Ankle Biter’s operation…

…is today.

Like father, like son...

I gotta say, I’m really nervous. I mean, I totally understand that this is a safe operation…but my little 3 ½-year-old boy is going to be put to sleep so somebody can cut into him.

I don’t want to over-analyze or over-exaggerate anything. At the end of the day, it’s really not that big of a deal. For those of you who didn’t read the post

  • He needs his tonsils removed.
  • He needs his adenoids removed.
  • He needs tubes in his ears.

So I’m meeting Ankle Biter and his mom at 7:45am and need to keep him occupied and not interested in water and/or food until his operation at 9:30am. I’m then going to stay at the hospital until the procedure is done and I know he’s okay, then I’ll head off to work for the afternoon before giving the ex a break in the evening.

They’re going to keep him overnight for observation, and although I offered to stay, his mom wants to stay overnight with him. I offered to stay, too, but we both then agreed that it could be a little bit awkward.

We ended up telling him about the operation, obviously. I mean, we couldn’t just spring this on him…I couldn’t imagine how freaked he would be if we did that. So we’ve told him that he’s going to see the doctor and is going to be getting some “super powers”. That way, he (hopefully) won’t be afraid of the pain and/or discomfort he’ll be in once he wakes up and he won’t be too freaked out over his hearing ability…which should (again, hopefully) be considerably better.

So there we go. That’s where I am at the moment. I’ll try to post an update later tonight or tomorrow morning.

EARLY MORNING UPDATE: At this point, Ankle Biter is a bit sick…pretty sick, actually…so it’s quite possible that the operation will be postponed.  I’ll know later.

AFTERNOON UPDATE: Ankle Biter was an absolute STAR this morning!  I’ll give more details on tomorrow’s post, but he’s done and out and recovering nicely.  Here’s a shot of him post-surgery and pretty out of it…

Ankle Biter: post surgery (05/11/10)

6 thoughts on “Ankle Biter’s operation…

  1. My little one had to be put under for an operation on her teeth so… yeah. It sucks. And he may not be a happy camper after either but it will be all done then. Hope he’s feeling better soon!

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