A lifelong obsession realized…

This is going to be one of the more cheesy blogs I ever write…and so be it.

I love KISS.  Always have…always will.

And before you scoff (and I really wouldn’t blame you if you did), let me tell you the story behind my KISS fandom.

Back in the late 70’s, my parents would take me camping.  A lot.  They were country fans and, as such, I became attached to country music at an early age, as well.  The Oak Ridge Boys, Eddie Rabbitt, the Statler Brothers, George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson…all the classic old-timers.  That was pretty much the only thing on the radio in my house growing up.

Then one day, while camping, my dad was speaking to a family camping a couple of trailers down from us.  They became friends and he found that they had a teenage son.  I never did meet the guy, but apparently he felt I was missing out on something as a 6-year old (approx…it was 30 years ago so you gotta cut me some slack).  

So this teenaged stranger decided to make a cassette for me…recording music from his two favorite vinyl records. On one side was Meat Loaf’s Bat Out Of Hell.  I’ve always considered this one of the greatest rock albums of all time.  It’s not one of my favorites, but I can totally appreciate it for the rock opera it turned out to be.  I think I started to tire of it when I was a DJ back in the early 90’s because I pretty much had to play Paradise By The Dashboard Light every f*cking weekend.  And for as much as I love that song, it just got waaaaay over-played for me.  Regardless, the album never really had that much of an impact on me as a kid.

On the other side of this cassette, however, was a recording that would change my life.  Side 2 of this cassette had Double Platinum by KISS.  The songs on this cassette completely shattered my idea of what music should be.  I mean, who in the blue hell is Dolly Parton when you’ve got Rock’n’Roll All Night to listen to??  How could I even fathom enjoying Flowers on the Wall (I still like that song,  though…heh) when there was Firehouse blowing me away?

And that was it.  That love continued throughout my youth.  My first record was a KISS record.  My first cassette was a KISS cassette.  I loved them through their makeup years and I loved them through their extremely cheesy 80’s years.  I just loved the music.  It was always about the music.

You want to know just how much of a fan I am?  With BOTH of my children I never learned any lullabies.  Ever.  What I used to do (and this is NO word of lie) would be to sing a song like Rock’n’Roll All Night to sound like a lullaby.  I can sit here and roll my eyes and just how cheesy that sounds, but it’s true.  I would sing that song as a lullaby.  LOL…I’m such a dork.

But that’s not all to this story.

In university, I heard that KISS was going to play in Moncton, New Brunswick in October of 1990.  There were some huge KISS fans in my dorm and we all purchased tickets to the show.  We were stoked.  What was even better was that opening the show were Winger and Slaughter…two bands with a couple of big-time hits that fit in perfectly with the music we loved so much.  We couldn’t get enough in the weeks leading up to the show.  In fact, we had even watched the very little known KISS movie that very few people know about other than hardcore fans.  I mean, this was gonna be awesome!!

Well, while performing in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Paul Stanley injured himself by (reportedly) falling off the stage or something where he ended up hurt pretty bad.  We had heard it was a broken arm…but who cared?  They had to actually cancel the rest of the f*cking tour.  “Devastated” doesn’t end up describing how I felt. They never came back to the East Coast of Canada, affectionately known as The Maritimes.  


Until now…


The pre-sale begins tomorrow.  To say I’m slightly excited would be an understatement.  This is my favorite band.  This is MY BAND.  I grew up listening to them.  I continue to listen to them (my Last.FM profile’s list of most-played artists would confirm that statement).  I’m going to be infinitely happy to stand there…one of 40,000…and just soak it all in.  I can’t begin to tell you how I just want to stand there and pinch myself.

And what’s better?  My girlfriend, K…who HATES the band…is coming with me because she loves me.  How’s THAT for awesome?  

So yeah…that’s my KISS-tory.  Roll your eyes if you will.  Shake your head if you must.  But know that on July 18, 2009, yours truly will finally have a lifelong dream come true: To see KISS in concert sometime before I die.

If this be cheese, then let the cheesiness begin!!



14 thoughts on “A lifelong obsession realized…

  1. Listen up, bub. I never said that I *HATED* them….I believe all I said was that I’m NOT a fan. There’s a huge difference there, in my opinion.

    And for the record, internets, I’m totally stoked about going to an outdoor concert with 40,000 other people, and T. It’s gonna be a FUN night.

  2. Forget the makeup – KISS has the best pyrotechnics!

    My kids are listening to music from my generation (on their own, not from me playing it). So far it’s been Abba, Journey, and AC/DC. I wonder if KISS is on the way…

  3. How freakin’ fun is that?!? My childhood was the same music and I remember my dad introducing me to KISS. We were even going to go see them in concert but I can’t remember why we didn’t. How fun!

    And I do love Meatloaf’s Bat Out of Hell. I remember finding that on cassette tape in an old car that my dad bought. That one and The Police’s Zenyatta Mondatta. It was like a whole new experience for me.

    Have fun man! Sounds like an great time!

    I… wanna rock and roll all night… and party every day! (I’ll be singing that all day now!)

  4. KISS is awesome. I like lots of similar bands, and my kids are big fans of 80s butt-rock music ’cause of me. They love Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.” You remember the video?… the a$$hole father cusses his son out for playing the electric guitar and listening to crazy rock & roll, and asks him, “Whattya wanna do with your life?” The kid says, “I wanna rock!” and strums a power-chord which blows his father through the wall and begins “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

    A few weeks ago in church I looked at Jeremy, my 8-year-old. He caught my eye and power-strummed his air guitar at me, mouthing, “I wanna rock!” I leaned in and whispered, “We don’t rock in church, son.” He pondered this for a fraction of a second and then asked, “So… We’re Just Gonna Take It?” I thought I was gonna have to leave ’cause I couldn’t keep the laughter contained. He was quite amused with himself as well.

    My kids can sing along with tons of Rush & other classic rock stuff, plus all kinds of 80s music. That’s pretty cool but my 14-year-old son plays lead guitar, probably ’cause I turned him on to AC/DC about 3 years ago. He also smokes a lot of weed, drinks, and is frequently in trouble with his hoodlum pals from severely messed-up families. 😦

    Anyway, have much fun watching dudes older than us get all dandied up and live the wild life onstage. 🙂 That’s awesome.

  5. Dude…I absolutely LOVED Twisted Sister’s “Stay Hungry” album. I played it non-stop. The video is something I still occasionally watch to this day.

    Your 8-year old sounds pretty frickin’ cool. Any kid that thinks of Twisted Sister while in church gets a big thumbs-up from me. HA!

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