I want my first time back

My first time wasn’t what I expected it to be.

I’m sure almost every single woman out there has a very similar thought, in that their first time was also their worst time.  “The man was too rough, he didn’t know what to do, they didn’t know what was going on, blah blah blah blah blah.” I’m not sure if men have similar stories, though.

Well…I lost my virginity in the back seat of my car to somebody who didn’t know I was a virgin.

I had absolutely NO IDEA what the hell I was  doing.  As you would probably expect after seeing that picture on the upper left (yes…that’s me back in 1990 about a week before “the event” actually took place), I was just happy to be having sex.

I had lied about losing my virginity to my friends a few months before.  It was a peer-pressure situation where I just wanted them to get off of my back about not having a girlfriend.

I had met someone while on a “business camp thing” from Saskatchewan and we hit it off immediately.  We never had sex, but we connected on a very special level…so once I returned back home, I just happened to tell my best friend that “it happened” and he ended up telling ALL of my friends at school the next day.

So the lie carried on without anyone knowing.

I wish I could go back to that night with that person and be able to be honest with her about my sexual (in)experience.  We ended up having a “friends with benefits” relationship the entire summer after graduation before we each went off to different universities, but I wish I had been more up front with her.  We weren’t in love or anything, but I should have been more honest.

It’s weird…both the woman I lied about and the woman who actually “deflowered” me are friends of mine on Facebook.  Huh.

So what about YOUR first time?

Was it a good experience?  A bad one?  Was there at least love involved?


9 thoughts on “I want my first time back

  1. Mine was with the boy I’d been dating in high school for a while. We’d done “everything but” over the course of several months. I wasn’t happy with him, he was kind of a tool, but I couldn’t get a date in high school to save my life.

    I ended up having sex with him because he pressured me into it. We broke up a couple of months later…and only stayed together THAT long because I was trying to find a good time to “let him down easy”.

    It’s always been a big regret on mine.

  2. Mine was with a man 8 years older than me, we weren’t dating. Hell, I barely knew him. We were friends through work and he seemed like a gentle soul. I was devastatingly curious at that age, and I simply wanted to DO it. I chose him. He was every bit the patient lover I’d figured he would be. He was kind and respectful and we did it once or twice after that, always at my request.

    It wasn’t spectacular, there weren’t any fireworks or romance, it was pretty matter-of-fact.

  3. First off I gotta say how odd it is that you lost your virginity the year I got married! (And I wasn’t a virgin bride)

    My first time was with a guy who also did not know I was a virgin until I told him years later that he was, in fact, my 1st. He was 2 years older than me and a good friend during a tough time in my life. He wanted us to be a couple but I kept our whole relationship a secret. NO ONE knew about us! (as far as I know) He and I are also friends on FB now.

    PS – I can’t belive that pic is YOU!

  4. Hee hee… you said “deflowered!” (For some reason, that cracks me up coming from a guy.) (Uh, in this case, literally.)
    My first time was with a really sweet boyfriend. I’d wanted to wait until I was in love for my first time and kind of went through hell to get there. (More than one guy had dumped me right after I’d said I wasn’t ready just yet. Morons. If they had waited a little longer, I probably would have been ready.)
    I feel lucky to look back on it with a lot of fondness. Still a great guy. Still friends.

  5. My first time was OK. Not great, not bad. The guy’s a moron, but he was my boyfriend at the time and the experience wasn’t traumatizing or anything.

    For guys, it must be a bit more nerve wrenching, no? Having to perform and all. And not perform TOO fast lol… Sometimes it’s good to be a girl 🙂

  6. My first time? It was … fast. It didn’t hurt, it was just over perhaps two seconds after he got the green light.

    I remember thinking, “I wonder if he has any Dorito’s downstairs.”

    I love Dorito’s, CaNook.

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