A 20-Year Blast From The Past

I was going through some older photos recently and thought it would be fun to see what I looked like 20 years ago.

So without any shame I give you ME twenty years ago!

This, my friends, is me in 12th grade. I graduated in 1990. Wow...I wish I could adequately tell you just how dorky/nerdy I was back then, but I think this picture speaks volumes.
I was in Ottawa in the spring of 1990 when this picture was taken. I have NO idea where I am or why I'm holding an Oscar, but I remember that this was a legit award.
Oh dear lord. This is my senior prom picture. My date's name was Debbie and we went ONLY as friends. In fact, when we were taking these pictures, her boyfriend (a friend of mine now, actually) was standing behind her mother laughing at the whole situation. Yeesh...gotta love the mustache.
This was taken in late 1989. I was part of a drama group and our teacher had graduated from some college in England. The point I'm trying to make is that we created our own little play on what it was like to be a Canadian teenager and he organized a "tour" of England for us to perform (churches, high schools and such). THIS picture (making a short story long) was taken as Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in London. It was, without a doubt, the WORST George Bush wax figure that you could possibly imagine. But better yet, look at my big-ass glasses!!
This picture was taken in early 1991 when I was on spring break down in Florida with my family. This was taken at Universal Studios and I really thought I was cool enough to pull off the pink t-shirt. I may have been a little off in that assessment.
This is another pic taken at Universal Studios. Unless I'm wrong, this was the "Honey I Shrunk The Kids" exhibit. And unless I'm mistaken, I've got a Bob Marley t-shirt on undernearth that VERY loud jacket of mine. Oh...and notice the beginning hints of my mullet. In a year's time I'll have a FULL ON MULLET. And no...there aren't any pictures that I know of floating around.
Last one. And really...I have NO shame when I post this picture. Seriously. Pink tank top over a white t-shirt. Blue and yellow day-glo shorts. WOW. I look absolutely RIDICULOUS in this picture and me lifting these fake weights over my head have NOTHING to do with it. How insane is that?

Hopefully this brought a smile to your faces. And with that, I hope you all have yourselves a GREAT weekend!!


16 thoughts on “A 20-Year Blast From The Past

  1. Wow, CBG. That made me laugh HARD. 😉

    Luckily, during the late 80s/early 90s, I was in elementary/middle school, so I blame all the big hair/weird fashion style on my MOTHER.

    I should dig out some from high school, though, where I was total tomboy, heh.

    My pain would be a little lessened, tho. Because C at http://runningleap.wordpress.com and I went to high school together 😛

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