Over Too Soon

Y’know, Sunshine and I normally only get 2 ½ days together every two weeks.  That doesn’t really add up to a ton of quality alone time together.

This weekend was cut a little short…and that kinda sucks.

Y’see, we woke up on Sunday morning to snow outside. It wasn’t a storm…it wasn’t a blizzard…but it was a steady snowfall.  Immediately there was a bit of concern with the both of us.  The last time Sunshine left when it was snowing her bus almost didn’t leave because it turned into a storm.

The weather people were only expecting a few centimetres…so nothing too crazy.  Our concern, though, was that it would snow steadily enough that buses would either be cancelled or delayed. 

Her initial plan was to leave on the 8:15pm bus and get home just after midnight.  It would be really difficult because she has to work in the morning but she was totally willing to do it so we could spend more time together.

As noon approached, the decision was made that she would take the earlier bus at 2pm…just in case.  And you know what?  That decision sucked.

It turns out that it continued to snow here but it didn’t snow in her city.  That ended up making the decision even more difficult to deal with.

The bottom line is that we had another amazing weekend together.  We had some quality “alone time” on Friday night, we went out to a Chinese buffet restaurant and then took a walk through the local mall on Saturday, and we watched all three Back to the Future movies.  It was a nice weekend…it just lasted a bit shorter than we would have liked.

The good news?  I’m off on the Friday of our next visit, meaning that I’ll be travelling on Thursday after work instead of Friday after work…and I’ll not only get to spend some extra time with Sunshine but also a couple of hours with her awesome girls, too.

So until then, I’ll just have to sit back and revel in the happiness that we shared…even if it was six hours less than we would have wanted.


5 thoughts on “Over Too Soon

  1. It’s funny, you know, because as we were both standing there at the bus station, saying goodbye, I think we were each waiting for the other one to say, “Screw it, let’s take the chance on the later bus”. It’s tough being responsible sometimes…

  2. Oh man! Stupid snow! I’m sorry you guys, I know the time you have together should SO not be cut short.

    Sunshine is right. Responsibility sucks sometimes.

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