Confessions from a cubicle…

Every once in awhile, whether I’m bored in a meeting or just plain tired, I’ll just randomly blog about whatever pops into my head and then post it once I get home from work.  It’s a Monday and I’m tired from the exploits of “SuperBowl Sunday”, so consider this the over-tired ramblings of a Canadian bald guy…

  • It really was an AWESOME football game last night.  It was a game where, honestly, I wasn’t really rooting for one team more than the other.  I’ve grown up in Canada as a fan of the game…not of any particular team.  I mean, when I was a kid I had the cut-off mesh Cowboys and Steelers NFL shirts…but I was five or six and I’d like to think that was the style in the late 70’s.  No, I’ve never jumped on the “New England Patriots Bandwagon” even though they’re only a few short hours from me.  Instead, I morphed into a fan of NFL football in general (can’t stand the CFL…sorry fellow Canucks) and loved any team that happened to have a player on my fantasy team…to the point where my ex-wife knew that from 12pm to 12am on Sundays I was pretty much indisposed.  Now?  Well…after staying in Houston for a month in 2007 for my job, I decided to find a team and stick with it through thick and thin.  So I’m now officially a Houston Texans fan.  Of course, saying that, if I ever moved to an American city with a football team I’d totally jump on their bandwagon.
  • When I give B his bath, I like to play music.  I try to play music for him whenever I can, actually, because I’m hoping he’ll develop the same love of music that I have.  Because of my background (radio in college, DJ’ing in bars and clubs in my 20’s, wedding DJ), I’ve developed not only an appreciation for all different styles of music, but a love for them.  As much as I’d love for B to become as big a fan of KISS and Poison and Def Leppard as I am (sad, isn’t it?), I want him to at least appreciate a good song regardless of “style”.  So he’s now got a plastic drum and an xylophone set for the tub, and when he’s in the tub I play music and dance around and encourage whatever creativity comes out of him.  While he normally hears the “hair metal 80’s bands” in the car, I was having fun exposing him to some other favorites of mine that were a little easier to hum.  Songs like this, and this, and this, and finally this.  It was fun to watch him.  It was just a fun time to be a dad, I suppose.
I smell a Grammy!!
I smell a Grammy!!
  • I download stuff.  A lot.  I’m one of those bad people…I can admit it.  I spent a LOT of money in my youth on 45’s and LP’s (remember those??) and then on cassettes and then on a TON of CD’s.  For some reason, I used to have a lot more disposable income when I was young and working crappy jobs.  Huh.  So I’ve always bought a ton of movies, as well…and the switch to DVD has only been a pain in the butt for me.  I had over 100 movies on VHS that I had to switch over to DVD, and that process is STILL ongoing (especially after the ex-wife took half of the DVD’s upon her exit from the relationship).  Anyway, the point is that while I download a lot of movies, if I like one or plan to watch it repeatedly, I’ll end up buying it…so I’d like to think I’m not all bad.  My most recent purchases were 300 and Cloverfield and Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (okay…that last one was a Christmas gift) and now I think I might have another one to add to my list.  BOLT.  This is the latest Disney animated movie and it simply rocks.  I think this was one of the better Pixar-style movies I’ve seen…right up there with Cars and Finding Nemo, I’d say.  Bold statement, I realize…but once you see the pigeons talk and you truly get into the “Rhino the hamster” character, I think you’ll agree with me.  Very original story with a lot of fun execution with the characters.  Hey, if B likes it, then who am I to argue?
  • The SuperBowl commercials weren’t shown up here in Canada.  Instead, we had to watch the normal SUCK commercials that we get every night anyway.  But I’ve since looked up many of the movie trailers that were released just to see if anything looked any good.  I stumbled across a couple that are now on my “can’t miss” list: Land of the Lost (I love Will Ferrell movies), Year One (there’s something about these actors that make any movie their in unique and entertaining), and the one I can’t wait to see: Monsters vs. Aliens (nice!!).
  • I need to call my daughter this week…
  • Any weight I lost last week when I was sick (9 lbs, in fact) is now back on.  I knew it would happen, but it doesn’t make it any less depressing.  Bah.
  • I’m not the biggest Springsteen fan (I mean, I enjoy his stuff but I’ve never been a die-hard)…but I’ll admit to rockin’ out Sunday night with my surround cranked up to 50 as The Boss kicked butt at the SuperBowl halftime show. “I’M GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!!” Just awesome.

2 thoughts on “Confessions from a cubicle…

  1. Love your jumping bandwagon NFL approach. I’m a Raiders fan, so if you ever tired of your newly beloved Texans, we have a place in the Black Hole reserved for you.

    Awesome about the music – I always wanted to be a college DJ, and I can still name songs on the radio within a second or two. Great that you’re passing that on to your son.

    Superbowl commercials – find the Doritos crystal ball ad. That was funny.

    1. Hey Dadshouse…thanks for the comment.

      I think I’ll stick with my “beloved” Texans for awhile…at least when they finally win SOMETHING I can say that I was there from the beginning (yeah…like THAT’S gonna happen anytime soon).

      I can’t wait to get him listening to as much diverse and fun music as possible.

      I’ll definitely take a look for that Doritos commercial. Thanks for the tip!

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