Exactly two weeks ago today, I was on a business trip and walking through downtown Chicago when my phone rang. It was my supervisor from work asking if I had a moment to talk.

Y’see, every year at work we have annual evaluations on our work performance. We discuss what we’ve done and also where we want to go within the company. I had given a few different ideas of where I wanted to go and, as fate would have it, my supervisor was now on the phone asking if I wanted to discuss one of those ideas for real.

Of course, I jumped at the opportunity.

It’s not an upward move, though…it’s a lateral move in the corporate world…so no pay increase or anything insanely awesome will be coming my way any time soon. But here’s the thing…I’ve been doing the same job for just over three years now. And not to sound cocky, but I’m better than what I’m doing. I’ve got more to offer my company. I’ve got more to bring to the table…I just need a legit opportunity.

So upon my return to work last week, I had a “secret meeting” with my potential new supervisor. He told me, flat out, that if I did the job I was capable of doing in this new position then my next move WOULD be an upward move.

So I’ve been keeping this secret for two weeks now. I’ve been going day-to-day with my co-workers and have been unable to discuss this new position with anybody. It’s one of those “let’s keep it hush hush until all of the red tape is completed” kind of deals.

Today, however, is when the announcement is supposed to be made.

My work location will be different. My teammates will change. My entire job will be something new and exciting. As a result of this new job, my visitation with Ankle Biter will also change (the ex and I still haven’t come up with a permanent alternative plan, but she’s absolutely willing to work with me to not only accommodate my new hours, but ensure I still get quality time with my son).

How I work with these changes, not through them, is going to be the real test.


7 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes…

  1. Change is good, especially when it is something you want. Congratulation on the new job, I have a feeling you will do great.

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