A New House

Six years ago, I moved into a mini-home with my (then) girlfriend. We were happy and blissful and thought we had the world by the tail.

Mind you, we’d only been dating about a year or so.

Fast forward a couple of years and we’re already married, expecting a child, and having the marriage fall apart. Quite a bit happened in that mini-home.

Fast forward until now and I’m still in it. I’m content. Sure, the bedroom isn’t a color I’d like and the bathroom isn’t a color I’d like and some of the decorations in the house aren’t exactly what I’d like to have…but I’m content.

The problem, however, is that it’s too expensive. I mean, I got a great deal on the place when I first bought it but the lot rent has just increased to the point that it’s economically unrealistic to continue to live there. I’m throwing away money on land I don’t even own even thought I own the house that sits on top of it.

I'm wondering if I should see this movie....

My dad, being a real estate agent, has convinced me to go look for a home that won’t be such a financial burden to me. His thought process is to buy a duplex http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Duplex (or even a triplex) and use the rent money from whatever tenant is in there to cover a chunk of the overall mortgage payment…leaving a few extra dollars in my pocket.

I’ve got mixed feelings on this.

On one hand, it’s gonna be exciting to have a place all of my own that isn’t rented…someplace I can make MINE…a place that will have new memories build from scratch.

On the other hand, my tentative plans are to be with Sunshine and her girls sometime within the next calendar year (depending on circumstances, obviously). This kinda throws a wrench into those plans because it makes no sense to just jump into a house and re-sell it less than a year later. In addition, she has already been thinking of moving into another place that would be a bit easier on her wallet, too…and this location wouldn’t really be ideal for the two of us and the kids to live on a permanent basis.

Because of our unique situation, we both realize that we won’t be living together any time in the very near future. We know it totally sucks, but it’s something we’re working with because we know that the long-term plan is to eventually live together in the same house in the same city. As long as we keep our eyes on that prize, I think we’ll be able to work through the distance and the time required to go through before that plan can be actualized.

So here I sit…cleaning my home and preparing it for showings.  The bank has already approved the loan for my dad and I so I guess I’m really torn on how I should be feeling.  I think at the end of the day, though, it’ll still be a home full of love…regardless of how long I live in it.

The Peanut Butter Pizza Review

Well, the weigh-in yesterday morning didn’t quite go as well as I expected it to. I decided that I needed just a bit of a break. Nothing too major, but something that would be more flavorful than carrot sticks and would fill my stomach more than any “Thinsation” product on the market.  So I decided to get a pizza.

But I didn’t want the same old thing.  I wanted something different.  I knew exactly where I wanted to go.

So after I took Ankle Biter back home last night I swung by Diesel Pizza & Wings, a local ‘gourmet pizza’ restaurant that specializes in pizza that isn’t considered “normal” to most.

Mac & Cheese pizza. Poutine pizza. Little shrimp pesto pizza. Madras curry chicken pizza. Peanut butter pizza.

STOP. Hammer time.

The official description of said pizza is as follows: Peanut Butter – A mouth watering combination of creamy peanut butter, seasoned ground beef, bacon, and mozzarella cheese

Yes, that actually sounded good to me. I like peanut butter…I like ground beef…I like bacon…I like cheese. What’s not to like here?

So that’s what I ordered.

In the car on the way home I could smell the peanut butter, and it smelled GOOD. I told myself that peanut butter was healthy and that was another reason I went with this particular choice. I mean, I could have gotten the works or all-meat or something like that, but felt that peanut butter would be a healthier choice to make. I dunno…read for yourself and then make a decision.

Of course, I just HAD to take pictures. I just had to let you all know what it looked like. There was no pizza sauce base, just peanut butter. The pizza was hot and the flavor was good.

Mmmm....peanut butter pizza!
A slice of peanut buttery pizza goodness!
Trust me...THIS. IS. GOOD.

Would I order it again? Heck yeah, I would. Maybe I could talk myself into having it as a weekend breakfast…it can’t be any worse than steak-n-eggs, can it?

I’ve been to Diesel a few times and I can totally see myself going back. What I really enjoy above all else is trying something new that I wouldn’t normally eat. It’s something I highly recommend to everybody, regardless of where it is you live. If you’re going out for a night on the town with a date or a significant other, try something new. What’s the worse that can happen…you don’t like it? BAH. So what??

The moral of this tale isn’t to get everybody to try a peanut butter pizza, it’s to go out there into the world every once in awhile and do something you wouldn’t normally do or try something you wouldn’t normally try.

You just never know what’ll happen…

CBG’s Biggest Loser: Week Three Results

Well…I guess I need to pick things up again.

Here I was, thinking that I was doing okay. I wasn’t working out, but I was eating a lot better and going outside two or three times a day for a 10-minute walk. Sunshine and I didn’t go crazy and splurge over the weekend. If anything, we behaved ourselves in terms of food (at least in comparison to what we normally do when we’re together).


Still…I shouldn’t really complain. I’m down again. Mind you, it’s only 1.4 pounds…but I’m down, right?

Here’s this week’s results:

Again, I shouldn’t really complain.  I’ve lost 2.81% of my body mass in three weeks.  Six pounds isn’t so bad, is it?

Baby Got Back

Three years ago, I went to a work event that had a “karoake room”. There was well over 100 people in the room and it was packed with people enjoying the…uhh…”talent”.

I remember seeing singer after singer…all trying their damndest to out-sing the previous person. One guy actually dropped to his knees when he hit a high note. It was pathetically sad.

Don’t get me wrong, the vast majority of these singers were very good. But c’mon…it’s freakin’ karaoke. It’s not American Idol…there isn’t a record producer out in the audience…you’re not getting a Grammy award any time soon.

So I said, ‘screw this‘ and went up to put my name in for a song. It was the classic, “Baby got back” by Sir Mix-A-Lot.  I went up there and…I gotta tell you…I rocked the house.

I know…cocky.  But it was popular enough that I was asked to do it the following year.  So last year I did (on my second date with Sunshine, no less!).  And again…I rocked the house.

This year Sunshine decided to video-tape the performance on her camera because, again, I was asked by multiple people if I was going to do it again.

Yes…I flub some of the words.

Yes…I even forget some of the words. 

No…I don’t really care.

So without further adu, here is Canadian Bald Guy doing “Baby Got Back”:

CBG’s Biggest Loser: Week Two Results

Two weeks in and I’m starting to get into a groove, of sorts.  I’m not exercising as much as I should, but I’m walking at work during my two breaks and at lunch, so that’s about 40 minutes of outdoor walking each day.  If I can add to that with some exercises at home, I may actually be onto something.

I’m also trying to cut back on snacking on junk, which can sometimes be a huge problem for me.  Instead, I’m eating apples or baby carrots or celery.  Yeah, I know…CELERY.

Okay…I had another weigh-in yesterday morning. This is where I ended up after Week Two:

So that’s almost 5 pounds in two weeks.  Not a huge loss but it’s exactly where I wanted to be.  My goal is to lose approximately 2 pounds per week.  Some think it’s a realistic goal, others don’t.  But I think it’s something I can realistically do over the course of this 8-week diet contest.

And my plan isn’t to stop there, either.  If I can reach the goal I want to reach by the end of 8 weeks (which would require me losing more than 2 pounds a week), then I think I’d be totally inspired to keep going to my long-term ultimate goal.  I actually watched The Biggest Loser on Monday night and I gotta say…I was inspired.  I mean, if these folks can put themselves out there for the world to see and work their tails off to lose weight, then I’ve really got NO room to complain, y’know?

I’m focused, I’m motivated, I’m counting calories like I’ve never done before, and I’m now going to increase my exercising.so I’m totally anticipating a good result for next week.

Wish me luck!