Pay It Forward

I’ve never seen the movie but I’m well aware of what the statement means.  Basically you’re displaying a random act of kindness in the hope that the person you were kind to will pass kindness on to somebody else.

While my act wasn’t exactly random and it wasn’t towards a stranger, I’m sure that what I (and a few others) did is not only appreciated but will be passed along to others.

Fellow blogger Depot Dad is battling cancer and has been battling for awhile now.  It ain’t pretty…nausea and sickness from chemo, the whole nine yards.  And with my own mom going through yet another cancer battle, knowing he’s been going through this for so long has drawn me towards his blog and his story.

Last week I got a message in my Facebook inbox from another blogger.  She suggested that a bunch of us reach out to him in an effort to “show some love” and maybe put a smile on his face during a very difficult time.

I immediately jumped at the suggestion.

I went out and picked-up a birthday card, which sounds a little odd…but this card, when you open it, plays “Rock ‘n’ roll all nite” by KISS so I totally HAD to pick it up.  Then I decided to do a little bit more because I didn’t think a card was enough.

I’m a guy who lives through his music.  I used to be a DJ back in the 90’s and always wanted to be an on-air DJ so I’ve always LOVED music…all types of music.  My music collection is pretty diverse (and no…not in an “alternative/indie” kind of way, but more of a “pop and rock single from every year” kind of way) and I didn’t know if Jim was a music lover, but I thought I’d create an all-Canadian cd of music.

And when I say “cd”, I mean “data cd”.  So I sent a mixture of Canadian rock, Celtic, pop, and even some rap.  129 songs in all.  My hope is that he’ll have some downtime and just sit back and relax and enjoy popular music from another country and hopefully enjoy the experience.

I was about to send the card/cd when it hit me: I wanted to say a few words to Jim.  So this is the letter that I included in the card (this was sent before finding out that my mom’s cancer has returned):


As you may already know, my mother has been battling cancer for the past three years.  She’s been lucky enough to have her tumor shrink down to a manageable size, but the cancer will never go away.  She’s been a fighter and she’s done her best to have a positive attitude.

You, my friend, have been doing that in spades.

Whether you want to admit it or see it or not, you are an inspiration.  You’ve stated before that you’re not doing anything different that anybody else suffering with this disease would do.  But what you fail to realize is that for those of us who DON’T have cancer…and can’t imagine just how incredibly scary it must be to have it…it’s inspiring to see people fighting and not giving up.

You’re a fighter and your fight is inspirational.

And for that, I thought the very least I could do was send you this note.  I just wanted to make sure you knew how others saw you.  I just wanted to make sure you knew that people you haven’t even met care about you.  I just wanted you to know that if I had the money I’d fly across North America just to sit down for an hour and have a beer with you.

Keep fighting.  Keep smiling. Keep knowing that there is a “blogosphere” out there that cares about you and what you’re going through.

Take care, Jim.


“Canadian Bald Guy”

Jim received his card/cd/letter this week.  He sent me an email telling me he appreciated the gift.  And that (to make a short story long) is all I was hoping for.

So if you’d also like to “pay it forward”, please feel free to go to Depot Dad’s blog and just leave a comment.  Say “hi”…tell him a joke…link him to a funny picture…let him know that you’re wishing him all the best.

Pay it forward.  You’ll be glad you did.


7 thoughts on “Pay It Forward

  1. Way to go CBG. My mascara is runny. I look like lady fucking gaga over here.
    Ok, gotta clean my face up and then I’m going over to see Depot dad

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