Well…it’s out in the open

Something that Sunshine and I have discussed since beginning to date has been the “end game” to all of this. In other words, the reason that we’re even dating at the moment is because we’re absolutely head over heels for each other and, when it’s all said and done, we 100% believe that we’ll end up living under the same roof.

This is the plan that we’ve had in mind for quite some time now. I’m sure I’ve mentioned it somewhere on my blog, too. We’re going to wait until September 2011 and see how my relationship is with Ankle Biter once he starts going to school. The hope is that he and I can afford me being an every-other-weekend dad without the relationship suffering very much. If that’s the case, then I’m fully ready to get up and move to Sunshine’s city.

Up until now, though, my parents weren’t really informed of the plan. They thought that somehow Sunshine and her girls would make their way to live in my city…her ex-husband and his 50% custody rights be damned.

Well…it’s out in the open.

Sunshine and I visited my parents on Saturday. During some conversation, “the future” happened to pop up. It was at this point that I explained the plan. Because the conversation was flowing and some of my parents’ friends were also there to visit, no other questions were asked and it was just left out there in the open.

So it’s out there. My family and my son’s mom all know that my commitment to Sunshine is clear and legitimate and real. They know that I’m absolutely willing to pick up my life and move it to another city for the love of my life. It was like a weight was lifted off my shoulders…for now, at least. Let’s talk again in September 2011.


9 thoughts on “Well…it’s out in the open

  1. Yep. Rascal has 50% custody too so… I’m gonna have to have those same conversations at some point.

    No date set yet!

    I’m excited for you two. Doesn’t it seem soothing to have a plan?


    1. Mindy, we’re prepared for the plan to change if that’s how things turn out. For both of us, our kids come first. So if AB isn’t ready for his dad to be in a different city, then plans will be postponed. It’s a very real possibility and one that we’re ready for.

      Of course, you never know…one of us could win the lottery and then commuting regularly wouldn’t be an issue. :-p

      You just never know….. 😉

  2. T — I’m sure you two will eventually have that conversation and one of you will “bite the bullet”. Either that or you’ll both agree to continue doing what you’re doing until the kids have grown up because, quite frankly, you’re both worth it. 🙂

    Mindy — And at this point, we both have the will to keep this going…so we’re both optimistic that this can be resolved.

    Deanna & Sean — It’s weird knowing we inspire other people, but after being as unhappy as we were previously I think that if what we’ve found can help others be inspired to think that it can also happen to them, then we’re more than happy to tell our story.

    Jolene — Thanks, Jolene! We’re hoping the implementation of the plan is as good as the plan itself!

    Bobbi — Yes…yes it is. 🙂

    QTMama — It’ll be more kick ass when it’s finally set into motion!

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