Guess who’s coming to dinner?

"I have no idea..."

Here I was…all set to have a relaxing, if not slightly sad, weekend to myself.

The Ankle Biter is with his mom this weekend visiting her father.  I was planning on taking a drive to see my folks on Saturday.  Then after having a hot web-date with Sunshine, I’d relax on Sunday while waiting for a phone call from The Rugrat.

While at work today, Sunshine made the suggestion of me driving to see her on Saturday after visiting my folks…even if just for the night.  I was concerned about finances…which really sucks but it’s been a reality for me since I went from a dual-income to a single income over two years ago.  The good news is that I’m not in debt anymore.  The bad news is that I scrape by and find it extremely difficult to build any type of savings at the moment.


I got home from work and was enjoying supper with The Ankle Biter.  I looked at my TweetDeck and noticed the following Direct Message:

message #1


I totally understood.  Even if for one night, it just didn’t make a ton of sense to spend $75 on gas…especially when we were going to see each other in just 12 days for an amazing 5-day encounter.

I told her that, while not ideal, we’d manage the two weeks until we next saw each other.  Then she sent another message:

message #2

Right.  Okay…I got it.  I felt the same way.

So I let her know that it’d be okay and that we’d have a fun online date on Saturday to make up for things.


message #3


She, apparently, had been secretly plotting this all afternoon.  I must admit…she had me hook, line, and sinker.  LOVE her for that.

So a couple of things immediately popped into my head:

  • Is she ready to meet my parents? I’m visiting them on Saturday morning.  Now, I haven’t really blogged a lot about my parents.  Trust me…there is a LOT to blog about when it comes to our relationship.  At the end of the day, I think that they’re still not yet over my ex-wife.  That’s kinda weird to say, but I think it’s true.  So while they’d be polite to Sunshine, I don’t think they’re ready yet.  They need to know that what I share with her isn’t just a passing fancy…that she’s the real deal and that we’ve got something special that’s worth fighting for.  So patience is required there.
  • Sunshine in her new digs
    Sunshine in her new digs (01-24-09)


    She’s giving up money that she saved for painting her apartment. This bugs me a bit.  The decision is 100% hers and OF COURSE I’m totally exicted to spend the weekend with her…so that’s not the point.  This is money that she had set aside to paint the apartment for her and her girls.  This is a place that she moved into months ago and she really wants it to be HERS, y’know?  So while she has made the decision to alter her priorities, there’s still a part of me that feels a bit odd.  A bit guilty?  I dunno how else to describe it.

  • OMG…I need to clean my house!!! Yeah…this one is kinda important to me.  The last thing I need is a tumbleweed blowing into the bedroom during the heat of passion.

Needless to say, I’m one happy camper right now.  I close my eyes and picture her here with me on a nightly basis, so to be able to hold her in my arms again is jsut a feeling that can’t adequately be described.

Umm…does this describe it?


No…that doesn’t quite do it.  Especially not with THAT person.

What about this??


Close, but not quite…



TOTALLY the wrong gif there!!! What the effin’ crap???




Okay…that’ll just have to do.


13 thoughts on “Guess who’s coming to dinner?

  1. lmao – those video clips were totally awesome.

    Whatever. If I had a choice between a hot weekend or painting my apartment…Not a hard choice.


  2. Have you ever been to Parrsboro? It’s about half-way b/w Moncton and Halifax and the Riverview Cottages are damn cheap if you don’t mind rustic.

    In any case, most paint stores have mis-tints for sale at half the cost.

  3. Yeah, those clips had me LOL-ing too.

    I’m happy you’re able to be with her. Right now. How cool is that.

    Have fun.

    Pfffft. Like you’re not already.

  4. LOL at the tweet re: Star Wars. Ahhh, CBG. You are SUCH a total 80’s geek. Love ya for it. 😉

    I ditto what the other women said: Paint apartment or go see man I love? Gee. I’d be on that friggin’ bus, too.

    Happy you two get to spend time together now. Giddy-up, cowboy. 😀

  5. vinomom — Apparently she felt the same way. And we DID enjoy, thanks!

    Jessica — Thanks!

    Mindy — Heh…I guess romance isn’t dead, afterall.

    bad mummy — I’ve only driven through Parrsboro before, have never stayed. It’s something I’ll look into, though. Thanks!

    Juggle Jane — You didn’t, but thanks for saying it. We had a blast!

    SingleParentPlus2 — Umm…what? lol

    T — We both laughed at reading your comment last night. ‘Cause yeah…lol.

    Amira — I’m unapologetically an 80’s geek. 100%. 🙂

  6. That was so sweet of her to come see you. Of course I don’t think it was probably a hard decision for her. I sure as heck know if I had the choice between painting and a hot weekend what I’d pick! lol

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