The Long Weekend in Pictures

Yeah…it was a long weekend for me, too.  Working for an American company has it’s advantages…one of them being having yesterday off and being able to enjoy an extra day with my son.

But let’s go back to the beginning…

I drove to Sunshine’s city on Friday morning and arrived just in time to pick her up from work at noon (she worked a half-day so we could spend some quality time together).  Needless to say, we had a pretty good afternoon and no…there weren’t any pics.

There was this showing up on my Facebook wall on Friday morning, though…

Wait...I thought that was the nickname for Wednesdays? Heh...


Anyhoo…we picked up her daughters at 5 o’clock and spent the evening together.  It was “movie & nacho night”, which was right up my alley.

Everybody was up bright and early on Saturday morning as we all made our way down to the local Farmer's Market. Luckily for us, it wasn't busy so we got to pick up everything we wanted without having to worry about the hordes of people that normally fill the place during the summer.

The sun came out and all three girls were ready to hit the beach. I know you probably find this hard to believe, but I'm not much of a beach person. So once we got there, I still wasn't entirely sure I was going to enjoy myself.
Mo Mo enjoyed a little snack in between dips in the water.
Kiddo was enjoying the sun.
Ummm...this dude was enjoying the beach a little bit TOO much. And for those wondering, Sunshine took the picture. Heh...
Chocolate Lake Beach - Halifax, Nova Scotia - 07-03-10
Sunshine was totally enjoying the sunshine on this day. The beach was a little gem of a location that was practically right in the city but not mobbed by the locals. For me, it was about as good an experience on a beach as I could expect to have.
As the day went on, Sunshine was checking out the hot chicks on the beach WITH me. So yeah...thumbs up on that!! (and thumbs-up to the girl over my shoulder....heh)
On Sunday morning, Sunshine went out for a 5-km run. Of course, immediately after she left (before 7am, by the way), both girls were up and awake and looking to me for...I dunno...something to do? LOL. Anyway, I kinda panicked a bit and immediately threw on a movie (G-Force) for them to watch until Sunshine got back. I didn't really see a problem with it, but Sunshine doesn't like to rely on movies or television for anything other than the occassional treat for the girls. I could tell Sunshine wasn't overly impressed with my parenting skills. Sorry baby. They got a "treat" with me. 🙂
After breakfast, we went to a playground that was designed for children of ALL needs. One of the cool things there were these swings, which were made for special needs children. As you can tell, Sunshine was enjoying herself immensely.
Why yes...I *WOULD* like to buy some tickets from you. Heh...
I love pics like this.
After the playground, we head down to the Halifax waterfront to have the best ice cream in the city from Cows. I'm telling you...I have yet to have a creamier, more tasty ice cream than Cows. Having said that, it's pretty freakin' expensive. was still pretty damn tasty.
Yeah...the ice cream was enjoyed by all.
For some reason, Sunshine and I didn't take a "goodbye" picture for the first time...umm...EVER. But I wasn't overly disappointed, though, because this picture completely made my day. It felt like a family photo, y'know?
Ankle Biter was excited to get to the water park. At Centennial Park in Moncton, it's a free public park that happens to have a water section that's turned on in the summer. He basically sat down and tried to "soak it in" (heh...pun intended). He wasn't anxious to jump into the water, but he was just finding the perfect opportunity.
I think this pic turned out REALLY great. There is a very large drum that fills up with water every couple of minutes and dumps a ton of water down below. I got Ankle Biter to stand just on the outside of the water and look at me. This is the result. Cool, eh?
Well...right after the previous pic I asked Ankle Biter to back up just a little bit.'s all about the timing. He loved it, though.
One of the greatest things about being a parent is watching your child grow and learn and try new things. It's hard to imagine that just three years ago this little guy was barely able to crawl...and here he is now, climbing a rope at the playground. I'm just loving this kid and how he's developing.
After a long afternoon, somebody was a little tired. Heh.

So that was my long weekend. With the exception of an intense conversation on parenting with Sunshine that’s still ongoing, it’s been an amazingly awesome weekend.

I hope everybody’s had a great weekend, too.


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