Russell’s Jury Speeches SUCK…and other stuff.

  1. Russell Hantz

    Dammit, Russell…I never thought I would agree with Coach, but it was 100% true in that “only the penitent man shall pass”. Seriously…you played the most entertaining game until the end YET AGAIN and, YET AGAIN…your arrogance cost you votes and cost you a million dollars. Did Sandra deserve to win? No…Parvati deserved to win, but the problem is that both her and Russell forgot the social element to the game of Survivor (Russell, especially). It’s not just all about making strategic decisions and getting to the end. Playing the social element of the game is a MAJOR part, as evidenced by the last two Survivor winners.

  2. 05-02-10

    Yesterday was a REALLY difficult goodbye with Sunshine. We’ve been doing really well for so long, but I’ve had a really rough week and it all came to a head yesterday. I’m trying to work through some personal issues (internal demons that I haven’t quite found the words to write about yet), I had a couple of REALLY stressful days with the Ankle Biter’s operation, and then when I was time to say goodbye yesterday I just broke down. I couldn’t help myself…and I wish I could really put into words why I kinda lost it. I think it’s just that Sunshine brings so much joy and happiness into my life that to have to leave her yet again…especially after the rough week I had…just caught-up to me.

  3. Ankle Biter...keeping busy pre-operation.

    I’ve been thinking about the Ankle Biter all weekend, especially where I went to visit Sunshine on Thursday night so it was a 3-day weekend without hearing from him. My ex called me last night and, because she’s sick, she asked me to look after him tonight. I absolutely JUMPED at the opportunity. She told me that his speech is improving dramatically and I cannot wait to spend some time with him…some real father/son bonding time.

  4. I’m not losing weight and it sucks. But I’ve GOT to climb back on the wagon this week. I mean, I’ve been using my inner demons and stress from my son’s operation last week as reasons for not trying very hard. And to be honest, those things have REALLY been taking their toll on me. But I want to get back into the swing of things. I want to feel healthier…be healthier…so I guess I’m starting over again YET AGAIN. God…why does this have to be so difficult?
  5. Rugrat’s mom emailed me late last week to tell me that she’s getting a hysterectomy. Scary, actually. All I could say to her was that I was here for her and for Rugrat for anything they needed. I truly with her the best.
  6. One of the gifts I gave to Sunshine for her birthday was a cd of songs that remind me of her when I hear them. Well…one song that I left off the disc was the song I ended up getting played as a request on her favourite radio station, KOOL FM. That song was “I think we’re alone now” by Tiffany…and it’s one of those songs that make us laugh every time we hear it because it’s cheesy greatness. The thing was, she had actually made a birthday request just five minutes before I had sent in my request/dedication for her. The radio station played my song instead of hers. So I might as well end this post with the song that Sunshine actually wanted to hear initially…

2 thoughts on “Russell’s Jury Speeches SUCK…and other stuff.

  1. Wow, his speech is improving already?!? That is awesome news!

    What you said here: “Sunshine brings so much joy and happiness into my life”

    That moved me. When I meet Rascal’s friends, they all tell me how happy he is with me in his life. I like hearing it but it just seems… wow, ya know?

    Something about hearing YOU say it made me tear up a bit.

    I’m happy we have these awesome people in our lives, personal demons aside. We all have our crap, CBG, and it really is up to us to deal with them. But having people who support us and love us? That just makes it easier.

    I’m so happy for you.

    Big hugs.

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