Christmas in August part one: She’s So Greedy

Rugrat called me last week and wanted to talk about her impending visit (she’s due to arrive on August 11th).  She had come up with an idea…an idea that she thought was brilliant.  Because we weren’t going to be spending Christmas together this year (we spend the holidays together every other year), she thought we should have Christmas next month when she visited.

Okay…that sounded pretty awesome, right?

Well, this statement was soon followed by her telling me that she had a Christmas list that she wanted to send me and if I could give it to her grandfather (i.e. my dad).  I asked her why I would give the list to her grandfather.  Her answer?

“Because he’s rich.”


I wasn’t sure at all how to interpret any of what she had just told me.  Was this whole “holidays spent together because we won’t be together in December” just all a cover in an effort to get a bunch of gifts during her visit?  Did she not realize just how tough it was to even GET her to visit me this year???

I calmly told her that her grandfather wasn’t rich and I didn’t think this was a good idea.  She asked to send me her wish list anyway so I could hold onto it for the holidays.  This is what she sent me:

  1. plaid scarves and shorts ( must have in red, black or gold please)
  2. black pencil straight jeans ( must have black!)
  3. Dsi (Black or blue)
  4. blond highlights ( box of course 😉 )
  5. skate shoes (only 20-30$, MUST have in black and green, black in red or black and gold)
  6. the slip-ons are the thing i want the most so please get me them please
  7. strapless plaid dress (must have in blue and black or red and black)
  8. a box of lip smackers berry strawberry( no grape!!)
  9. Gold shimmer powder (for body)
  10. suede mini skirt
  11. Gold ballet flats
  12. Gold kitten heels( must have gold)
  13. (a must have) sparkly Gold shorts
  14. cover up (make-up ask kelly what it is)
  15. clique series past #8 the series starter is called sealed witha diss
  16. Final fantasy Movie

I’m sure I’m not alone is not knowing what in the heck half of this stuff even is!  I mean…sparkly gold shorts are a “must have”??  What in the blue hell am I in store for with my ELEVEN year old???

I should be happy that her fascination is with gold and not with black or pink.  Although maybe gold is the new “color of drugs” or something.  Jeesh.

And to make things more interesting, she emailed this list in two parts…then she emailed it again later in the day to make sure I had it…then she called and left a message on my phone making sure I had gotten her list.

What is going on??



6 thoughts on “Christmas in August part one: She’s So Greedy

  1. Oh wow- you’re in all shades of trouble there (and not just gold, red or black!)

    My kids do the wish list overload at xmas in the vain hope they’ll get everything too, which unfortunately I can’t afford but their Dad can. Over the past year or so I have been involving them in the budgeting of the household a lot more and that seems to be helping with them realising how little spare money there is.

    In your situation I would simply emphasis that the thing that you can spend endlessly on her is time, and explain that you could have paid for some of her list instead of flying her out there, but what you really want to give her is your attention and love.

    Maybe you can do a small Christmas celebration and just get her one of the cheaper items (the lip gloss perhaps..) but I think you should give her something that connects you two better, like a digital camera that she can take photos like you do and email them to you. Trust me the thought that your Dad loves you will stay long after the gold shorts have gone out of fashion.

    Good luck!

    Ps man I am glad I have boys!

    Pps Glad you got yourself some Sunshine on the weekend.. heh 🙂

  2. Gold sparkly shorts aren’t a must have? Must. revise. list.

    Seriously, though – I know how it feels to be on a budget and have your child hope other people will shine down on them and be their financial saviors and shower them with a bunch of crap they don’t need.

    When Monkeyface makes out her Christmas list, she is allowed to ask me for 3 things. And I buy 3 presents. Cause that’s how many Jesus got.

    She does get presents from Santa, as well. But that’s not forever. MAMA gives three.

  3. WOW. Im sorry. Thats rough. Well, maybe its time to have a sit down with that girly and show whats up. And please dont spoil her. My parents made a point to have a limit of gifts every year, but they also asked us to do charity as well. Your daughter shouldnt think of you as a way to get things.

    I would insted dontate money in her name to a charity or cause, like Heifer International or Feed the Children. She needs to know that there are people out there that are lucky just to get a meal, much less new clothing and gold body powder!

  4. Well… I can certainly say that she is hitting her TWEENESS, baby!

    Some of these things, from my personal opinion raising two daughters, are not necessarily appropriate. A strapless dress? Highlights?! Lipgloss is one thing. Makeup? Um… hmmm…

    I would definitely have a talk with her mother to see if she is getting pressure from classmates to dress older than her age. And if so, how is your ex handling that?

    Clothes and movies and lipgloss… I’d limit it to that. And even still, I’d give her a budget and perhaps even shop with her. That way she’ll have some idea of what financial strains she is wishing upon others.

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