This weekend…

It’s been tough lately.

I can’t exactly narrow down one specific reason or example, but Sunshine and I have been having a tougher-than-normal go of it as of late. And it’s not like we’re falling out of love or somebody is cheating or anything like that. It’s just…I dunno…the little things.

The distance is a major issue that we have learned to deal with and cope with over the past 19 months. But with that distance comes the occasional breakdown in communication. I mean, it’s tough to rely on daily phone calls for communication, so we Tweet or email multiple times during the day.

The problem lately has been our inability to interpret each other’s intentions.

What has been one of our greatest assets as a couple…communication…has lately become one of our major problem areas. As Sunshine mentioned yesterday, we can’t even agree on a stance when it came to making fun of Lindsay Lohan…and we nearly ended up in an argument about it.

Crazy, eh?

This weekend will be the first we’ve spent together alone in a month. The forecast is calling for rain but that probably bodes well for us as we’ll be staying indoors…working on reconnecting in every way possible.

We need this weekend. We deserve this weekend. We’ve earned this weekend.

There may not be many pictures on Monday, though.



6 thoughts on “This weekend…

  1. That’s what longterm relationships are about (whether married,commonlaw,dating,LDR whatever!)- learning how to
    manoevre through the little fights,irritations,diff of opinions….plus the love of course!
    Humans are not meant to agree and get along every moment of the day-spats and hurt feelings will occur at times,and it’s the respect and belief underneath the foundation of love,plus a lot of patience,that makes it all worth while to work out.
    It’s a choice really ,whether to invest that time and emotion or not.So many people in marriages decide to check out and noth bother communicating through the annoyances,and that is sad.
    Enjoy the ups and the downs…’cause it means you two are in a REAL relationship that deals with real life!
    (plus an occaional fantasy or two if ya know what I mean 😉

  2. I hope that you have a wonderful weekend. I fully understand the miscommunication thing – it happens with me and the girlfriend all the time (I think tone can be so difficult to interpret on an email or a text message).

  3. my partner works at home now- and I actually miss our msn- email chats.. it seems face to face we just don’t *say* as much- at least not as poetically..

    still I can hug him and I wish every one could hug their loved ones as easily..

    I hope you had (are having) a good weekend..

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