being on here (because eventually the discussion will have to take place), then a decision will be made.

      I appreciate the comment…but to me it’s no different than showing off her pictures to all of my co-workers.

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