My Bucket List (part two)

133310__robin_lWhen last we left our caped crusader…

…oops.  Sorry ’bout that.  Wrong intro.

Anyway, yesterday I was discussing the first half of my bucket list.  I figured I might as well complete things…

  • Ice Hotel - Lapland, Sweden
    Ice Hotel - Lapland, Sweden

    Spend one night in the Ice Hotel. There are a couple of ice hotels in the world, but the most famous is the one in Sweden.  I may be Canadian, but it’s not like I normally live in an igloo under ten feet of snow 300 days of the year.  Staying the night here would absolutely be one of those “once in a lifetime” events.


    Sydney Harbour Bridge
    Sydney Harbour Bridge

    Walk Sydney Harbor Bridge.  I can’t tell you just how afraid of heights I am.  I get such vertigo, it’s brutal.  I look up at tall buildings and want to fall over.  I have trouble putting Christmas lights on my house.  Hell…I have a hard time changing a light bulb.  But I’ve been trying my best to overcome my fear of heights by tackling heights head-on.  Just last November I went to the top of the CN Tower.  It scared the ever-loving sh*t right out of me (who in the blue hell thought it was a good idea to put GLASS FLOORS in the elevator???), but I think it was a good thing to do.  This bridge?  This would definitely be a great way for me to overcome my fears.

  • Bungee jump. This is basically an extension of the previous wish.  It would scare me to tears, but I feel it’s something I need to do.
  • Sing in a cover band in front of a live audience. I’ve long dreamed of being a singer.  I’m absolutely FAR from American Idol potential, but I can carry a tune.  I’ve done more karaoke that I probably should have ever considered.  But the problem is that the vast majority of karaoke machines…even in bars and pubs…are crap.  They normally sound terrible…just plugged into an amp and then off you go to the races.  I’d absolutely love to be able to get in front of a rock band, pick up an acoustic guitar, and just sing my way through songs that I’d love to sing with a full-on sound system backing me up.  Time Capsule, Fire Escape, Someone Who’s Cool, No One Is To Blame, All Uncovered…songs that mean something to me that I know are within my voice range.  It would be scary, but it would also be thrilling.  Even without the guitar…to lead a band, even if for just one night, would be a dream come true.
  • hawaii_swim_with_dolphins_2Swim with dolphins. There is just something beautiful and free about the idea of getting into the ocean and swimming with dolphins.  It’s something one would never, ever forget.
  • Attend at least one major sporting event. I’ve seen a NASCAR race in person.  I’ve seen a major league baseball game in person.  That’s about it at this point.  But I don’t want to just see another major league sporting event…I want to see one of THE major sporting events: SuperBowl, Daytona 500, the Olympics, World Series, Stanley Cup, hell…even WrestleMania would count (heh).
  • Grand Canyon Skywalk
    Grand Canyon Skywalk

    Walk the Grand Canyon Skywalk. Again, this is to overcome my fear of heights.  But I’m also thinking, why just go visit the Grand Canyon?  No doubt that in and of itself would be simply incredible and worthy of inclusion on this list.  I mean, it’s one of the original seven wonders.  But in 2007 the Skywalk was opened to the public and I can only imagine just how incredible it would be to walk around it…even if it meant walking very quickly.

  • Drive across Canada. I love this great country of mine.  I love to drive.  Combine the two together and you have a dream of mine since I first got my license.  From coast to coast…from Halifax to Vancouver.  That would bring me tremendous joy and would be a journey into myself, as well.
  • Go to the top of the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. I’ve always wanted to go to New York City and revel in the tourist attractions.  These two, in particular, have very big appeal to me.  I can’t give a specific reason why…they just do.
Statue of Liberty/Empire State Building
Statue of Liberty/Empire State Building

17 thoughts on “My Bucket List (part two)

  1. I’ve driven across Canada, but never in one trip. I took a trip from Toronto to Vancouver and then one from Toronto to Halifax. It would be cool to take a few months to go from one coast to the other.

    Dolphins and singing, those are on my list too 🙂

  2. Ice Hotel… brrr… nipply. Sounds like fun. 😉

    I wanted to do the Sydney bridge when we were there but the ex is terrified of heights so… we skipped it. Grrr! But instead we explored other areas outside of Sydney and had the best cheese I’ve ever had in my entire life. Kind Island Cheddar. I’m just sayin’..

    And yes, done the band thing. I’d love to do it again. Why don’t you move to Texas and we can start a cover band? We’d rock everybody’s socks!

    Swam with the dolphins. LOVED it. Dolphins are like ocean dogs. They love affection. One of the larger male dolphins fell in love with me and kept rubbing up against my front side with his front side. Then he continued to follow me after I got out of the water. Everywhere I walked, he swam next to me. Aw.

    Can I vote for the Olympics?!?! Would LOVE that.

    All of these sound good! There’s no need for me to create a bucket list because you’ve pretty much got it covered for me!

  3. There are some cool things on this list.

    I can recommend Bungee jumping, but I won’t be joining you! As T says swimming with Dolphins is really good, even if the experience is weirder than I imagined it to be.

    Good look with your list.

    1. The whole thing with bungee jumping is that it’s a complete “giving yourself” situation. If anything could help me with my fear of heights, it would be standing on a bridge over-looking a huge canyon…and just throwing my arms up in the air and letting myself go.

      Scary as hell…but probably worth it in the end.

  4. The ice hotel sounds awesome!!!!!

    I’ve done Statue of Liberty – it was worth it to get tickets ahead of time to get a tour inside the statue. Empire State Building is pretty cool, too. The view is amazing.

    Hope you do all these things!

  5. Hi, I’m Hayden and I’m thirteen from Australia. I love that your trying to overcome your fear of heights and I’m honoured that you want to come to my beautiful country to do it. thats really cool but when people come to Australia they love it so much they don’t leave. The people, the food, the landmarks, the holidays whats not to love.

  6. Me and my husband very much enjoyed this article, we are sitting down right now to a cup of tea and talking with the laptop beside us. Just some questions: When did you get into blogging? How much is hosting per month? How much are you earning per month? How many visitors do you usually get? Have you heard any big success stories with people blogging? Appreciated, we’ll be checking back but you can e-mail us aswell.

    1. I started blogging about three years ago. It was really just a way to get over some tough times in my life.

      Hosting doesn’t cost anything. I use WordPress and others use Blogger (I’m sure there are others, as well). It’s free to sign-up and free to blog.

      I’m not earning anything because I’m not blogging for money. I haven’t heard of a LOT of “success stories” from blogging in a financial way, but there are a ton of people who would consider their blogs successful.

      Thanks for the questions.

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