Working to Live or Living to Work…Where You At?

I’m a nerd.

Okay…maybe that’s a bit harsh.  Based on my  job, I think I’m a geek.

Hmmm…still a bit too over-the-top?  Well, I sit in a pod all day staring at numbers on my computer screen.  If somebody described the job to me as their own, that’s what I would call them.

It’s funny because I never thought I’d ever find myself sitting here.  I never thought I’d be the pod-person that was responsible for a multi-million-dollar portfolio of accounts.

No…I thought I’d be a DJ.

WKRP in Cincinnati

WHAT?  REALLY??  Yep yep.  From the time I was in seventh grade, I’d rush home to watch WKRP in Cincinnatti as it was showing in syndicated reruns after school.  I didn’t particularly want to be Dr. Johnny Fever, nor did I think I could be Venus Flytrap.  I really wanted to be Andy Travis…the program director.  I wanted to ensure that the RIGHT music was being played to the masses.

Once I hit tenth grade I joined the high school “music club” (C.H.A.R. is what it was called, I think…it’s been so bloody long).  The club was in charge of playing music at sporting events (ex: basketball games, volleyball, etc.) as well as for Friday night school dances (my speciality), King & Queen pageants, and any other event taking place that would require music be played.

Heck…during my senior prom when the hired band took a break, I popped in some music to keep the dance floor packed.  And no word of lie, this song is what really brought out the most people. A sign of the times, I suppose…

I wanted to start my “career” as a DJ.  I wanted to go into radio or broadcasting of some kind.  My father, though, had other ideas.  He told me flat out that if I wanted to go into broadcasting that I’d have to pay for it myself, but if I went to university to get a business degree he’d cover all of the costs.  To a scared 16 year-old, the choice was pretty clear.

Once in university, though, I actually joined the campus radio station CHMA.  I had a gimmick at the time…I was “the alternative to alternative radio”.  Y’see, campus radio needed to play a certain percentage of “alternative music” (i.e. non-commercial radio music by unknown artists) but I thought most of it sucked.  So my show…on an alternative radio station…was primarily well-known rock music.

At one point I even weaseled my way into being program director for six months.  Don’t ask me how I did it because I vaguely remember even having that job to begin with!

During this time I started DJ’ing in bars.  Mermaids & Legends were the two bars I played in the most.  I was never a “master-mixer” or anything like that…I was simply a small-town DJ who got people dancing every night I played.

Once Rugrat was born, though, I realized that I needed to find a “real” job because I wasn’t making enough money at the time DJ’ing to support a family.  So other than the occasional “one-off”, I gave up on my dream about ten years ago and here I sit…a geek in a pod staring at numbers all day.  It’s funny how life can throw a curve-ball at you.

What about you?  What was your dream job and how different has your life become since?  How many of you are living your dream job right now?

Parenting Win/Parenting Fail

It was quite the weekend with the Ankle Biter.

On Saturday we did what we normally did…spend the morning watching movies together. We don’t normally get out until after lunchtime on a Saturday as it’s just nice to hang out, relax, and enjoy our father/son time together.

And where it’s still in-between winter and spring in terms of weather, it’s difficult to figure out what to do so that we’re both not completely bored. My folks are down south on a cruise so we weren’t going to visit them, leaving our weekend pretty much wide open.

Honestly…I was also still REALLY sore from playing basketball on Thursday night, so I figured I’d take him to a place where he would have a great time and it wouldn’t be too difficult on me to look after him. So I took him to the only place that is a kid’s love:

We arrived and the place was packed. Thankfully, the dining area had a LOT of tables inside the play area so we got a decent seat and I watched him chow down on some French fries (his favourite). After watching in amazement for a few minutes (and eating very little), I unleashed him and let him go wild. And as you could see from Saturday’s photo-post, it was a total Parenting WIN on my part. I mean, it wasn’t about the food for him…it was about the pure joy a child gets from having fun.

Yeah...Ankle Biter was having a blast.

On Sunday I was totally planning on taking advantage of the final day of the “Free Sundays in March” deal that our local zoo had going on. And unlike last time, I was totally prepared with batteries in my camera.

So it was about 12:30pm and we had just finished lunch and I was getting everything ready to go. That’s when Ankle Biter came up to me to tell me that he had just “used the facilities” and that I needed to change him. I casually went into his room and grabbed the bag of pull-ups when all of a sudden…


I spent the next 25 minutes frantically searching the house for just ONE pull-up. No dice. So I changed him and put on a pair of his regular underwear…hoping that I could get to a store quick enough to pick up some more pull-ups before an accident took place.

I asked him to wait for just a minute as I ran to the car to just check…on the very off chance…that a pull-up was somewhere in there. No dice. So I ran back into the house and Ankle Biter was standing there pointing to his pants…

…DAMMIT. Parenting FAIL.

I reassured him that everything was okay and I changed him one more time. I threw his clothes in the washer and off to the pharmacy we went. After a quick-change in the car we finally made our way to the zoo, which was going to be the original topic of this post. Ahh well. Best laid plans and all.

Heh. I said “laid”.

Anyhoo…if you want to check out the photos from the zoo, just take a look at my Flickr page.

Getting hit by a bus, cartoon felatio, stay-cations, & other stuff

  1. I joined a basketball league thru work this past week. It was already three weeks in and is only 8 weeks long (plus playoffs), but I wanted to try to get some more exercise into my life without it feeling like exercise (i.e. work). I would have actually started last week but I had gone to visit Sunshine on Thursday night. This past Thursday night was a double-header…two games back-to-back. I scored one basket in the first game and three baskets in the second game, which is (no word of lie) four more baskets than the last time I played in a league…which was in seventh grade over TWENTY years ago. Needless to say, I was out of shape but played as best I could. When I woke up on Friday morning, though, it felt like I got hit by a bus…got back up, stood in front of it, and let it hit me again. But y’know what? It was a blast and I’m very much looking forward to doing it again next week (although only ONE game this time).

  2. There are some Simpson & Family Guy characters on the ledge in between my desk and the desk of a co-worker. They aren’t mine but I’ve got no issues with the ones that are there (Marge, Stewie, Homer, Krusty, Lois, Apu, and a couple of others). Somebody was talking to me the other day and gasped at what they saw. I swear on the life of my kids, I didn’t do this to Apu & Lois…

    Apu & Lois?? Say it ain't so!!
  3. Next weekend, Sunshine is coming down to visit me and we’re going on a “stay-cation” to Saint John & Fredericton. Basically, a “stay-cation” is a vacation where you stay in the local area. Anyway, we’re pretty excited as it’s going to be a full-day trip and we want to fit in as much as we can (#thatswhatshesaid…heh). We think we might also meet-up with fellow blogger & Twitter friend Miranda (her Twitter account here and her blog here) for coffee while we’re in her city. We’re totally open to tourism ideas and suggestions on what to see and do if you’ve got any.
  4. For this trip, I was asked by Sunshine to make a music playlist of “sing-along songs” and gave Paradise By The Dashboard Light as an example. I think I’ve got the playlist done, but I’m totally open to any other suggestions you may have.
  5. Every once in awhile, Sunshine and I will throw out a wedding reference or suggestion. While we haven’t specifically talked about it, we’re probably gonna end up getting married on a beach somewhere (at least that’s what I tell myself…lol). She raised an interesting question to me this past week, though…because we wouldn’t be inviting anybody and would just be having a quiet ceremony with the two of us, should we tell family & friends of our plans or should we just sneak off? Or better yet, would we just blog about it and/or tweet it the day we were doing it?

Sometimes it’s the small things…

Ankle Biter was REALLY enjoying the play area at McDonald’s today. I was his first time there, I believe. The pure joy on his face was easy to see (and difficult to photograph!!).

There is nothing in this world that gives me more happiness than to see my own kids happy.

CBG’s Biggest Loser – Week Ten Results

It’s been a few weeks since I last did an “official” post on my weight loss progress.  Heck, this could be Week Eleven for all I know (I think it is, actually).

I’ve been slacking over the past few weeks because the biggest loser contest at work ended and that gave me an “out”.  So the last few weigh-in’s have seen me hovering around 217.5lbs, which is still an overall 10lb weight loss but still 2 lbs more than where I was at my lowest when our contest ended.

Sunshine and I have made a commitment to push each other and motivate each other so we can both be where we want to be eventually.  It looks like it may have worked…

So yeah, I’m back down to 215.6lbs…and that’s a great thing as I was starting to wonder if my lack of motivation would lead me back down a path to a weight I never want to visit again.

The sun is shining…the snow is (almost) all gone…I’ve found a new thing I actually enjoy: walking outdoors.  So those, in combination with me eating a bit better and Sunshine motivating me, will help me reach my eventual goal of 200lbs.

I’m almost halfway to my goal, and I’m confident that I can do it.