A Pauper In Paradise

I must have been excited about seeing Sunshine on Friday night because my 3-hour trip only took 2 ½ hours…no stopping, speeding a little bit (okay…maybe a lot), sipping on warm flat Dr. Pepper and not wanting to stop to get a “fresh” one. It was just one of those instances where I couldn’t be with her quickly enough.

Why? Well, last weekend was a bit on the difficult side of things. Sunshine had a rough few days and was working through some personal things, while I’ve been battling through financial issues (aren’t we all?). It became a stressful situation for both of us so when I left work on Friday and jumped into the car, I simply couldn’t be there fast enough.

You could tell how excited I was by the picture I uploaded to Twitter:

On the way to Sunshine's: 03-05-10

Friday night was our normal first night together: lovin’ & eatin’. Add to that the previous night’s Survivor and it was about as good as it could have possibly been.

No...we just can't help ourselves. 03-06-10

Saturday saw us both wake up early in order to get a jump-start on the day. The remainder of our day together involved shopping and driving around, just enjoying each other’s company as only we can. We skipped lunch and ended up having an early supper while finally watching Shawshank Redemption.

Well…I say “finally” only for me, as it’s one of her favourite movies. Random Esquire and I tweeted awhile back that we hadn’t actually seen the movie and were bombarded with responses by people who couldn’t believe we hadn’t actually seen it…so Sunshine came through and we had some of her amazing pesto chicken pasta while watching the movie. We tweeted a bit about having fun and (eventually) called it a night.

On Sunday we decided to go for a walk. I’m not a huge hiker, but I’m totally willing to get out there and give it a shot. It was absolutely beautiful outside so Sunshine decided that we should go to Hemlock Ravine Park for our hike. We entered the park and just strolled our way through a beautiful park…

Hemlock Ravine Park, 03-07-10
Sunshine: 03-07-10
Hemlock Ravine Park: 03-07-10
Awww...look at how happy we are.

Of course, things with us can NEVER be easy. We ended up getting lost. Not just “lost”, but TOTALLY lost. And y’know what? We didn’t do anything to correct the situation. We were on this very small path and it just seemed to disappear. Here was our conversation:

Sunshine: “Well…this path certainly looks sketchy now.”

CBG: “Yep.”

And then we continued.

Ummm...this doesn't look like a path anymore.
Dude...we've got no frickin' clue where we are.

After about 30 minutes or so, we finally stumbled upon civilization and made our way out to a highway. After about a kilometre, we finally found my car and couldn’t believe we wondered that far off the path. So when you look at the picture below, you’ll see colored-trails. Those trails are where we were SUPPOSED to be. Sunshine is pointing to where we actually ended up. Then keep going down, cross the bottom, and come up another street on the left over a HUGE hill before finally reaching the beginning of our trek, which ended up being the end of our travels for the day.

The long walk along the highway on the way back to the car.
See the colors? That's where we SHOULD have been. See where Sunshine is pointing? That's where we ended up going...and down...and across the bottom back up to the left-hand side of the map.

After a quick little trip to the mall for some “dirty Chinese” (not much more unhealthy than Chinese food found in a mall’s food court), we finally made our way back to Sunshine’s for some more quality time before I made my way back home.

All-in-all, it was another amazing weekend. For as many difficulties as we face when we’re not together, everything in the world just seems right when we are.  When we’re together, I feel like a pauper in paradise….though I may not have much, I certainly don’t complain.


10 thoughts on “A Pauper In Paradise

  1. I saw that Axe commercial when you tweeted it. So friggin’ hilarious!

    And yeah, I get this. Rascal and I have some difficulties too, when we’re not together. Then when we are? Yeah. You know.

    Glad you have each other.

  2. Yes, that Axe commercial was sooo funny. Also, I am so glad you add the pics to the post, it’s always fun to see the faces behind the words. You both rock!

  3. I love hiking. LO’s father and I used to do a lot of it and one time we even got lost. I learned more about him during that hike than I bargained for. Lets just say he didn’t handle it as well as you did. (moody, defensive, argumentative) Wish I would have paid more attention then…

    Glad you two had such a great weekend! 🙂

  4. We were laughing at the hilarity of our situation pretty much the entire time. We knew it was impossible to get *that* lost – the park is just a strip of land in the middle of the city – so civilization was never too far away.

    It was a fun adventure for sure. 😉

  5. Dear CBG:

    What you have? That’s what I want. I know I’ve said this before (probably moreso on Sunshine’s site than on yours, but still….) you guys give me hope for life beyond my own divorce.

    You guys are awesome.

  6. I feel happy when I look at your pictures. And then, well I feel insanely jealous. Then I sort of feel badly for feeling jealous.

    The emotions you two put me through is really sort of ridiculous.

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