The Weekend in Pictures

On Saturday morning, Ankle Biter and I got ready to head out for a few hours in the blistering heat. We had a few errands to run and I thought I'd take a couple of pics before we left. This would be him attempting to keep a straight face.
As was the case for 90% of the weekend, Ankle Biter's true personality emerged when taking pictures. Yeah...this kid is TOTALLY my son.
True story: I took Ankle Biter to Wendy's for lunch because he had been such an awesome kid all morning. We went in and ordered. We picked up some napkins and ketchup and straws and went to find a seat that he picked out. I was immediately asked by an older woman if "he was that good all the time". I thought for a brief second, and told her that most of the time he was. I left him for a second to pick up a fork (it wasn't busy...I could see him the entire time) and on the way back I heard her tell her husband that my son was "that good all of the time". I cool is that? Because it's true! (pic taken with my phone, btw)
This was just a quick picture I took when we got back home. I swear...this kid just melts my heart every time he smiles.
I thought it was kind of odd that Wendy's had an "America's Got Talent" showcase for their kid meals. I don't know why...I just found it odd. Of course, Ankle Biter wanted the funny glasses & nose combo...and luckily enough they had it. We just HAD to take a picture before the day was done. I think this just might be my new favorite picture of him!
Ankle Biter and I went to the free splash park again on Sunday morning. This was yet another blisteringly hot day, so we went around 10am or so to beat the heat AND the crowds. This was taken on my phone (i.e. that's why it sucks) but I just found it so cute that he wanted to play in the water, but DIDN'T want to play in the water.
Once he dried off, we head to the play area for some more fun.
I love watching him try new things and succeeding!
I can't tell you how hard it was for me to just sit back and not want to be there to catch him. I need to STOP being a "helicopter parent" when it comes to playground activities.
Well...before we went to bed I let him play some of my XBox 360. I actually got it from my little brother about a month ago (he's moved on, apparently). I don't play it and only wanted it for Ankle Biter. I've only got two games that I'll let him play (Lego Indiana Jones & Star Wars Clone Wars) because almost all of the games he gave me were 18+ mature games. Crazy. Anyway, Ankle Biter was LOVING watching his guy jump off a trampoline and fly off the screen. He "killed" the guy over and over again just to watch him do that. I tried to tell what to really do (he's catching on pretty quick), but his laughter was so infectious that I just had to let it go.

That was it. He and I had an AWESOME weekend and, because of my new work schedule, I get him three nights every other week…so from Friday night to Monday morning.  I love it!!  He’s been great 90% of the time and the other 10% he was still pretty darn good.  He’s just the greatest.

And how was YOUR weekend?



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