Confessions from a Cubicle

ist2_1224904-cubicle-manDepending on the day, I can be extremely busy at work or just fairly busy.  Sometimes on a break or during lunch I’ll read about something that sticks with me.  

What I like to do from time to time is to just jot something down and then finish these thoughts once I get home.  And for whatever reason, people seem to enjoy my random take on the world…

  • where-the-wild-things-are-posterI was never a huge fan of the “Where the Wild Things Are” book.  I was familiar with it, just not a huge fan.  But I gotta say…I’m absolutely stoked about the movie that’s coming out.  What?  You haven’t heard about the movie yet?  Well then…unless it’s been removed by YouTube (and you just never know when that’s going to happen), please enjoy being a child again:
  • Yeah…as if Madonna needs ANOTHER foreign baby.  WTH?  Now, I may be way off base here, but what’s the deal with her going to foreign countries to get children?  Unless I’m mistaken, there are a TON of great kids just begging to be adopted in Canada, the United States, and even the United Kingdom and throughout Europe.  What is her fascination with going to African counties to find a child?  I just don’t get it.  It’s starting to reek of being a publicity stunt at this point and not simply a loving mother looking for another child.  It’s too bad, too…because I’m sure she’s a very good mom.
  • Hey guys…why should you not cheat EVER?  Ummm…I gotta say…ummm…OUCH??  
  • The 1/2-ton Bang & Olufsen 103" plasma
    The 1/2-ton Bang & Olufsen 103" plasma

    Just a couple of weeks ago I gave you a two-part Bucket List.  Well, add this to my Christmas wish list: a 103-inch plasma television.  I mean, who cares if it wouldn’t even fit inside of my home?  I’d tear down a wall and sleep outside if I had to.  Of course, the $137,000 price tag might be a slight issue.  But still…it’s on my list.  When it comes to Santa, it doesn’t hurt to at least ask, right?

  • I don’t care how it happened, the fact that this poor woman died in her home and then WASN’T FOUND FOR SEVEN YEARS is an absolute tragedy.  I actually had to read through that story twice during my break last week…I was just blown away.  How incredibly sad.
  • I never watched Dallas much “back in the day”…but being a Star Wars fan this video brings me incredible joy:
  • american-idolI can’t help myself…I’m a fan of American Idol.  Is it wrong that I would rather watch two hours of AI than even 10 minutes of the Juno Awards (Canada’s version of the Grammies)?  I’ve got my favorites (Danny…natch!) and my “I can’t believe they’re still there” picks (Megan? Matt?  Really?).  I’m such a fan, in fact, that I’ve thought about doing an AI review blog…but there are just so many “reviews” out there that I don’t really see the point.  No need to jump on the bandwagon unnecessarily.
  • Ford says “No thanks” to bailout money.  I don’t know how they’re surviving, but you gotta give props to them…especially when you look at the mess that is currently GM and Chrysler.  Well, they’ve certainly got a major fan in Ms. Single Mama…who is now one of 100 “special agents” who will be driving a new Ford Fiesta and completing “missions” for the next six months.  It really sounds like a fun thing to do.  I’m envious.
  • Oh..and in case you were wondering…there are no vampires at this school.  You can now rest easy.
  • Finally…a live performance for those who love live performances:

So I went out on this date…

514486_fpxtif…with The Flirt on Saturday night.  And apparently, a number of you didn’t like me keeping the details to myself.  

I’m glad that you care.  🙂

(Or should I be annoyed by your nosiness? Meh…either way.)

There was a reason why I didn’t want to blog about her right away.  There was a reason why I didn’t want to blog about the date right away.  

Okay, here’s the situation and here’s why I needed to think about things before blogging about them.

But first…


Clapping along with Diego
Clapping along with Diego

I had The Ankle Biter during the day on Saturday.  We had gone to visit my parents and spent a good chunk of the day there.  At one point, he and my mom sat on the couch and watched Go Diego, Go together.  They were both smiling and even began to clap along together at one of the songs.  I don’t know if my smile could have been any bigger.

So I took him back to his mom and got ready for my date.  

Let me preface this by saying that I wasn’t expecting this date to be anything big…nothing fancy…nothing spectacular.   This was going to be me taking my time, tip-toeing my way back into the dating scene again.

I called her at 5:30pm and told her that I was on my way over.

“No you’re not.”

“Yeah…I am, actually.”

“No…you said that you were dropping off The Ankle Biter between 5 and 5:30.”

“Right…and it’s 5:30…”


She had totally lost track of time but told me to come over anyway because she’d be ready in 30 minutes.  I took my time…stopped at the bank…put some gas in the car…and made my way over to her house.

Needless to say, she wasn’t ready.

But you know what?  She was already confident enough in herself to answer the door with COMPLETELY messed-up hair and wearing baggy pajamas (she had just gotten out of the shower).  She actually took the time to give me a tour of her house before deciding to get ready.  

The restaurant
The restaurant

We made it to our reservation just five minutes late…no biggie.  The restaurant was a family-oriented restaurant, but it wasn’t McDonald’s.  It wasn’t overly expensive, but the entrees ran about $17-$25 each so it wasn’t a “value menu” place, either.  While extremely busy (EVERYWHERE is busy on a Saturday night), it wasn’t really very loud.  That meant we were able to just sit back and talk and not have to yell across the table in order to have a conversation.

And that’s what we did.  From our arrival at 7:05pm thru til 9:15pm…we just sat at our little 2-seater table and talked.  We ate (it was a “meh” meal) and each had a beer.  Once we finished, we still found ourselves talking 30 minutes after paying for the bill.

We then went back to her place for a nightcap.  And before all of your minds go crazy wondering if Canadian Bald Guy got some, just know that I’m not going to divulge that information.  Honestly…who wants to hear me brag about a sexual event IF it even happened?

So what happened?  We talked.  A lot.  She made me a chocolate martini and I quickly remembered why it is I only drink beer (lol).  We talked.  We drank.  We kissed.

I’m not going to say whether or not anything else happened.  I just don’t see the need one way or the other.  What I will say is that I joined her for brunch on Sunday (whether or not I left and came back or just stayed there is entirely up to you and your imaginations).  She cooked for me…French toast, hash browns, scrambled eggs, bacon…the works.  I was extremely impressed.

After lunch I went back home and began to prepare for The Ankle Biter’s 3-day stay with me during the week.  The remainder of Sunday was a relaxing, beautiful spring day.

Okay, so you may be wondering…after all of this…why I was hesitant to initially write about her and Saturday night.


We got along really well.  REALLY well.  But I couldn’t help but compare her.  I just couldn’t help it.  I was comparing our connection to the connection I previously had with K.

That’s not fair, either.  It’s not fair to me…it’s certainly not fair to her.

The connection that K and I had was unique.  It was something, quite frankly, I don’t expect to find again.  And I’ve been trying to reconcile that with the connection I have with The Flirt.

The Flirt and I get along.  REALLY well.  She’s attractive…smart…slightly agressive…financially & mentally stable.  She makes me laugh and she makes me horny; a VERY good combination.  But I know that the connection isn’t as strong with her as it was with K.  And that bothered me yesterday…which is why I didn’t want to write about it.

And that’s not to say that the connection we have isn’t a good one.  I talked with The Flirt earlier tonight and we laughed a bit more on the phone.  We’re definitely going to see each other again, it’s just a matter of working the timing around our weekends when we don’t have our kids.  

confusedI don’t really know how to put this into the words that I want to express.  On one hand it’s a little sad to know that the connection isn’t immediately as good as it was with K in the beginning.  On the other hand, this is “in person” and isn’t something taking place over the internet…so maybe it’s more real, as is the connection.

Maybe I just have to give the whole thing time.  Maybe I need to not have such high expectations.  Maybe I just need to realize that every relationship is unique and different and if there’s a connection, then that needs to be explored to see if it’s really a good one or not.

And that’s what I plan to do.

Random Sunday Ramblings…




Oh yes I did...
Oh yes I did...



I forgot to make my bed this morning.


That’s how anal-retentive I am.  While I may not technically “make” the bed every day, I at least pull the blankets up to the pillows each and every morning so the bed doesn’t look like a total disaster.

This morning? Not so much. In fact…I’ve got clothes strewn all over the bed.  I feel like I’ve let myself down.  I’m such a dork, it’s crazy.

I actually feel guilty about this.  How nerdy am I? Jeesh…


I woke up in need of a “pick-me-up” song.  I hit random on my iTunes and this song was the first one to play:

I can’t tell you how awesome it was to crank this up and get my day started.

Giddy up!


The Rugrat: 03-28-09
The Rugrat: 03-28-09

I’ve been trying to get myself mentally prepared for The Ankle Biter’s stay with me this week.  The Ex is heading off to Toronto from Monday to Thursday and asked if I’d look after him during the week.  Of course, I agreed. Any time I get to spend with him is awesome.


But for somebody who doesn’t normally have a 2-year-old stay with him during the week, I feel the need to prep and get ready.  I’ll be having some really early mornings because I need to get ready before he wakes up.  Then I have to make breakfast so it’s ready when he wakes up.  Then I need to be out the door and on the road by 7:50am so I can drop him off at the babysitter’s.

Again…to most parents, this is easy.  To me, it’s do-able as long as I prepare because I’m just not used to it.


It’s supposed to frickin’ snow tomorrow.  Not just a little, but a lot.  

It was a beautiful weekend.  Total spring weather. 10 degrees celcius (50 degrees fahrenheit).

And I’ve got to wake up to this:

It's going out like a lion, apparently.
March is gonna go out like a lion, apparently.



3-29-2009-9-06-37-pmAs I was preparing breakfast for Ben yesterday morning, we were enjoying one of our favorite movies Barnyard (I think I might like the movie more than he does, actually).  So there’s a part in the movie where the barn animals are trying to convince the main character to party when he doesn’t really want to.  In doing so, they play some music and release a crazy critter from inside of a box so he can dance and get the party started.

You really have to see it to understand.

Anyway, a song called “Wild and free” from the Rednex came on (you might remember the band from this) and Ben just LOVES this song.  He looked at me and I felt like he wanted me to dance with him.  So I did.

Big mistake.

I enjoy the song, don’t get me wrong.  But it’s not the slowest jam in the world.  Here’s the actual band video so you can hear it for yourself (pay particular attention to the speed of the song near the end):

So yeah…consider that a lesson learned.  Never start something with your child that you’re not completely willing to finish.  

Or in other words:  I got my workout in today.


3-29-2009-8-57-02-pmI couldn’t believe my ears on Friday at work.  Somehow a conversation had moved from movies in general to one specific movie: The Princess Bride.

Now, I’m a HUGE fan of this movie.  I’ve loved it for years.  To me, it’s a classic.  I mean, I’m watching it tonight after The Amazing Race just because I love it so much.

To me, it’s required viewing.  For everybody.

TWO PEOPLE…out of probably 20+ that I asked…had ever seen this movie.  The vast majority didn’t even know what it was.


My faith in humanity wavers.  I mean, c’mon people…

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.


Seriously…how can you NOT love this movie???


So that’s my weekend in a nutshell.





Oh…and I went on a date last night with The Flirt.  


Nope...I ain't sayin' nothin'.
Nope...I ain't sayin' nothin' else. For now.

Fun Music Fridays!

I don’t know about you, but when I get off work on a Friday I just can’t wait to jump in the car and crank up some music.

Whether I’m off to pick up The Ankle-Biter (as was the case today) or if I’ve got the weekend to myself, music can totally set me free, make me forget the day I just had, and get me ready for whatever lay ahead.

This week I’ve got two choices for “Fun-Music Fridays”.

First, this is what I was cranking up on the way in to work this morning…

And on the way to go pick up The Ankle-Biter after work I just couldn’t help but bop my head to this tune (I LOVE this guy!):

If you catch spring fever, do you need a shot?

I didn’t think I was going to write this.  Not yet, anyway.  But then along came a little blog contest at Dad’s House, and then my mind changed.  

This is Dad's.  "Big ups" for pancakes, apparently.
This is Dad's. "Big ups" for pancakes, apparently.

Y’see, Dad’s wants people to write about the joys of spring since he’s caught a major case of “spring fever”.  And I have to admit, I’ve caught a little bit of it myself. 

I really had a major case this past weekend…birds chirping, sun shining, snow melting, thoughts of T in a school-girl outfit, and great music playing.  And I have to tell you…that fever ended up carrying over to the other night.   And because of Dad’s contest, I’ve decided to talk about the possible “spring romance” that I find myself in.


It wasn’t supposed to happen.  

Remember a few weeks ago I casually mentioned at the end of a post that somebody had recently flirted with me via email?  Probably not.  That’s okay, I won’t hold it against you.  It was a little weird because this was very soon after my break-up with K.

I had decided at the time that I needed to give myself some space.  I needed to spend time with my daughter during her visit and pour all of my attention into her.  And that’s exactly what I did.

im-a-flirtHowever…I still kept in touch with “the flirt”.  Just casually, but I kept in touch.

See, I knew this woman from work.  She was on a temporary contract and we had flirted a bit back and forth during her work term (she sat directly across from me).  I hadn’t considered her interested enough in me to make a move…and to be perfectly honest, I wasn’t sure if I was ready at the time to even attempt to make a move.

So I met K and then started a relationship with her.  If nothing else, I really gained a lot of self-confidence from our time together.  I was more ME…more myself…than I had ever been with anybody before and yet she still cared for me.  It was a very good feeling to know that somebody actually wanted to be with me for me.  I’ll always think fondly of our time together. 

So anyway, fast forward a few weeks and my daughter’s visit had come to an end.  Once she flew back home last week, I felt that I was ready to give a little bit more of my time to the situation…just to see how things would go.

Turns out, she ended up calling me first.

Yes…she had apparently already caught a case of “spring fever” before I did.  We talked a few times over the weekend and on Monday decided to get together for coffee.  Nothing serious, just a casual get-together to talk and hang out a bit.

So the other night I received a call around 8:30pm…

“Y’know…I don’t really like coffee and I don’t feel like sitting in some coffee shop.  I think I should just pick up a tea or something and come over there.  What’s your address?”


springcleaningrf2So I gave her my address and went nuts trying to clean up as much as I could in order to make my home presentable.  I mean, what the f*ck??  I hadn’t cleaned much since my daughter had left (hey…I’m a bachelor, sue me) and the place was pretty much a disaster area.  I guess spring cleaning hadn’t hit me yet (hey Dad’s…see what I did there?  Heh) and I went on a tangent…going crazy in an attempt to clean up as much of the house as I wanted her to actually see.  Then it hit me…

…what in the blue hell are we going to do??

Does she have “something else” on her mind?  Did she just want to come over to chat?  What if I didn’t know what to say?  What if we didn’t connect like we did when we worked together…how awkward would that be??  What if things went well and I wanted to make a move…would it be cheesy to make a move on my couch?  Since we were in my living room, would she think I expected more than that?  Would spring fever take over and then…………AHHH~~!!!

I over-think sh*t way too much.

I then started remembering Ms. Single Mama’s guide to having a “living room date”.  And you know what?  A lot of my concerns and nervousness started to go away.  They came back briefly when she arrived at my front door, but after we said our “hello’s” and we sat on the couch together…things just seemed to go smoothly.

We sat…we talked…

…and talked…

…and talked.

She came over around 9:30pm and didn’t leave until 12:20am.  And you know what?  It was very cool…very casual…very comfortable.  We just talked.

As she gathered her things to go, we gave each other a hug.  

Then spring fever took over.

laing-the-kissThe kiss.

It wasn’t super-duper-passionate where it led to us rolling around on the floor tearing our clothes off.  No…it was just a nice, 10-second kiss.  Soft…sweet…with just a hint of tongue.


We agreed to get together again for a “real date” this weekend and she started to walk out the front door.  As I wished her a good night, she said something over her shoulder that would make me smile for the rest of the night:

“You should have kissed me on the couch.”

Heh.  She certainly knows how to leave ’em wanting more.  Looks like spring fever is definitely in full-swing at the Bald Guy residence.

Twitter Tales: 03-26-09

I’m still not 100% sold on all of Twitter’s positives and benefits.  I hear the arguments, but I still don’t see the massive appeal.

Having said that, I still find myself addicted to Twitter.  Heh.

But for me, the thing that keeps me coming back over and over isn’t the possibility that I could end up with 18,000+ followers and then sell that list to others for money (or whatever the heck it is that they do).  No, the thing that brings me back multiple times every single day is clicking on links and reading and/or seeing things I’d otherwise never get a chance to read and/or see.

So once again, it’s time to check out my weekly Twitter Tales:

  • The Boy
    "The Boy"

    You want incredible?  THIS IS INCREDIBLE.  I clicked on the link this morning and couldn’t believe what I saw.  MommyPie‘s boyfriend…The Boy…had set-up an internet marriage proposal.  VIA BLOG!  And what’s really cool about the whole thing was that the proposal was posted online a couple of days before MommyPie even saw it.  The blog had asked for readers to keep things a secret, and sure enough everybody did.  Read the comments…you can feel the build as the moment approaches.  It was just a REALLY cool thing to read.  Congratulations, MommyPie…you’ve just participated in one heck of a cool proposal.

  • iPhone

    I don’t have an iPhone yet.  I don’t even know if I want one.  But the applications that are coming out for it are pretty wild.  Ms. Single Mama posted a link to a new app that lets you hook-up with somebody in your own location.  It uses Facebook’s “Are You Interested?” app and makes it mobile…hence allowing you to find somebody you wanna meet in the same city.  Here’s the link.

  • I had only seen photos of that underwater volcano in Tonga that erupted last week.  Thanks to a tweet from Ryan Seacrest, though, I got to see some incredible footage of that volcano’s eruption.  What I enjoyed the most was how you can hear people in the boat asking the captain to turn the boat around.  Just incredible footage…
  • T

    My friendly internet crush, T (swoon!), had a pretty rough weekend.  For those not paying attention, she and Soldier had a falling out of sorts.  You can tell that it’s been a painful experience for her because she does still care about him a great deal.  It’s a shame because T is a great woman and I think all of her readers were at least hoping for an amicable resolution to a complicated situation.  On top of that, her grandmother hasn’t been doing very well.  I’m hoping her upcoming weeks give her more happiness…she’s earned some joy.

  • TJ tells the world on a daily basis who or what can “suck it”.  Trust’s a daily addiction.  On this particular occassion, he was telling all the “haters” out there what they could do.  I’m with him 100%.  What is the point of getting up in the day if you’re going to spend so much energy thinking about how to hate on somebody or something that has absolutely NOTHING to do with you?  Of course…I won’t even begin to touch on the irony coming from a guy who tells the world to “suck it” every day.  Heh.
  • Debasis Pradham is back on Twitter (they realized he wasn’t a bot, afterall) and one of his first posts was an incredible photo.  Really…a thumbnail won’t do it justice (click on it to see it full screen…you won’t be disappointed):
On top of the world...
On top of the world...
  • As I’ve mentioned before in the blog, I’m becoming more and more of a fan of photography.  XShot posted a link that provided tips on how to show randomness in your photographs.  Great ideas, I think.
  • mommy2jl

    Single Mom In The City has been having a conundrum recently.  She has the opportunity to have a pretty great job, but she’d have to move away from her boyfriend.  He has told her that he’s move with her, but he’d rather they both stay in Ottawa.  She’s even more conflicted now because she doesn’t want to see him make a choice that he doesn’t want to make, so she’s conflicted on going with a man or a career.  Yikes…that’s a tough choice to make.

  • Readers know I love a great live musical performance.  Every once in awhile, a tweet will come along with a YouTube link that has one.  Thanks to JunctionMama, I’ve got one to forward along to you…
  • The Maruti 800
    The Maruti 800

    Thanks to Alex Bunardzic, I recently found a link to what is now known as the cheapest car in the world.  It seems that Indian car company Tata Motors is selling a car for about $2,000 each.  Seriously.  What if that car was here…would spending that little be worth it on something that obviously isn’t as safe and/or reliable as other makes and models?  In this economic time, it would certainly be an intriguing choice to make.

  • Don't get too excited, ladies...
    Is it wrong to feel envious?

    Ummm…if you’re ever wanting to pull a prank on your parents (or even a friend or a neighbour or an in-law that you don’t like that much), I suppose you could do worse than painting a giant penis on the roof of their house.  SingleParentDad brought this story to my attention.  Seriously, though…If this is the worst ‘acting out’ that the kid will ever do, then the parents should just smile at their 15 seconds and get the cleaning supplies ready for him.

  • I spend too much time on Facebook.  Well, at least I used to.  The new Facebook layout and design has left me less than enthused.  I saw a big uproar by my friends over the changes, and thanks to ScreenRant I know that even Facebook employees hate the redesign.  Huh.
  • Oh…did I happen to mention that Ms. Single Mama is trying to win a Ford Fiesta?
  • Janine Lindemulder
    Janine Lindemulder

    I don’t know why this made me a little sad, but it does.  Adult film star Janine Lindemulder recently went to jail for six months due to failing to pay back taxes.  This makes me sad for a couple of reasons.  First, she has been my “porn star of choice” over the past 15+ years.  C’mon kids…I’m a guy, I watch porn when I’m not dating somebody (and sometimes when I am).   Janine has always been my favorite.  So I don’t want to see her go to jail for something that seems so bloody preventable.  She was married to current Apprentice celeb Jesse James (who is currently married to actress Sandra Bullock) and they have  child together.  So yeah…that makes her a single mom, which is another reason why this story saddens me.  She gets out in a couple of months…so hopefully her fears of losing custody of her child don’t come true.  But when prison is involved, it’s hard to convince a judge about what living arrangement is best for the child.

  • SingleMomSeeking has met somebody!  She’s nervous about jinxing it by writing about the situation in her blog, but she was also recently waxing poetic about how maybe the blog was the reason why she was still single.  Fingers crossed…good things will happen for her in this case.
  • Demi Moore in a bikini while ironing a shirt.
    Demi Moore in a bikini while ironing a shirt.

    I originally thought that Ashton Kutcher posting a little pic of his wife’s butt wouldn’t be that big of a deal.  Demi Moore was just in a bikini and was bending over to iron one of Ashton’s shirts.  Well…apparently it was a VERY big deal and has pretty much been pasted all over the internet (Why stop here?  Hence…it’s to the right).  On top of all that, Ashton wanted to give Demi a “Twitter surprise” and get all of his followers to send her “love messages” all at the same time.  My understanding is that the subsequent tweeting frenzy temporarily knocked Twitter offline.  The power of the medium, I guess.

  • And finally, in what has become an internet sensation, this is my video of the week.  I originally found out about the rapping airline attendant from Keri (thanks!!).  Wait…you’re unfamiliar with the rapping airline attendant??  You should probably click on this link first as it’s CNN’s report on the guy.  Once done, then enjoy the video below as it’s a copy of the original in its entirety.  Truly magnificent viral goodness.

It makes you think

article43319I was a little stunned at work today.  During a team meeting, a fellow co-worker explained to our team that she’ll be out for almost eight weeks recovering from colon cancer surgery.


This hit pretty close to home for me.  I’ve only mentioned it briefly at this blog since starting it here, but last year I went through a hellish time with cancer in my family. My mom has brain cancer and has been battling a brain tumor since November ’07. My cousin…at 35 and having never smoked…died last year after a tough battle with tongue cancer.

So needless to say, when I heard the news today I was floored and saddened.

cancerribbonsMichelle is a vibrant, jolly, 50-something with a heart of gold and a sense of humor from the gutter (which is why I like her so much…lol). She brings so much happiness to our team from her stories that I can’t imagine her not being with us for a week, much less eight.

She is very positive about the whole thing, and the chances for a full recovery are high for her.  It doesn’t make things any easier to handle, though.

It really makes you think about your own mortality, which is weird since I’ve spent the last two days talking about my Bucket List.

Life can be short.

Life should be precious.

We can all sometimes take life for granted.

For me, the past year has been a personal re-awakening. I’m a happier person and do my absolute best to enjoy the life that I have without concerning myself too much on the life I don’t have or would like to have instead (a constant factor in my years and years of previous unhappiness).

ist2_1979198-wave-helloSo make sure you say “hello” to your friends and/or co-workers tomorrow…don’t just nod and walk past.

Try driving through that horrible morning/evening traffic calmly (i.e. without single-finger salutes) and take the time to think about what’s good in your life and what makes you happy.

Make sure you tell you kids that you love them.

Tell your spouse just how important they are to your life.

Thank your parents for raising you as best they could.

Embrace yourself…know that you’re a good person.

You’re worthy of enjoying your life…you’re deserving of happiness…you’ve earned love in your life.

Take a deep breath in. Let it out slowly. Think of friends and family that you may have lost and remember happy thoughts and memories of them.  




Because at the end of the day when something like this happens to a friend or family member, it really makes you think….