No time, people…got NO TIME!!

OMG…I was in sales meetings all day.  I shouldn’t really complain, though…I actually wanted to come down here to Washington & Fairfax for the week.  It’s awesome to be able to come visit some national sales people that I only normally talk to on the phone with.

I wish I could go into more detail, but at the moment I’m just crazy busy with a TON of stuff going on…with both the professional side and the personal side.

Professionally…it’s awesome for me right now.  My job is great and I believe I’m putting on a great impression with the “higher ups” (at least I think I am).  Thus far, this has been exactly the trip I wanted it to be.

Personally…it’s good and not-so-good.

In front of the J. Edgar Hoover (FBI) building
In front of the J. Edgar Hoover (FBI) building

It’s good in that I spent an amazing time in Washington, DC yesterday.  I’ve got a ton of pics that I’d love to share, but time restraints are preventing me from doing that right now.  Just know that I visited the Museum of Natural History, the Treasury Building, the J. Edgar Hoover (i.e. FBI) building, the front AND back of the White House, the Washington Monument, the World War II Memorial, and the Lincoln Memorial.


The not-so-good would be that Sunshine and I are at a bit of a crossroads.  The distance is starting to be an issue that is increasingly difficult to overcome.  I’m okay with going forward with things running as status quo (i.e. no future plans and nobody moving any time soon), but I know that it’s really hurting her and it’s hard as hell to visit for only 48 hours (sometimes less) every two weeks and then leave her behind in tears.  It’s not fair to her…to us.

Taking a photo as only we can: 10-11-09
Taking a photo as only we can: 10-11-09

We are at an impass, I think, and I don’t know what the outcome will be.  We’re both beginning to think that love might not be enough after all.  Hopefully that line of thinking is wrong and we’ll continue to move forward as much in love as we are now…only time will tell.  I love her so much…it just sucks to see her hurt like this.

That’s all I got time to discuss now…hopefully I’ll have more time later to write about my week.


2 thoughts on “No time, people…got NO TIME!!

  1. Noone out here inblogland can tell you two what to do.
    We all think you are a lovely couple and in our “movie ending” you would end up together…emotionally and in the same physical spot as each other.
    But life has all kids of complications that do mess with our heart.
    I think it’s easy to assume that because both of you wish to live where your kids are and not move that that “means something” about your love.I don’t think it does-one can love deeply and still be in a conundrum about locale.
    Eventually the two hearts must meet somehow.Luckily you two are at least both in next door provinces-I have seen overseas romances…now those are even more tough-phew!
    I do think you two could have a very wonderful life together.But it’s not up to us to “vote” on our Hollywood plot of choice.
    It’s your life.Treat it and others with care and just make sure you don’t throw away something beautiful !

  2. It sounds like you are having fun in D.C. I’ve never been! Perhaps some day!!

    Regarding Sunshine…. *sigh* …. yes, continue to offer her love and see what happens. Perhaps it is just a low at this moment and will pick back up again soon.

    Love is ALWAYS enough. But distance and depression can be daunting.

    (alliteration makes me smile)

    Wishing you both the best. XXOO

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