Fantasy Football – Blogosphere Style!!

Alright…I am a HUGE NFL fan. I know since I’m Canadian that I should love the NHL or at the very least the CFL, but I don’t.  I’m not a hockey fan nor am I a curling fan.

I love the National Football League.

And every year I am always a part of a fantasy football league.  Sometimes I’m even in multiple leagues, as is the case this year where I’m part of a pay-league and also part of a couple of free leagues.

For this year, I’d like to see if there is anybody out in the Blogosphere or the Twitterverse that would like to join my league.  So far I’ve got myself and two Twitter friends and I’d love to have more people join us…maybe 8 or even 12 teams in total.

All you gotta do is email me at and I’ll send an invite out to you.

There’s no real “prize” per se, except maybe a blog post in your honor and the bragging rights that come with winning.

It’s a Yahoo league and we’ll have an online draft sometime in late August/early September before the season starts.

So what say you?  The first five-to-nine people who email me will be in!!


One thought on “Fantasy Football – Blogosphere Style!!

  1. My hubby says that if you ever wanted to play fantasy basketball, he’s all over it…but he just isn’t into football! Sorry! Good luck with your teams!

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