Parenting Win/Parenting Fail

It was quite the weekend with the Ankle Biter.

On Saturday we did what we normally did…spend the morning watching movies together. We don’t normally get out until after lunchtime on a Saturday as it’s just nice to hang out, relax, and enjoy our father/son time together.

And where it’s still in-between winter and spring in terms of weather, it’s difficult to figure out what to do so that we’re both not completely bored. My folks are down south on a cruise so we weren’t going to visit them, leaving our weekend pretty much wide open.

Honestly…I was also still REALLY sore from playing basketball on Thursday night, so I figured I’d take him to a place where he would have a great time and it wouldn’t be too difficult on me to look after him. So I took him to the only place that is a kid’s love:

We arrived and the place was packed. Thankfully, the dining area had a LOT of tables inside the play area so we got a decent seat and I watched him chow down on some French fries (his favourite). After watching in amazement for a few minutes (and eating very little), I unleashed him and let him go wild. And as you could see from Saturday’s photo-post, it was a total Parenting WIN on my part. I mean, it wasn’t about the food for him…it was about the pure joy a child gets from having fun.

Yeah...Ankle Biter was having a blast.

On Sunday I was totally planning on taking advantage of the final day of the “Free Sundays in March” deal that our local zoo had going on. And unlike last time, I was totally prepared with batteries in my camera.

So it was about 12:30pm and we had just finished lunch and I was getting everything ready to go. That’s when Ankle Biter came up to me to tell me that he had just “used the facilities” and that I needed to change him. I casually went into his room and grabbed the bag of pull-ups when all of a sudden…


I spent the next 25 minutes frantically searching the house for just ONE pull-up. No dice. So I changed him and put on a pair of his regular underwear…hoping that I could get to a store quick enough to pick up some more pull-ups before an accident took place.

I asked him to wait for just a minute as I ran to the car to just check…on the very off chance…that a pull-up was somewhere in there. No dice. So I ran back into the house and Ankle Biter was standing there pointing to his pants…

…DAMMIT. Parenting FAIL.

I reassured him that everything was okay and I changed him one more time. I threw his clothes in the washer and off to the pharmacy we went. After a quick-change in the car we finally made our way to the zoo, which was going to be the original topic of this post. Ahh well. Best laid plans and all.

Heh. I said “laid”.

Anyhoo…if you want to check out the photos from the zoo, just take a look at my Flickr page.


9 thoughts on “Parenting Win/Parenting Fail

  1. I still have days like that if my little one is sick and can’t make it to the bathroom. I chuck the undies rather than wash them. I can’s stand poopie undies.

  2. This is why, when my girls were in pullups/diapers, I would always put an extra one in the car and in their bathroom. You just never know…

    Sounds like a fun weekend tho!

  3. I have tried to make it work with out the diaper or pull up and failed too so I am right there with you. Way to salvage the situation and have a great time at the zoo

  4. Hmmmm…I’m not sure I would consider that a parenting failure….how about a parent that is also human? Thinking you may be putting tooooo much un-necessary pressure on yourself CBG.

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