Christmas in August part two: She’s Not So Greedy?

Obviously, there were some concerns at the end of part one.  I wasn’t sure if my daughter was trying to use me, if she was just becoming a normal teenager (before actually becoming a teenager), or if she was turning into a person I hoped she wasn’t going to turn into.


So I talked with Sunshine about the situation.  We came up with (what we thought was) a brilliant plan.  As it stood, the plan was to spend about five days together as a family during Rugrat’s visit next month.  And yes…this makes all of us very happy as we had a great time during her last visit.

Anyway, this was the plan as explained in the email I sent to Rugrat:

“Hi sweetie.

I got your emails on the Christmas wish list.  I’ll set that aside and save it for December.

Now in terms of your idea for Christmas in August, Sunshine and I were thinking the idea itself isn’t so bad…because you’re right, we won’t be spending Christmas together.  So we’re going to plan on having one day as a “Family Christmas in August”.

But having said that, there will be NO PRESENTS.  Christmas needs to be about family…about showing others how much you love them and about good cheer and happiness.

So we’re going to have Christmas decorations (you can totally help decorate the tree!), Christmas music, Christmas movies (Elf, perhaps?), and we’ll probably even have a turkey dinner with all the trimmings (Sunshine’s gonna cook it)!  The hope is that we have it with Sunshine and her girls (and maybe even Ankle Biter, too!).

That’s the plan. What do you think?



Now I wasn’t sure how Rugrat would react.  My worst fear was that she’d come back with complaints about not getting gifts or not passing along her list to her grandfather “because he’s rich”.

Needless to say, her response was the best case scenario that I was really hoping for:

“Hmm………….. during the afternoon or all day? Can we bring one present for each person?

EX. 1 for Kiddo, 1 for Mo, 1 for Sunshine, 1 for you (and if Ankle Biter’s there, 1 for him 2)

Could we please do that??????????

Please it will seem a little bit nicer like giving a present 2 each of you from the heart????  It would just seem cooler!

So c ya. We don’t have to do it but I’m still bringing presents!!!!!!!!!”

How’s THAT for awesome?

So after a phone conversation between her and I shortly after getting this email, the final plan is that we’re going to have “Family Christmas in August” and we’ll all exchange one gift with each other…regardless of whether the gift is purchased or home-made.  And the rest of the day and night is going to be spent together laughing, singing, and being the family I’ve always dreamed of having.

Obviously, I’ll update you all with pictures and a blog post once it actually happens.

Don’t you love a happy ending?


10 thoughts on “Christmas in August part two: She’s Not So Greedy?

  1. I agree with Sunshine. She sounds great! (Hint: you need to take her on a father/daughter date). My girls have a dad but not one who invests much time in them at all. He doesn’t do anything with them in mind and they have no strong consistent male role model in their life. You want to be that from a distance and I think that’s so much better than my daughters who used to have a Dad 3 miles away who wouldn’t show up at basketball games. Really enjoy the time but make sure that you do something with just her. My 10 yo always complains that she’d like to spend time with just her Dad but that he’s always too busy or bringing someone else along.

  2. Awww. She’s a good girl. Yeah, take her on a special father daughter date. My dad took me on them sometimes when I was little, and I can remember EVERY SINGLE ONE, even the one when I “graduated” from Kindergarten. They are very memorable in a little girl’s life, plus kinda fun to dress up and go out with your dad.

    Good Luck!

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