Twitter Tales: 05-14-09


Twitter Tales

Okay…I can now freely admit it: I’m addicted to Twitter.  I don’t 100% understand how people claim to be able to make a ton of money using it…and I really don’t appreciate them telling me how to write my blog…

At the end of the day, the thing that brings me back multiple times every single day is clicking on random links and reading and/or seeing things I’d otherwise never get a chance to read and/or see.  In addition, I find myself easily keeping up-to-date on the lives of some of my favorite fellow bloggers.

Thankfully, my TweetDeck allows me to truly follow whomever I want to and kinda ignore all of the spam while still increasing my follower/following count legitimately (I hate people who hit-n-run).

Alright…everybody ready?  Good…’cause it’s once again time to check out my weekly Twitter Tales:

  • apluskI think the biggest Twitter story this week had to involve  @aplusk (again).  Y’see, Mr. Demi Moore had promised the world that he would (in addition to donating $100,000 to help solve Africa’s malaria problem) “Ding Dong Ditch” Ted Turner’s house if he won that whole “Ashton vs. CNN to a million” challenge thing on Twitter.  Wait…you’ve never heard of a “Ding Dong Ditch“?  Well it’s simple, really.  It’s when you go to somebody’s house…ring their doorbell (i.e. “Ding Dong”)…and run like hell (i.e. “Ditch”).  The problem was that Ted Turner was no longer affiliated with CNN and his house was inaccessible.  So what did Ashton do?  He gathered his minions and went to Ted’s Montana Grill, which is a restaurant named after Turner.  He then stacked up hundreds of boxes of Ding Dongs in front of the restaurant (approx. 9,500 of them in total), then his “tweepers” each banged a bronze bell, which was located out front.  He then made his way down to the CNN building, where his decided to pull a prank that only he could pull.  Mission: accomplished.
The CNN Ding Dong Ditch
The CNN Ding Dong Ditch
  • Danny Gokey
    Danny Gokey

    So the big American Idol finale will see Kris take on Adam.  Really?  Meh.  I just don’t “get” Adam.  Yeah…he’s cool, he’s good looking in an androgenous kind of way, and he can sing his ass off…but his dog-howling high notes just don’t do it for me.  He’s definitely the one with the most “star power” and he’s been the front-runner from the beginning, but my pick from the first time I heard him was Danny Gokey.  And with the exception of “that note” a couple of weeks ago, Danny has been the most consistent (although probably the most unmemorable) contestants the show has ever had.  And I absolutely HAD to agree with Haley from Cheaty Monkey when she blamed Paula for Danny’s loss.  I mean, I absolutely LOVE Terence Trent D’Arby…but “Dance Little Sister” was just a bad song for Danny to sing.  What about “Wishing Well“?  “If You Let Me Stay” (my personal favorite)?  Hell…Danny could have kicked ass doing “She Kissed Me“.  I hope Paula doesn’t return next year.  She’s just dragging the show down and is the main reason I want to turn the TV off every time I watch it.  On top of that, I now firmly believe that she’s the primary reason Danny’s out of the finals.  BAH~!!


  • Funny enough, I was just thinking this the other day: if I exposed myself to somebody, I’d probably get arrested.  Well…I’d get arrested after the laughter ended.  Apparently, that’s not the case for Redneck Mommy:


  • And just when I thought I could come up with a great smart-ass answer, ImACutieFace beat me to it with a killer comeback: 


  • Kris Williams
    Kris Williams

    OMG…Kris Williams from Ghost Hunters is now on Twitter.   I would TOTALLY follow her into a haunted house.  Hell…I’d follow her into a LOT of places.  Heh.  Even if I hated that show (which I totally don’t, it’s one of my faves), she would get me to watch each and every week. **SWOON**

  • How’s this for awesome?  TWEETS FROM SPACE!!!   NASA is now on Twitter and Mike Massimino officially became the first astronaut to tweet from space.  It’s very cool to read, actually…as Mike has been keeping everybody up-to-date on preparations for the latest mission and is now providing tweets from the space shuttle.  You want to talk about the power of a new social media?  It doesn’t get much more powerful than this:

astro mike

mommypielucidinsanity 2

  • One of my all-time guilty pleasures, “Weird Al” Yankovic, is now on Twitter and gaining followers fast.  He even noted his growing popularity as only he can:


  • There are two people on Twitter who could really use some moral support right now: Nikki and Christeen. Why, you ask?  Because in addition to Alaina, these are two bloggers who are apparently trying to quit smoking.  I’ve got a bit of experience in that department so I’m really rooting for these two.  It’s hard…it’s REALLY difficult…but when you have extra cash on hand, you don’t stink, and you know you’ll live a bit longer to enjoy the life of your children…well, it’s not that hard of a decision to make.  Don’t let the tough times get you down!!

lucidinsanity 1misscriss

  • Pic of the week, courtesy of Jchawes:
Wait...what floor is that???
Wait...what floor is that???
  • Some of you might remember that kid who did that hand-thingy video to Daft Punk’s “Harder Better Faster Stronger”.  If you don’t, go here…you won’t be disappointed.  Anyhoo, turns out that this song is quite popular among the artistically inclined because the following video popped up thanks to PricelessPics.  This was pretty cool, I thought…
  • And to finish things off, I simply had to post a video that Dana Goldman from B*tch Pleaz tweeted about this week: a performance from the 2009 Miss Pole Dance world championships.  Don’t worry, there’s no nudity…but I gotta completley honest, it’s one of the most impressive physical performances I’ve seen anybody do in a very long time.


Hey…if you’re not following any of these people, YOU SHOULD!!  And if you know of anybody that deserves to be recognized next week and followed (or if you see a great tweet and just want to share), drop me an email or tweet and let me know.  Twitter is all about expanding horizons, people!


8 thoughts on “Twitter Tales: 05-14-09

  1. There is just so much going on with Twitter… it hurts my head 😦 I’ll have to rely on your Twitter Tales to keep me completely in the loop!

    I’m finally getting into it a little bit more, and I get so excited every time I have a new follower — it’s like I keep feeling more and more popular. I might have to check out TweetDeck.

  2. Ok, I have found some fun new people to follow. Thanks again.

    But mostly I wanted to thank you for the pole dancing video. I posted this in March of last year stating that I wanted to learn to pole dance. I have a friend who teaches it but I’ve only gotten as far as her erotic dance class. I think the pole dancing is a great workout and so beautiful… like Cirque du Soleil. This video? Gorgeous.

    Oh and I agree on Paula screwing up Danny’s chances. Really boo. 😦

  3. I forgot to mention,

    I heart Danny. And want to show him what it’s like to be with a 36 year old in heat.

    Er, at the prime of my life.

    You know what I mean. 😉

  4. Karen — Thanks!

    Lauren — The great thing, for me, is that I’ve used TweetDeck to set-up two groups.

    The first group has all my favorite people & Tweeters…the ones that I really want to follow.

    The second group are people who have @replied to me or RT@ me at some point…so I then want to start following them a bit more and make those social connections.

    Then the default group is “everybody”…and I rarely follow that at all because it would be darn-near impossible to follow EVERYBODY.

    So yeah…it could be hard to wrap your head around, but there are tools available to make things easier.

    QTMama & Mindy — See…this is what happens when YOU HAVE NO LIFE. 😉 Outside of work and my son (and my daughter when she comes to visit), I’ve got nothing else on the go. So I tweet…I follow…I read. I save the tweets that I like and then pop them into this column. It’s not that much of a time-consumer, really.

    T — I have no doubt that you would be fantastic at it, T. You’ve already got the athletic background and, I would assume, being a triathlete and all, that you’d have very strong leg muscles.

    And if you need to practice, I’m sure I can install a pole up here in Canada somewhere

    QTMama — OMFG…that’s why you’re so awesome, QT. I don’t even know what you look like, but with a line like “…want to show him what it’s like to be with a 36 year old in heat.” just makes me want to date you.

    LOL 😉

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