A 20-Year Blast From The Past

I was going through some older photos recently and thought it would be fun to see what I looked like 20 years ago.

So without any shame I give you ME twenty years ago!

This, my friends, is me in 12th grade. I graduated in 1990. Wow...I wish I could adequately tell you just how dorky/nerdy I was back then, but I think this picture speaks volumes.
I was in Ottawa in the spring of 1990 when this picture was taken. I have NO idea where I am or why I'm holding an Oscar, but I remember that this was a legit award.
Oh dear lord. This is my senior prom picture. My date's name was Debbie and we went ONLY as friends. In fact, when we were taking these pictures, her boyfriend (a friend of mine now, actually) was standing behind her mother laughing at the whole situation. Yeesh...gotta love the mustache.
This was taken in late 1989. I was part of a drama group and our teacher had graduated from some college in England. The point I'm trying to make is that we created our own little play on what it was like to be a Canadian teenager and he organized a "tour" of England for us to perform (churches, high schools and such). THIS picture (making a short story long) was taken as Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum in London. It was, without a doubt, the WORST George Bush wax figure that you could possibly imagine. But better yet, look at my big-ass glasses!!
This picture was taken in early 1991 when I was on spring break down in Florida with my family. This was taken at Universal Studios and I really thought I was cool enough to pull off the pink t-shirt. I may have been a little off in that assessment.
This is another pic taken at Universal Studios. Unless I'm wrong, this was the "Honey I Shrunk The Kids" exhibit. And unless I'm mistaken, I've got a Bob Marley t-shirt on undernearth that VERY loud jacket of mine. Oh...and notice the beginning hints of my mullet. In a year's time I'll have a FULL ON MULLET. And no...there aren't any pictures that I know of floating around.
Last one. And really...I have NO shame when I post this picture. Seriously. Pink tank top over a white t-shirt. Blue and yellow day-glo shorts. WOW. I look absolutely RIDICULOUS in this picture and me lifting these fake weights over my head have NOTHING to do with it. How insane is that?

Hopefully this brought a smile to your faces. And with that, I hope you all have yourselves a GREAT weekend!!

Christmas in August part two: She’s Not So Greedy?

Obviously, there were some concerns at the end of part one.  I wasn’t sure if my daughter was trying to use me, if she was just becoming a normal teenager (before actually becoming a teenager), or if she was turning into a person I hoped she wasn’t going to turn into.


So I talked with Sunshine about the situation.  We came up with (what we thought was) a brilliant plan.  As it stood, the plan was to spend about five days together as a family during Rugrat’s visit next month.  And yes…this makes all of us very happy as we had a great time during her last visit.

Anyway, this was the plan as explained in the email I sent to Rugrat:

“Hi sweetie.

I got your emails on the Christmas wish list.  I’ll set that aside and save it for December.

Now in terms of your idea for Christmas in August, Sunshine and I were thinking the idea itself isn’t so bad…because you’re right, we won’t be spending Christmas together.  So we’re going to plan on having one day as a “Family Christmas in August”.

But having said that, there will be NO PRESENTS.  Christmas needs to be about family…about showing others how much you love them and about good cheer and happiness.

So we’re going to have Christmas decorations (you can totally help decorate the tree!), Christmas music, Christmas movies (Elf, perhaps?), and we’ll probably even have a turkey dinner with all the trimmings (Sunshine’s gonna cook it)!  The hope is that we have it with Sunshine and her girls (and maybe even Ankle Biter, too!).

That’s the plan. What do you think?



Now I wasn’t sure how Rugrat would react.  My worst fear was that she’d come back with complaints about not getting gifts or not passing along her list to her grandfather “because he’s rich”.

Needless to say, her response was the best case scenario that I was really hoping for:

“Hmm………….. during the afternoon or all day? Can we bring one present for each person?

EX. 1 for Kiddo, 1 for Mo, 1 for Sunshine, 1 for you (and if Ankle Biter’s there, 1 for him 2)

Could we please do that??????????

Please it will seem a little bit nicer like giving a present 2 each of you from the heart????  It would just seem cooler!

So c ya. We don’t have to do it but I’m still bringing presents!!!!!!!!!”

How’s THAT for awesome?

So after a phone conversation between her and I shortly after getting this email, the final plan is that we’re going to have “Family Christmas in August” and we’ll all exchange one gift with each other…regardless of whether the gift is purchased or home-made.  And the rest of the day and night is going to be spent together laughing, singing, and being the family I’ve always dreamed of having.

Obviously, I’ll update you all with pictures and a blog post once it actually happens.

Don’t you love a happy ending?

Christmas in August part one: She’s So Greedy

Rugrat called me last week and wanted to talk about her impending visit (she’s due to arrive on August 11th).  She had come up with an idea…an idea that she thought was brilliant.  Because we weren’t going to be spending Christmas together this year (we spend the holidays together every other year), she thought we should have Christmas next month when she visited.

Okay…that sounded pretty awesome, right?

Well, this statement was soon followed by her telling me that she had a Christmas list that she wanted to send me and if I could give it to her grandfather (i.e. my dad).  I asked her why I would give the list to her grandfather.  Her answer?

“Because he’s rich.”


I wasn’t sure at all how to interpret any of what she had just told me.  Was this whole “holidays spent together because we won’t be together in December” just all a cover in an effort to get a bunch of gifts during her visit?  Did she not realize just how tough it was to even GET her to visit me this year???

I calmly told her that her grandfather wasn’t rich and I didn’t think this was a good idea.  She asked to send me her wish list anyway so I could hold onto it for the holidays.  This is what she sent me:

  1. plaid scarves and shorts ( must have in red, black or gold please)
  2. black pencil straight jeans ( must have black!)
  3. Dsi (Black or blue)
  4. blond highlights ( box of course 😉 )
  5. skate shoes (only 20-30$, MUST have in black and green, black in red or black and gold)
  6. the slip-ons are the thing i want the most so please get me them please
  7. strapless plaid dress (must have in blue and black or red and black)
  8. a box of lip smackers berry strawberry( no grape!!)
  9. Gold shimmer powder (for body)
  10. suede mini skirt
  11. Gold ballet flats
  12. Gold kitten heels( must have gold)
  13. (a must have) sparkly Gold shorts
  14. cover up (make-up ask kelly what it is)
  15. clique series past #8 the series starter is called sealed witha diss
  16. Final fantasy Movie

I’m sure I’m not alone is not knowing what in the heck half of this stuff even is!  I mean…sparkly gold shorts are a “must have”??  What in the blue hell am I in store for with my ELEVEN year old???

I should be happy that her fascination is with gold and not with black or pink.  Although maybe gold is the new “color of drugs” or something.  Jeesh.

And to make things more interesting, she emailed this list in two parts…then she emailed it again later in the day to make sure I had it…then she called and left a message on my phone making sure I had gotten her list.

What is going on??


The Weekend in Pictures

Sunshine arrived on Thursday evening for an extended weekend with me (we had a co-worker’s wedding to go to on Friday). Because my mom just got out of the hospital, we immediately went from the bus station to my folks’ house. Mom’s in a wheelchair but her spirits are really high. The hope is that her leg is healed in about 6-8 weeks. They were really happy to see us and it was a great visit.

By the time Friday morning came around, we both felt like we had already experienced a full day together (even though it was just an evening). Trust me…this was a good thing.

Before we head out for a few morning errands, Sunshine couldn't help but try on the glasses that Ankle Biter got from Wendy's last weekend. And of course, I couldn't let her get away with just putting them on and NOT letting me take a picture!

As I mentioned, the reason Sunshine came to visit me a day early was to attend a co-worker's wedding with me. Sunshine looked absolutely GORGEOUS and I couldn't wait to have her on my arm at this public event. Heck...I wanted to walk EVERYWHERE with her.
Yeah...you may be able to tell that we were a slightly happy couple on this day. Heh...
This picture was taken just after we attended the wedding. I told my friend taking the picture that I wanted proof that I was out with a hot chick. Heh...
I asked for a second picture just to show everybody how happy we were. And yes...I'm pointing to emphasize just how hot she was looking in that dress. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaang....
Okay...one more for the road. And yes, I *REALLY* wanted her to show off some more leg...but I'll let her tell you why she was covering up.
This is about the tenth picture we took in trying to get a "good one". And no...we're not seriously upset. You gotta love Saturday mornings.
The 2010 IAAF World Junior Track and Field Championships were held in Moncton over the past week and on Saturday morning, while visiting the Farmer's Market, Sunshine and I enjoyed some of the international entertainment. This group was from Vietnam and they were putting on their own version of "Cinderella". Absolutely one of the more...umm...INTERESTING versions of the story I've heard.
This is how Moncton spray-painted all of the downtown crosswalks in celebration of the 2010 IAAF World Junior Track and Field Championships.
Ummm...I don't really know why there was a female pirate statue with huge breasts standing in the middle of the street, but I absolutely *HAD* to get my picture taken with her. Sunshine just rolled her eyes and snapped away. Gotta love her!
Sunday was a rainy day, so we stayed inside 90% of the time and...y'know...didn't take a lot of pictures. And even if we did, they wouldn't be posted here. Heh...
Well...this was the end to another amazing weekend. Hope y'all had a great weekend, too!

News ‘n’ Notes

There are a few things going on that I just felt like recapping before Sunshine arrives tonight for the weekend…

  1. My mom is now home from the hospital.  They finally operated on her broken leg three days ago and she’s now home.  Sunshine and I are actually going to visit immediately after I pick her up from the bus station.  I talked to her on the phone yesterday and she seemed to be in good spirits, all things considered.  She’s expected to be in a wheelchair for the next 6-8 weeks.  Not the greatest of news, but I suppose it could be a LOT worse.  I’m still concerned about her short-term memory, but that’s another story for another day.
  2. Up until last night, I hadn’t heard from Rugrat since I purchased her plane tickets.  I’ve called and left a message.  I’ve sent cards in the mail.  I’ve sent pictures of Ankle Biter & I telling her how much we can’t wait to see her in a few weeks.  I didn’t know why she wasn’t responding. She told me that she’s just been enjoying the summer with friends and that she wasn’t mad at me or anything.  What bothered me, though, was that she wanted to have “Christmas in August” during her trip.  She wanted to give me her Christmas list.  She wanted me to give the list to her grandfather because she thinks he’s rich.  I mean, I’m living paycheck to paycheck right now and, from what I understand, so is her mom and stepdad.  It’s just a reality of life.  My dad isn’t living hand-to-mouth, but he’s far from being “rich”. I’m just hoping that she doesn’t think that she’s going to get spoiled with gifts like laptop computers and PSPs or whatever else she’s wanting.  She sounds genuinely excited to come and visit and can’t wait to see Sunshine and her girls…but her pre-teen interests in materialistic things concern me a great deal.
  3. I swear, every time I take Ankle Biter out in public I end up getting compliments from strangers on just how well-behaved and awesome he is. It happened last weekend at a Wendy’s and it happened again last night at the local grocery store.  I was even asked at one point if he was that well-behaved all the time.  I thought about it for a split second and realized that yes…most of the time he IS that well-behaved.  I really think it’s a combination of whatever I do, his awesome mother (I always knew she’d be a great parent regardless of how we ended up), and a fantastic babysitter who has been with Ankle Biter since he was still under a year old.  That combination has made a fanastically-behaved child (90% of the time, anyway).  I really couldn’t be happier.
  4. As mentioned earlier, Sunshine is arriving tonight for a 3-day weekend.  There are a few items on the agenda, but I’m hoping that in the end the only thing that we really do is just be ourselves and reconnect like we did two weeks ago.  We are sooooo good when we’re together, so I’m hoping this weekend doesn’t alter than trend.