(Don’t you love a good inside joke?  Heh…)

This weekend ended up being a “mission accomplished” situation.  Sunshine and I reconnected in the way I hoped that we would.

And what’s better is that we didn’t have to work at it.

We reconnected on an emotional level, a physical level, and a spiritual level.

I’ve really got nothing else to say today.  I’m starting my new job this morning, I’ve got a business dinner tonight, and I’m coming off of a high from an absolutely amazing weekend.  How else can you really top that with a blog post?

Have a great Monday, everybody.


6 thoughts on “Finkle…Einhorn…Finkle…Einhorn…

  1. “what a sports nut, huh?” 😉

    Love that movie…even if I don’t get the inside joke part, obviously 😉

    So glad to hear it – from the tweets I saw, it seemed to be an awesome weekend! Glad!

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