Twitter Tales: 03-12-09

Last month, I discussed my time being introduced to Twitter and how I really wasn’t sure what the purpose of it was. Well…it’s almost a month later and I’m still not 100% convinced of it being anything more than another social medium like blogging or Facebook. I use it and all (in fact, the link is on the right hand side…cheap plug…heh), but I’m just confused by it sometimes.

For example, I’m still puzzled on the want and need to have thousands of followers.  For what purpose?  For business?  I don’t know about you Twitter users, but if I see a Tweet about buying or selling or gaining more followers or how to make thousands by doing nothing, I just unfollow the person.  Period.

Me?  I’m one to follow people who just talk about life or things or post links.  Ahhh…and now we get to the point of this post.  See, I love clicking links that other people post because 9/10 times it directs me to something I’ve never experienced before or wouldn’t have known about otherwise.  

I like that.

So much like I did last month, I’m going to take some time to pass along some of the more interesting blog tidbits and links that I’ve come across over the past few weeks thanks to Twitter…

  • Final Destination for real?  Apparently DJ AM, who was involved in that horrific airplane crash with Travis Barker last year where they were the only two to survive, is becoming a living example of that movie.  The story right now is that he was scheduled to get on a flight from New Jersey to Buffalo last month.  Yes…that flight.  He apparently had a “bad feeling” about the flight and decided to drive instead.  How goddamn freaky is that??  
  • Ms. Single Momma
    Ms. Single Momma

    Alaina, aka Ms. Single Mama, is on Day 23 of her journey to becoming smoke-free.  Because I used to be a pretty damn heavy smoker myself and am now five years smoke-free, I can totally empathize with what she’s going through.  I also went “cold turkey”.  I ended up winning my battle because my fiance at the time (i.e. the Ex) told me that she wouldn’t marry me if I was a smoker…so that was my incentive to quit.  Alaina wants to do it for her son…and I think that’ll be incentive enough for her to be successful.  Keep it up, you’re doing GREAT so far!!

  • Ummm…if you’re planning on going to a nudist colony, especially if you’re attending a swingers sex party at the nudist colony, then you probably shouldn’t show up wearing clothes.  And really, what’s worse?  A swingers sex party at a nudist colony or watching naked people involved in a “mini riot”?  Yeesh.
  • New Single Mama has been having a heck of a time with her ex and his reactions to her changing her relationship status on Facebook.  It’s certainly not a unique situation to her alone as it was even discussed by  Dr. Leah on her site last week.  I’ve had “issues” with my Facebook status, but nothing too major (yet).  It really does tell quite the story on where society is moving and how the internet is changing social norms and behaviors.
  • Santino the cold & calculating chimp.
    Santino the cold & calculating chimp.

    Get this…there is a male chimpanzee in Sweden who has been actually planning stone attacks on visitors to the local zoo.  Basically, he was anticipating a future mental state…which has always been something that was very difficult to prove in chimpanzees.  I dunno…I just found the story of Santino the chimp to be fascinating. 

  • This, I swear to god, is one of the funniest clips I’ve seen in months. I’m pretty sure it was brought to my attention by Demi Moore’s Twitter account…but I can’t remember.  Regardless of who, this just TOTALLY made my f*cking day, goddammit (lol…you’ll understand more once you view this very not-suitable-for-work clip).
  • Ahhh Jennifer…the only thing more entertaining than a drunk hot chick singing Disney songs on YouTube is two drunk hot chicks singing Disney songs on YouTube:

(Jennifer’s actually not that bad of a singer…)

  • 109750I’m a massive Star Wars fan.  Massive.  So much, in fact, that I had to record my son watching Star Wars with me for the first time just so I could say I had it to watch again and again.  The big news that I found on Twitter was that George Lucas was actually beginning to cast a 100-episode live-action television series set in the time period between Episode III and Episode IV.  This excites the heck out of me…primarily because I’m a big dork.  But also because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Clone Wars animated series, which has been more entertaining than Episode I and possibly Episode II.  So yeah…this is all great news to a geek like me.
  • Suck it.  That’s all you need to know from Too Jiggy. LOVE this guy.
  • On the left-hand side, below the purse in between the legs of the two possibly the face of a small child.  Or is it??
    On the left-hand side, below the purse in between the legs of the two possibly the face of a small child. Or is it??

    There is an AWESOME new WordPress blog for those who are open minded.  It’s called Science of Ghosts and basically just has pictures sent in from readers and leaves it up to the viewers to vote on whether or not it’s a real ghost or not.  Some of these are obviously fakes, and the blog invites everybody to give their theories…scientific or otherwise…on whether or not these photos are legit.  Really, this is going to be a new favorite blog for me.

All this plus I found out that former NFL player and B-movie star Brian Bosworth got arrested for drug possession and couldn’t post his $5,000 bond, that Chris Brown and Rihanna are not only back together but are recording a song together for his new album (dear lord), and that Obama is going to lift stem cell restrictions.

So yeah…Twitter definitely has its moments.  Did I miss anything exciting?


7 thoughts on “Twitter Tales: 03-12-09

  1. You are a twitter junkie – I’m impressed with all you’ve found out! One person I follow on Twitter is Lance Armstrong. Almost every day he’ll tweet that he “just did a 5 hour ride” before he heads off for meetings at his foundation. It’s a little repetitious, but it gets me off my butt and onto my bike for my little old 90 minute spin around the valley!

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