Twitter Tales: 03-18-09

It looks like this is going to become a weekly deal, where I take some of my favorite Tweets and throw ’em into a big jumble and let you click and read.

Y’see, I’m still not 100% sold on all of Twitter’s positives.  But the biggest positive I find is clicking on links and reading and/or seeing things I’d otherwise never get a chance to read and/or see.

So once again, it’s time to check out my Twitter Tales:

  • The future of law enforcement communication?

    Police departments are beginning to keep the public informed via Twitter.  This was Tweeted by Jennifer Lauren.  Basically, police and fire departments are beginning to use social media such as Twitter and Facebook to keep the public informed of items such as distributing press releases, Amber alerts, road closings and suspect descriptions.  In the modern era, this seems like an incredibly smart and efficient use of the medium to me.  Will something else come up this year or next that “takes over” Twitter and Facebook?  Possibly…but at least some people are willing to put them to good use at the right time.

  • Ever want to visit Bora Bora?
    Ever want to visit Bora Bora?

    One of the Twitterers that I follow is Debasis Pradhan.  I have no idea who he is.  He followed me one day so I followed him back.  He actually posts some interesting items from time to time (although it appears as though his account has been suspended…hmmm…a bot, perhaps?).  Anyway, one of the things he enjoys is photography.  I, too, am quickly becoming a fan and hope to turn that interest into a hobby as I get older more mature.  So anyway, he posted a link to this site…which has some absolutely breathtaking photographs of Bora Bora.  I’ve never been there…nor have I even considered it…but if ever there was an opportunity I’d jump on it based on these photos.  Simply beautiful.

  • ajimmy2
    Jimmy Fallon

    I must admit, I’m a fan of Jimmy Fallon.  I enjoy his new talk show (at least the couple of times I’ve seen it), and I follow him on Twitter (it’s lame to follow celebrities…I know…sue me).  Anyway, I just thought it was cool that he was so excited about his new talk show that he took a quick pic of the audience from his cellphone and popped it onto TwitPic.  He’s another celebrity attempting to use the medium in a way that connects him to his fans and (hopefully) generate new ones.

  • shm_logo_bedroomDr. Leah over at SingleMommyHood posed an excellent question last week: “When is it okay to have sex in your own house?”  There seems to be a double-standard lately in the media when it comes to single fathers and single mothers.  Single fathers are to be looked up to and praised, while single mothers are to be blamed for the position “they put themselves into”.  To me, you never know when “the urge” will strike to have sex when you’re with somebody.  Who can be 100% sure at any particular moment if having the kids asleep in the next room is a deterrent or not?  It’s just so easy to sit back and judge, but until that exact moment happens to you…it’s just something you can’t predict.  I thought this article raised some excellent points and it was a Tweet by SingleMomSeeking that steered me to it.
  • 000poster
    Disappointment or flat-out bomb?

    Is Watchmen a box office bomb?  I’ll admit…I have no idea what this movie is about.  All I know is that it’s a 3-hour comic book come to life that is rated R for graphic sex and graphic violence and is a pretty good movie.  I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t really scream out “See me in theatres!!” to me.  Screenrant was posing the same question and posted a link that explained how poorly the movie played globally…much worse than anticipated.  I’ll be honest…I have no desire to sit in a theatre for 3 hours and watch some glowing blue guy’s junk flopping around on a massively big screen.  I’m sure the fan boys think it’s awesome and all, but I think I’ll wait for it to come out on video.

  • calacanis-twitter-offer-2You want to know how big Twitter is becoming?  Ashton Kutcher posted a link to an article the explained people are willing to pay BIG bucks to be featured on Twitter.  You know how Twitter features certain people to follow when you first sign-up?  Well, Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis thinks that could be tremendous in terms of new revenue and has offered to pay $250,000 for two years as a “featured” followee.  He believes that in five years that spot could be as valuable as a SuperBowl ad.  Just think about the power of this medium for a second.  Wow.
  • T

    As you may know, I love live music.  A live performance done well can soothe any savage beast.  So I was really happy to see T from The Quest for T post a performance from an unknown artist that she recently saw in concert.  It was really quite good.  I enjoyed this so much, in fact, that I thought I’d share it here, too:

  • after-american-idol-its-time-for-vietnam-idol_141Finally, a guilty pleasure of mine.  This guy can annoy just about everybody, but I still have to admit that I don’t hate the guy so I now follow his Tweets.  Ryan Seacrest (ack…I know) recently gave Oprah a backstage look at American Idol…yet another one of my guilty pleasures.  Since I don’t watch Oprah at all, I hadn’t seen this video.  I thought it was interesting.  Ryan’s dressing room isn’t that swanky…Simon’s got his own trailer to hang out in…and Ryan even knows the results before the show goes on the air.  Very interesting.

So that’s all I got this week.  Got any links that you want to share?  TWEET ME!!


9 thoughts on “Twitter Tales: 03-18-09

  1. Regarding single parent sex while kids are sleeping in the next room – there’s a difference between judging someone’s character (bad thing), and showing good judgment in the choices you make (good thing). Everyone makes mistakes. But we only learn, grow, and evolve when we are conscious and aware of our actions and motivations, and reflect back and acknowledge when some choices maybe weren’t so wise. I don’t think it has anything to do with single dads vs. single moms.

    I think Twitter is interesting. I don’t post or follow all that often, but I enjoy your midweek twitter recaps a lot.

    1. I agree to a point, Dads. It shouldn’t be about moms vs. dads…but my opinion is that lately is has been.

      I’ve been reading a lot of comments on different blogs about this subject, and maybe my view is based on the fact that there aren’t enough dad blogs out there to compare.

  2. I know! Don’t you love Lisa Hannigan?!? Her voice is so much better on the cd or live. SO smooth and she never hits a bad note. I’ve seen all sort of live acts and a bad note is to be expected. But she’s pretty flawless on stage.

    And I like Ryan Seacrest myself…. so, yeah.

    On the sleeping children/sex in the house thing? Been there, done that. And I think it truly depends on the person and the situation.

    Just my .02.


    1. Well then…I’ll be picking up her cd tomorrow on your recommendation.

      And yeah…I’m certainly not one to throw stones in the “sex while kids are in the house” thing. Been there myself, done that too. As you said, it just depends…you really don’t know what will happen until it happens.

  3. I’m enjoying this weekly featur eof yours, so keep it up!

    Hey, I like Ryan Seacrest, he grew on me and now I think he’s kind of cute 😉

    Love the video, thanks for sharing. I haven’t been to a good live performance in ages. Speaking of which, are you familiar with Lowest of the Low and Ron Hawkins?

    The sex thing…I’m not there yet. I can’t imagine I’ll be able to do that in my house for a long time. But I think the double-standard is there. And it’s total bs.

    So that’s that.

    1. Hey NSM.

      I’m definitely familiar with Lowest of the Low. They got a lot of airplay when I DJ’d on my university radio station. The song I remember most is “Eternal Fatalist”…but I don’t think I’ve listened to them in a very long time. Not familiar with Ron Hawkins at all, though.

  4. It was amusing to read about my Twitter posts here on your blog. I am glad that you like(ed) my Twitter updates, especially those photography related ones. YES, I love photography and NO, I am not a bot! I am a 100% human being with blood, flesh and what not. However, Twitter seemed to have problem with lots of people following me so rapidly and thought I was a bot! LOL. I have filed a request to them to reinstate my account. Looks like they are reviewing my case to be convinced that I am indeed a human . I have no idea if they would give me my account back ever. But I enjoyed my friends there and it was good fun. At any rate, I am NOT going to create another a/c on Twitter (call me egoistic). So whether you would again read my updates on Twitter or not, is not clear at the moment.

    Thanks anyways for liking my updates. Just left this comment to let you (and others) know that I am NOT a bot! Thanks for making me laugh. Happy Twittering…

      1. Isn’t it funny how life sometimes forces us to show we are alive (NOT a bot)!

        And yeah, I am also hoping for the same (that they reinstate my account soon). Thanks for your support.

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