You searched WHAT to find me?

Where I’ve been floating around WordPress for over a year now, I thought it’d be interesting to pimp those same stats for more blog hits take a look at my stats from the past year and see what brings people to this little ol’ blog of mine.

Well…here they are:

The Northern Lights

1. Northern Lights. This was on my Bucket List of things I wanted to see before I die.  I’ve seen pics of the lights on television numerous times.  Pictures I’ve seen online probably don’t do it justice.  But since this is my #1 referrer from search engines, it appears that I’m far from the only one interested in this natural phenomena.  It also doesn’t hurt to know that Google apparently has this pic (which I just found via Google to begin with) as the #1 result for “Northern Lights”.  How in the heck did THAT happen??

The Northern Lights

2. Fergie. What?  Really?  I’ve mentioned Fergie all of TWO times in the past year, yet it’s the second biggest reason new people visit my blog.  Weird.  The first time was simply me linking-up to the I Gotta Feeling video and the second time I was giving my thoughts on Fergie no longer being bi-sexual (wait…she digs women?).  For whatever reason, those two little blurbs have gained a ton of blog hits.  Whatever…I’m not one to complain.

Fergie Fergie Fergie Fergie Fergie Fergie Fergie Fergie's not like she's ugly or anything.
Sydney Harbour Bridge

3. Sydney Harbor Bridge. This was another one from my Bucket List post. And again, the picture just happened to be one I found on Google.  I’ve actually been emailed a couple of times asking me for permission to use the picture for their own website or blog.  I absolutely tell them straight-up that it’s not my picture and I feel a bit guilty about it…but then the guilt quickly disappears.  I would love to visit Sydney and attempt to battle my fears by climbing the bridge, which is a major tourist attraction in Australia.   And again, a quick Google search (using both “harbor” and “harbour”) shows my picture as either the first or second image result.  Weird.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sheyla Hershey

4. Sheyla Hershey. Who??  Well…I wrote about her in a post where I gave my thoughts on this woman who wants to have the largest breasts in the world.  How big does she want to be?  She’s currently at 38-KKK…you tell me how big she should go. Yes…I said 38-KKK.  That’s insane.  And after looking at some of the pictures of her on the internet, I gotta say…..umm…..gross.  C’mon…there IS such a thing as “too much”.

Anyway, I’m assuming that people click looking for pictures of this woman.  So who am I to disappoint them?


Kris Williams

5. Kris Williams.  I’ve only ever mentioned Kris once on my blog.  Y’see, I’m a huge fan of Ghost Hunters and she’s a major part of it. She’s an attractive woman who is certainly a reason for a few extra viewers every week. She had recently joined Twitter when I mentioned her and I posted the pic that was on her Twitter profile.  She’s added a few pics to her profile since as she’s slowly becoming more and more of a celebrity.

Well heck…she’s GOTTA be a celebrity if she’s one of my top search topics. Again…I’d hate to disappoint anybody looking for pics of her:

Kris Williams - NoH8
Kris Williams
Kris Williams' Twitter wallpaper collage

Alright…that’s enough of me trying to pimp some extra blog hits.

For any bloggers out there, I’d highly recommend looking back at your stats from time to time and see some of the reasons why people visit your site outside of the normal blogging reasons.  You never know what may be attracting visitors.


4 thoughts on “You searched WHAT to find me?

  1. Mine are CRAZY!

    I get everything from double penetration (which was about getting emotional during sex) to hot soccer women (especially the Brazilian soccer team nude) to lyrics. Mostly soccer… well, it is the most popular sport on the planet. And yeah, LOTS of lyrics. I also get many hits due to the review I did on the Mr. Unavailable and the Fallback Girl book. Apparently lots of bad relationships going on out there.

    There are also some sick people out there too. Lots of searches that (I have no idea how) lead people to my blog.

    The coolest (to me) are when I see people actually searched for ‘the quest for t’ or ‘tsquest’. Makes me smile every time.

  2. Stats are interesting, aren’t they?

    My biggest one is “Women’s Intuition”. I did a post with that title long ago but it still pulls em in. Trusting my intuition has been something I’m defintely getting better at but with that as my biggest draw you’d think it’d be stronger than it is. I fee like I owe it to my readers or something.

    Then there’e the creepy stuff that makes my skin crawl but thankfully it’s not a lot.

    And that chicks boobs are horrible. How sad that she did that to herself.

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