Random thoughts from the mall

So in order to get out of the house this weekend, I decided to take B to the mall for the morning.  I had absolutely nothing in mind to buy…I just wanted to walk around a couple of times and get at least a bit of exercise.

So we bundled up and off we went.

Heading out to the mall
Heading out to the mall

Now once there, I quickly realized that I had forgotten B’s stroller at home.  Dang-it.  Now I’d have to pop him into a shopping cart.  Oh well…better than sitting at home, right?

No so fast Quickie McQuickerson…the carts can only go in and out of certain doors in the mall.  For example, the carts from Sobeys and Wal-Mart can only go in and out of their main front entrance (i.e. not in through the mall).  When I realized that I was about to make my exit when a friendly worker at Sobeys informed me that you could get children’s carts down at the information kiosk.

I made my way down there half-expecting to be charged a rental fee.  Fortunately, I found out that all they needed was a piece of ID and the promise to return it upon completion.  Seemed fair enough.  And it actually seemed to fit B perfectly:


So as B and I casually walked around the mall a couple of times, a few thoughts popped into my mind:

  • OH MY F*CKING GOD I’M OLD!!  Ahem…sorry about that.  Just had to rant on the obvious.  What I notice is that almost every shop is geared towards the 12-25 year old set…which, unfortunately, I am not a part of anymore.  When you see shop after shop after shop full of clothes and other items that you are at least 10 years too old to ever consider wearing, it becomes a bit disheartening after awhile.
  • THANK GOD I’M NOT THAT OLD!!  All I had to do was walk around the food court and quickly realize that the mall wasn’t completely about the young…just the young-at-heart, apparently.  At least I’ll know where to go once I’ve retired.
  • OMG I’m broke.  Flat broke.  I mean, I’m looking around at all the things that I’d love to have and I can’t afford any of them.  But then I just look down at the smiling face of B and none of it matters.  In fact, he was having more fun than I was leaning over the front of his cart to get a better view of things.
Daddy...don't bother me...just push the dang cart.
Daddy...don't bother me...just push the dang cart.
  • I’m not the only one feeling the financial pinch.  It was quite sad to see blank wall after blank wall throughout the entire building.  Closed business after closed business.  It’s a shame…it had only been a couple of months since my last visit and I could see the visible difference throughout the mall.  Wow…the economic times are blatently apparent.
  • My clothes aren’t tight enough.  Regardless of whether or not I should be showing off my figure, it appears that “tight is in”…which seems a bit odd to me.

Once we got back from the mall and had some lunch, Ben decided to do a bit of coloring before taking his nap.  Just one more thing that brings a smile to my face…


So what makes HIM so special?

I read a very interesting article this morning about one of my favorite bloggers, Matt Logelin.  The article was written by Rachel from SingleMomSeeking.com and asked just what makes Matt so special…why is he the poster-boy for single parents and being featured in People magazine and on AOL.com?

I came up with a few answers…although I’m not sure if I really got them all.  I believe it’s a combination of things, actually…some of which were mentioned in the article itself.

I think Matt has been singled out is because for whatever reason (perhaps blogging about love and life before, during, and after Liz’s tragic passing) people have gravitated towards him and his blog. People see something in him that they like and have flocked to him and his stories.

Realistically, it was the sheer number of website hits that probably got People magazine interested in him, not just his story (which in and of itself is heart-breaking and draws you in like any great drama…only this is reality, not fiction).

And while there are thousands of other stories out there that could be told (just a couple were mentioned in her article), the vast majority of them are not because, as she says, they aren’t willing to go public.  Or maybe they can’t tell the story as well.  Or maybe their story isn’t as interesting.  Or maybe there’s any number of other reasons that you can think of.

Matt is a person who is working his way through life one step at a time…through pain, through loss, through the trials of single parenthood…and many people can simply relate to that.

I think, though, at the end of the day it’s all just a case of timing. In this political/financial/social period in history, people are looking for reasons to be inspired. Whether it’s a single dad showing that you don’t have to crawl into a corner after suffering tragic loss and future hardships, or whether it’s watching a video of an autistic teenager being given the opportunity to play basketball on his final day of eligibility only to sink 20 points in 4 minutes. The general public love stories like this…and the media, every once in awhile, likes to give us a “pick-me-up” instead of the downtrodden bad news we’re normally subjected to.

However, I also don’t think it’s fair to blame the media for Matt’s “hero worship”. The media is simply jumping on the bandwagon that was already created from the thousands of people who have been reading his blog on a daily basis.

And really, at the end of the day, if his story can inspire others or even just make people feel warm inside or better about where they are in life…is that such a bad thing?

It’s gonna be a “daddy weekend”

I woke up this morning feeling MUCH better.  That nasty case of food poisoning is finally out of my system (I hope).  That’s good to know, actually, because I’ve got B this weekend and I hate not being 100% whenever I have him.

I don’t know if we’ve really got anything crazy planned…I think we might visit the grandparents either tomorrow or Sunday.  And a trip to the supermarket is absolutely in the cards.  

After reading Matt Logelin’s latest post, though, I think I might just have to whip out my bubbles from storage.  I haven’t blown bubbles for B since last summer…but if it’s another blustery, wintery weekend then why not?  I doubt my Xmas camera will give me the awesome pictures that Matt’s did, but at least it’ll be a memory that I’ll remember…B smiling and laughing and trying to catch the bubbles while running around.

Yeah…it’s gonna be a good weekend.

I love Dilbert

Just to get my gross tale of last night’s “festivities” off of the top of the page, I’ve decided to post two of the latest great cartoons from Dilbert.

If you’ve never worked in an office environment, then sometimes it’s difficult to truly understand just how close-to-home it can be.  

I used to work in a call centre (a couple of them, actually), and when I saw these pop up last week on the desktop calendar that K gave to me for Christmas, I actually laughed out loud…to the point where other’s were wondering what in the heck was wrong with me.

Trust me…these aren’t too far off from the reality of the situation:

It's funny 'cause it's true. NOBODY keeps those things.
It's funny 'cause it's true. NOBODY keeps those things.
While maybe not a 4-mile walk, but I've seen people go to the restroom with somebody on hold...only to come back and tell them that they couldn't help them.  Seriously.
While maybe not a 4-mile walk, but I've seen people go to the restroom with somebody on hold...only to come back and tell them that they couldn't help them. Seriously.

I don’t know if I’ve properly thanked K for this gift…but I’m certainly very appreciative.  I get a daily chuckle and always think of here when I see it.

So thanks, K.  Love you.

I hate getting sick

I’m 36 years old.  I grew up working for my father, and he always drilled into my head that you just DON’T call in to work sick.  Because of never wanted to let him down (yes…more Daddy Issues), I never called in sick to work.  Ever.

As I’ve gotten older and have moved into a position at a job where they don’t want you to be there if you’re sick, I’ve realized that there’s no need to kill yourself just to make an extra dollar.  In fact, if I call in sick I can use an extra vacation day or a “floater day” and still get paid and not lose out on anything.

I still feel guilty, though.  Even though a little bit of a cold won’t prevent me from going in to work, if I am dizzy or have the sweats or become really REALLY sick then I don’t think twice about calling in sick.  But for the record, I absolutely HATE getting that sick.

So last night was horrific for me (Warning: potential grossness coming up).  I got home from work and had supper with B…playing and watching the new Madagascar movie (he wasn’t thrilled with it).  When I took him to The Ex’s place for the night, I immediately felt that things weren’t going to be pleasant for me as the night continued on.  So I pretty much dumped him off, apologized for the quick exit, and took off back home.

I ended up running to the bathroom all night long, not being able to last longer than 10 minutes at a time.  Then, around 8:30pm or so, the unthinkable happened:  I threw up so hard I ended up passing out.  That hadn’t happened to me since I was in my early 20’s.  WTF??  So I opened my eyes and didn’t know where I was but quickly realized I was face-down on the bathroom floor.  


I had bent my eyeglass-frames and bumped my head (causing immediate headache), and then cleaned up the mess around me and immediately went to the computer.  I quickly realized that I wouldn’t be feeling good enough to chat with my LDR, K.  So at 9:13pm I messaged K and told her what had happened and to not worry because I was feeling a bit better.  She immediately suggested that it sounded like food poisoning, which puzzled me because all I had for lunch was a frozen dinner, a bag of plain chips, and a chocolate bar (I know…pretty much the most unhealthy meal I could possibly have).  I told her that I’d email her first thing in the morning to tell her how I was feeling.

If I only knew just how bad the rest of the night would be.  Wow.

After I said goodnight to K, I lay down and tried to fall asleep.  I had just thrown a couple of items into washer that had been “messed up” and just as I was about to fall asleep, heard this horrible noise in the hallway.

Turns out that there was some type of clog in the drain (or the pipes were frozen…one or the other) and there was water pouring out onto the floor.


So I immediately turned off the washer and threw a ton of towels down on the floor to soak it all up.  I was still felling pretty dizzy so I didn’t know if I got all of it or not, but I really didn’t care at the time.  I wanted to pick up the washer and throw towels underneath, but I was too weak to do even that.  Then I started to once more feel the insides gurgle. So off to the washroom I went. Again. And again. And again.


I then lay on the bed once more.  I probably got an hour or so of sleep in before I dashed off to the washroom one more time.  Only this time, I felt myself getting noxious once again. So I kneeled in front of the “porcelain alter” and went to town.

The next thing I know I was freaking out because I didn’t know where I was.   Again.  Turns out I had passed out AGAIN and was on the floor…AGAIN (can you sense my frustration?).  This time I had bitten the crap out of my tongue (I had left my twisted glasses off, thankfully) and, once AGAIN, proceeded to clean up the mess that was all over the place.


I finally fell asleep around 12:30am and woke up at 6am.  It’s 7:46am right now and so far, so good…no trips anywhere and I’m just trying to replenish my fluids. I still feel very weak so I decided that I’m not going to go in to work this morning.  I told myself that I’ll just take off the morning and see what the afternoon brings me.


Does that all sound like food poisoning?  I don’t feel sick at all this morning, just REALLY weak and I’ve got a headache from where my head hit the floor.  I’m thinking that as the morning progresses I’ll feel good enough to go outside and shovel and then make it in to work during the afternoon.

Wow…I hate getting sick.