Is it wrong…?

…that this whole “Lindsay Lohan goes to jail” thing makes me laugh?

Awww...Lindsay's going to jail? BOO F*CKING HOO!!

So here’s the deal: this air-head no-talent jobless bimbo has done NOTHING but party since initially being placed on probation back in 2007.  From what I can tell, she’s had all of two photography sessions that could constitute being called “work” and has had all the time in the world to attend ONE alcohol education class each week.


It was noted in court that Lohan had missed SEVEN classes in the last 27 weeks.  This would be understandable (possibly) if Lohan was a regular working actress, but with the exception of a few bit parts she’s not….at all.

Don’t believe me?

  • I Know Who Killed Me (2007)
  • 4 episodes of Ugly Betty (2008)
  • Labor Pains (2009)
  • Machete (2009)

Ummm…that’s it.


And here is Lohan’s quote to the judge today that explains her reason for not attending her COURT-ORDERED classes:

“I wasn’t expecting any special treatment aside from the understanding that I have to provide for myself, I have to work. My schedule is, unfortunately, very different. Having said that, I did do everything I was told to do and did the best I could to balance jobs and showing up.  I’m not taking this as a joke. It’s my life, it’s my career.” – Lindsay Lohan, 07-06-10

Are you f*cking kidding me??  Do you remember just a few months ago when Lohan didn’t appear for a MANDATORY COURT APPEARANCE because she was too busy partying it up over at the Cannes Film Festival?  A warrant was actually issued for her arrest because of it!!

Listen…I don’t want to sound like I’m just a hater here.  I’m just sick and tired of seeing this bimbo constantly flaunt her celebrity in the face of the legal system and think that she’s untouchable simply because she’s famous. And before you begin getting upset at me and telling me that she’s a person, too…just click here and take a look at what she had written on her middle fingernail all day long while in court.

Yes…this arrogant b*tch had the nerve to have “f*ck u” written on her fingernail.

A lot of other celebrities could learn something by the example laid down today.

Anyway…I’m just glad this judge finally dropped the hammer down on Lohan.  Hopefully this finally teaches her a lesson.  If nothing else, hopefully she’ll FINALLY admit that she has a problem and legitimately seek the help that she absolutely needs.

Hey Lindsay…Dr. Drew is probably still waiting to help you.


33 thoughts on “Is it wrong…?

  1. That’s funny…I’ve been thinking about a blog post about Lindsay as well….but surprise, surprise, I have a completely different take on it.


    Tune in for that one tomorrow….

    1. Sooooooo while I’m not in the habit of justifying Lindsey Lohan’s actions to anyone, I do feel the need to say this.

      I can’t apply my standars of right and wrong and morality to someone who grew up in a different world than I did (nearly a different planet). She’s been in the entertainment industry since sh was a child. she has 2 parents who have publicly manipulated her and I’m willing to go out on a limb and say they’ve not been there to bring her back to earth, advocate for, or support her in any way, let alone nurture her and teach her. the folks she’s around are ones who make money from her. Even is she’s not making movies, she’s still earning money on residuals, commercials overseas etc etc. She’s a product, not a person to them.

      Saying that, I just can’t imagine how she could be “normal” or have the same sense of self that you or I have when we didn’t grow up with that. At 24, I was pretty fucked up too, and I didn’t have to contend with any of what she has in her life. Personally, I withhold judgement based on that perception alone. Perhaps if some sane person kidnapped her and removed her from the zoo of a life she’s part of, and gave her some support and helped her find her true self-worth, she might behave totally differently.

      1. I can TOTALLY appreciate where you’re coming from on this. My counter-argument would be this: there are literally HUNDREDS of actors and actresses in Hollywood who have gone through the exact same things Lohan has but haven’t acted the same way or ended up in the same position.

        To me, the justification of her actions can only go so far before…at some point…she needs to be responsible for her own actions.

        Yesterday was that day.

        1. But dude…why the hate? Why the glee in someone else’s misfortune and misery and glaringly obviously issues?

          How would you feel if you had people so publicly judging you every time YOU messed up in your life?

          1. She brought this on herself!

            If I put myself in that position…an actor who was arrested on cocaine possession and I’m then placed on probation and I then violate that probation and yet I’m still going out EVERY NIGHT to clubs…then yes, I would absolutely expect the public to judge me.

            If I were that actor, I put myself in that position. I ASKED for that judgment. I’m not trying to be private with my life. I’m thriving on the paparazzi and I’m an attention whore.

            I deserve whatever ridicule that I get.

        2. Ok, I’m countering with 2 more points:

          1 – Lohan has no parental support/advocates – no one seems to be looking out for her – only feeding off of her (think Brittney Spears)

          2 – put 100 people in the same situation and do they all react the same? No. So why should 100 actors in hollywood?

          1. 1 – Lohan has both a mother and a father who have done their best (whether we agree with it or not) to set their daughter straight. I’d have to respectfully disagree with that point (not that it really makes a difference when it comes to breaking the law and knowing right from wrong).

            2 – But that’s the entire point. This is why she stands out…because she DIDN’T act the same as the other 99 actors in Hollywood.

            It’s not about somebody simply making a mistake and getting wrongfully jumped on by the public.

            This is a woman who broke the law repeatedly and then flaunted it in the law’s face repeatedly.

            It’s about how celebrities always seem to get away with just about everything and they feel like they’re better than everybody else…and now this one has finally been put in her place.

            I’ve got no sympathy for self-inflicted wounds…especially if there is no responsibility taken for one’s actions.

            She doesn’t care…she’s not sorry…she consistently claims that she’s done nothing wrong (like her SCRAM ankle bracelet going off and her claiming that she was set-up).

            She’s absolutely getting what she deserves.

          2. I think, CBG, you may have missed the point Trudi was trying to make with the below comment:

            “2 – put 100 people in the same situation and do they all react the same? No. So why should 100 actors in hollywood?”

            Trudi’s point was that you shouldn’t expect people to act like everyone else so the difference in her behavior compared to that of other similarly situated positions is sort of…a moot point.

            That is, if I understood Trudi’s point correctly myself. heh.


  2. I will agree with the whole 100 actors thing, and Lohen being different, because it just demonstrates more than Lohen is no more a product of her environment than anyone else. Take 100 people in a neighborhood that isn’t Hollywood. It’s fairly likely that 1 will commit a crime – 1% seems like a feasible ratio. And that guy has to go to jail, or whatever the punishment is. Deviance is deviance and the laws are universal, no matter your zip code or income level.

  3. To answer the question posed by your title, I think it is wrong that it makes you laugh.

    I agree that she is getting the punishment that she deserves. She has shown no remorse and is trusting on her celebrity or looks or money (or combination) to get her off. She needs some help to get her life back together and hopefully she’ll find it soon.

    But she does deserve our compassion as well as any other person, so laughing at her misfortune (even though she brought it upon herself) would be wrong.

    1. That’s a fair enough comment.

      Here’s the thing, though…misfortune is defined as having adverse fortune or bad luck. It’s also defined as having an instance of mischance or a mishap.

      That term does not define Lohan’s current situation.

      It’s not like she got caught using drugs and I’m all-of-a-sudden laughing at her for having some bad luck or a mishap.

      She’ll get my compassion when she takes responsibility for her own actions. Until then, I feel as though the ridicule that she’s receiving…whether by me or anyone else…is totally justified given the circumstances and the situation.

      1. I suppose misfortune wasn’t the word I was really looking for. Probably misery would have been a better choice.

        I believe that compassion is not something that needs to be earned. When people are suffering, whether it is through their own stupidity or that of others or just plain bad luck, they deserve our compassion.

        That doesn’t mean we cannot be pleased with justice being served. Nor does it mean that we should go around justifying what Lindsay has done. She is reaping what she has sown and that is a good thing. But we don’t need to kick her when she is down.

        Compassion and justice can co-exist.

        1. I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with you, LoneWolf – but if I take your theory and apply it to a different situation, I could end up with this:

          A man walks into a kindergarten and shoots 10 children. He goes to jail and is sad because he no longer has his freedom.

          I looked up “compassion” quickly at and it says:

          “a feeling of deep sympathy and sorrow for another who is stricken by misfortune, accompanied by a strong desire to alleviate the suffering.”

          According to your theory, he deserves our compassion because he is suffering – that is, he deserves our sympathy and sorrow for him.

          Is that correct?


          1. As hard as it may be to understand, that is correct. Such a person deserves our compassion.

            Compassion does not negate justice, and such a person should be punished severely. I am even in favour of capital punishment in such a case.

            But we also need to treat the person with dignity, respect and compassion.

            Each one of us has done things wrong. And we’ve been remorseless to some degree. So who are we to ridicule someone else? Demand justice, rejoice that it is done, but do not hate.

            As a follower of Jesus, I look to his example. He had a woman of ill repute brought to him and by law, she should have been stoned to death. He had compassion on her and reminded those who had brought up the charges that none of us is sinless, and that each of them deserved the same fate.

          2. Reply to LoneWolf:

            I admire your truly held principle and its even applications. I think that is rare. Thank you for the response.

            My best,

      2. Personally, I think she deserves compassion as a fellow human being. She didn’t stand a chance, frankly. NO ONE deserves to be ridiculed like that. Does she deserve to go to jail? Absolutely. There’s a difference.

  4. Wow, I’m so surprised at the Lohan defense..I was about to write AMEN CBG – and still will – but I’m just finding the back and forth on this so interesting. I guess I just don’t feel bad for her, she’s an adult, act like one. Even if she has no parental backing to speak of really, she’s still an adult and responsible for her own actions. Yesterday WAS that day of reckoning. My two cents 😉

    1. The only thing that makes me feel bad for her is that she is obviously a complete mess and doesn’t realize it. THAT makes me feel bad for her. Yep, she deserves to be made responsible for her actions, but the ridicule for that is where I draw the line.

      Give the girl a break….ridicule is only going to make it worse for her.

      1. Oh I agree – I don’t mean to ridicule, I just think in this case, justice was served and hopefully it will be a slap of reality that she needs (since you’re right, she clearly doesn’t realize what a mess she is!).

  5. I like discussion like this, though. I have my own opinion on the situation and I enjoy reading the educated opinions of others. It’s not like the responses are “you suck”…everybody has reasons for why they feel the way they do. And that, to me, is one of the greatest parts about social media…it’s a sharing of ideas and ideals and opinions in a way that doesn’t have to turn into an argument.

    But yes…I absolutely agree that regardless of parental backing, she’s an adult and knows the difference between right and wrong. The court system told her what she did wrong and what she needed to do in order to fulfill her obligations. Regardless of whether or not a parent or guardian was around, she didn’t fulfill those obligations and now has to pay the price.

    She shouldn’t be surprised by this as she was told, point blank in court, what would happen.

  6. Here’s my take on whether or not we should be ridiculing her…

    She didn’t get sent to prison for years nor did she get her kids taken away or anything. She was sentenced to 90 days in jail…that’s it. Of that, she’ll probably spend less than a month in actual jail so it’s not like it’s really a huge thing. Then, afterwards, she’ll be spending 90 days in rehab…which I think we can all agree is where she needs to be anyway.

    Lindsay Lohan walked into court yesterday with “fuck u” written on her middle fingernail. I’m sorry if I feel like making fun of her but I personally think it’s justified.

  7. I liked Trudi’s point of her being in the entertainment industry since she was a child. It … what’s the word I’m looking for here, it’s not the REAL world that you, I, Trudi, Sunshine or anyone else has lived in. The world, in those cases, is simply given to you. Anything you want, anytime at all. Any problems – from that INCREDIBLY early age – are handled by the people surrounding her. I think it’s fair to say that yes, she deserves to do her time for messing up here, but given that we are ALL products of our environment, I can see how she thinks her fame would protect her – as it has so many others.

    And ya know, some compassion thrown in for her being a chick in jail – not a bad thing either.

    1. That’s interesting you say that, QT. Maybe it begs the question:

      Would this be any different a situation if it were a guy?

      I mean, if this was Chris Klein…a guy who looked to have a promising career after “American Pie” but disappeared and was recently charged with DUI…and Klein repeatedly flipped his nose at the legal system time and time again over the course of three years to the point where he finally was sentenced to 90 days behind bars…would somebody say, “some compassion thrown in for him being a dude in jail”??

      1. Dude. I have compassion for ANYONE thrown in jail, to be honest. However, I don’t know that it’s a fair comparison. Klein didn’t have the notoriety or fame that LL did, really. I think my point was more surrounding her not learning how to deal with problems because they were always handled FOR her.

        I dunno, it’s just my two cents. And until any of us are ever truly in her shoes, we can only speculate.

  8. I am with you on this one. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone who so blatantly thumbed her nose at authority every single step of the way. (I saw the pic of her fingernail this morning… wow. It doesn’t get more literal than that.)
    That, and the fact that this girl has access (and can afford) all the best help in the world. Hell, I’d check into Promises Malibu just for the spa and the catering, and I don’t even drink!

  9. Yes that was my point. We don’t all process info the same way or react the same way to the exact same information. So why should anyone behave the way I think I’d behave given their situation?

    “If I were Lindsey Lohan….” well I’m not. She hasn’t has the same upbringing, the same experiences, the same education as me, so she won’t behave the same way as me.

    it doesn’t excuse her behaviour, but for me, it explains it.

    1. I think you’ve hit upon the key difference – the difference between an *excuse* and a *reason*/*explanation*.

      CBG, I believe that what YOU are saying is: “She should go to jail because she shouldn’t be excused of her behavior due to her celebrity status.”

      I do *not* believe anyone disagrees with you.

      What it appears that some people are saying, Momma Sunshine included, is that while you do not need to excuse her behavior at all, perhaps you would not be so quick to take joy in her situation if you understood the reasons behind it. That is, this girl has very specific circumstances that have shaped her into a girl who seemingly does not understand why she is being treated like every one – because…well, she hasn’t been so far, right?

      So the objection seems to be because while you do not excuse her behavior, you also do not appear to understand where it stems from and perhaps if you understood that more, you’d be less apt to judge her so harshly. But I do not believe that anyone has suggested that she does not, in fact, deserve the actual court punishment she deserves.


  10. We have all screwed up and made messes in our lives. The key is to learn from those lessons. She seems to have a stunted maturity level that is blinding her. As a fellow human being I do have compassion for her. However, that does not excuse her behavior. NO ONE has the right to get into a 2,000 pound car intoxicated. She is no exception. She is lucky she has not hurt anyone else. She is hurting herself, and sabotaging her career. I pray this is her rock bottom, because for some people rock bottom is six feet under. Her parents are fame whores. It really is sad that there is not a rock solid person in her life to help guide her back on path. It makes me think of that song, “Stupid Girls,” by PINK. Hopefully she can find some insight from the cell.

  11. I am with you, I agree she is getting what she deserves. I also think they should not let her take any prescription meds while in jail and a longer sentence. I also don’t think rehab is going to do anything for her.

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