The Weekend in Pictures

Sunshine arrived on Thursday evening for an extended weekend with me (we had a co-worker’s wedding to go to on Friday). Because my mom just got out of the hospital, we immediately went from the bus station to my folks’ house. Mom’s in a wheelchair but her spirits are really high. The hope is that her leg is healed in about 6-8 weeks. They were really happy to see us and it was a great visit.

By the time Friday morning came around, we both felt like we had already experienced a full day together (even though it was just an evening). Trust me…this was a good thing.

Before we head out for a few morning errands, Sunshine couldn't help but try on the glasses that Ankle Biter got from Wendy's last weekend. And of course, I couldn't let her get away with just putting them on and NOT letting me take a picture!

As I mentioned, the reason Sunshine came to visit me a day early was to attend a co-worker's wedding with me. Sunshine looked absolutely GORGEOUS and I couldn't wait to have her on my arm at this public event. Heck...I wanted to walk EVERYWHERE with her. may be able to tell that we were a slightly happy couple on this day. Heh...
This picture was taken just after we attended the wedding. I told my friend taking the picture that I wanted proof that I was out with a hot chick. Heh...
I asked for a second picture just to show everybody how happy we were. And yes...I'm pointing to emphasize just how hot she was looking in that dress. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaang.... more for the road. And yes, I *REALLY* wanted her to show off some more leg...but I'll let her tell you why she was covering up.
This is about the tenth picture we took in trying to get a "good one". And no...we're not seriously upset. You gotta love Saturday mornings.
The 2010 IAAF World Junior Track and Field Championships were held in Moncton over the past week and on Saturday morning, while visiting the Farmer's Market, Sunshine and I enjoyed some of the international entertainment. This group was from Vietnam and they were putting on their own version of "Cinderella". Absolutely one of the more...umm...INTERESTING versions of the story I've heard.
This is how Moncton spray-painted all of the downtown crosswalks in celebration of the 2010 IAAF World Junior Track and Field Championships.
Ummm...I don't really know why there was a female pirate statue with huge breasts standing in the middle of the street, but I absolutely *HAD* to get my picture taken with her. Sunshine just rolled her eyes and snapped away. Gotta love her!
Sunday was a rainy day, so we stayed inside 90% of the time and...y'know...didn't take a lot of pictures. And even if we did, they wouldn't be posted here. Heh...
Well...this was the end to another amazing weekend. Hope y'all had a great weekend, too!

11 thoughts on “The Weekend in Pictures

  1. You’re right that Momma Sunshine is hot. However, you must give me the exact location of that female pirate – I’ve just got to have a photograph taken with her!!

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