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The Facebook Fan Page vs. Twitter: What’s Better for Bloggers?

So you’re a blogger and you want to expand upon your readership.  You’ve seen your stats…you know how many people read your blog.  There’s only one more thing to do, right?



I gotta be honest, I don’t really get that.  Maybe it’s because I’m a dude or I’m out of touch or something, because I just don’t understand the reason/rationale for creating a fan page on Facebook.

And don’t get me wrong…I’ve got some really good blogger friends who have accounts under their blogger aliases: QTMama, Yummy Mammy, SingleMomInTheCity, & MsSingleMama just to name a few.

My question then becomes: WHY?

I can understand wanting to connect with people who read your blog and NOT wanting to divulge a “real identity” with them.  Sure…that makes perfect sense. 

I can also understand the ego-stroke.  I mean, there are a LOT of reasons to blog…one of them being that you can develop a readership of people who actually want to read what you have to say.  That’s definitely good for the ego, especially if you’re having some down times (i.e. a primary reason to blog to begin with).

But do you really expand upon that readership by turning to Facebook?  I suppose there is a very real chance that people who read you currently will “friend you” or “become a fan”, then that may create interest in some of their friends who may eventually read what you’re writing.

It’s possible, I suppose.

Again, I can understand if bloggers want to get a little more personal with fellow bloggers while still remaining fairly anonymous.  I mean, I was friends with QTMama on Facebook before I was friends with the woman behind QTMama(because, quite frankly, I’m a little creepy and she wasn’t sure if she should let me know who she was).

I think, though, there is a LOT more to gain by using your blogger-name on a different social medium: Twitter. 

I’m an unapologetic Twitter fan.  I don’t think I spend too much time on it…in fact, I think I could stand to spend MORE time on it.  My hope is that people will see a tweet of mine and be slightly entertained or amused and then want to check out my blog.  Period…the end.

Of course, I hope that my tweets are witty enough that they sometimes get re-tweeted and that expands on my fanbase, in a similar veign of what people are doing on Facebook.

I just feel that Twitter is the better option of the two.  Facebook seems to be changing in terms of what people use it for. I know my own usage has decreased dramatically over the past year and I’m primarily using it for uploading pics of me and those I love.  Every once in awhile I’ll throw up a new phrase (I think I’ve still got a “pants on the ground” reference on mine), but that’s about it these days.

On Twitter, though…the opportunity to gain new readers is a lot higher.  People will follow you to increase their social media numbers.  But I’ve found that if the tweet is interesting, some of these new people…people you don’t really know and many of them fellow bloggers…will re-tweet and/or comment, thus increasing the viewing to other people in their own social media group.

I’m my own example, too.  There are probably three or four blogs that I follow now specifically because of tweets I’ve read on Twitter or responses to my own tweets that I’ve replied to.

But I go back to Facebook…

I guess I just don’t get it.  What, exactly, is the point of generating your own fan page for your blog?  What if you don’t get many followers on Facebook?  Does that mean anything? 

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

My Top 10 Blogs of 2009

I’ve been blogging for almost two years now, but only started on WordPress back in January. In the year since my “re-birth”, I’ve found a great number of fellow bloggers that I follow on a daily basis through my Google Reader. Now, since I’ve been without internet since August (with the exception of my Blackberry and through a bit at work), I don’t get the chance to comment on these blogs nearly as often as I’d like to…and because of that I thought I would break down my favorite Top 10 Blogs of 2009 and give them a little bit of blogger love.

* I’m excluding Sunshine’s awesome blog because let’s face it…I’m a little biased.

So without any further adu, here are my favorite Top 10 Blogs of 2009 (in NO PARTICULAR ORDER):

The Quest for T

1. The Quest for T – I’ve been a fan of Tonya’s since I first became a blogger. She’s truly one of a kind. Her blog can hit deep emotional and personal depths and then jump out into explicit sexual fantasies and exploits. And during the two month separation that Sunshine and I had back in February/March (while we were trying to find ourselves), Tonya became a good friend to me and helped me process some things. She is real, she is genuine, and her blog is always one of the first ones I read every day.

2. QT Mama’s Weblog – Ahhhh QT. I’ve never seen a picture of her but I’m told she’s quite attractive…which makes her blog even more entertaining (heh). She’s got her own nickname for me, which I like. And she’s got a sarcastic wit to her that draws me to her blog like a fly to shit. Although, maybe that’s not the best reference in the world…

3. Random Esquire – RE is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma. RE takes awesome pictures of food. RE takes lots of pictures of a dog. RE is quite the character. RE wants to motorboat my girlfriend. What’s not to like?

4. Lady Mama – Lady Mama is a woman who moved from London to Canada a few years ago. She’s a great writer and I’m slightly biased in enjoying her exploits primarily because she’s (kinda) a fellow Canuck. Wait…is she even officially Canadian yet?   Hmmm…that could change things…

Rachel from SingleMomSeeking

5. Single Mom Seeking – Rachel wants the world to know that just because you’re a single parent, it doesn’t mean your life is over.  Plus it’s fun to see her personal life change and develop over time.

6. Memoirs of a Single Mom – Amira has had a really tough year. Her stories normally break my heart and draw me in because she’s such an amazing person. Her heart is massive and her kindness is all-encompassing.  I wish her nothing but the best in 2010 and I’m hopeful that things in her life will make a change for the better sooner rather than later.

Mindy from SingleMomSays

7. Single Mom Says – Mindy, like Amira, has had a really tough year. But what compelled me to continue reading was her unabashed honesty with her feelings. Whether she was in the right or was really off-base, she laid it all out there for the world to read. You don’t get brutal reality of someone’s emotions like that very often.

8. Hot Dads – Yes, I’m totally shilling this blog because I’m now a contributor. According to them, I’m a hot dad. Why in the world WOULDN’T I want to promote that???  But besides that, it’s a pretty slick blog as it gathers views and posts from dads from all across the blogosphere.  If you don’t like one particular blogger, just wait until the next day.  It’s interactive, it’s humorous, and it’s just a fun blog to be a part of.  Yes, I’m biased…but I visited the blog before being asked to participate.


9. Single Mom In The City – Nicole is awesome!  She hasn’t been around too much lately as she’s been really busy moving in with her boyfriend and getting all settled into her new life, but when she writes she’s always an enjoyable read.  And the fact that she’s hot doesn’t hurt.

10. SingleMommyHood – No…this isn’t a blog just for single moms. But it’s created by two single moms who try to bring education and conversation to all parents. Rachel and Dr. Leah are great…and I’ve got a soft spot in my heart for Dr. Leah as she gave me some one-on-one advice concerning Rugrat earlier this year, and her reaching out really meant a lot to me. Definitely a one-stop-shop for parenting issues.

And y’know what? There are still a LOT more blogs that I visit on a daily basis that I don’t want to leave off the list (in alphabetical order)…

Adventures of a Single WAHM
Bad Mummy, No Cookie
Cost of Living
Irascible Crayons
Li’l CyndiLu Who?
Mommy Pie
Ms. Single Mama
Nucking Futs Mama

On Wings of Pigs
PT LawMom
Single Parent Dad

Stay At Home Mayhem
When Did I Go From A Kid To A Grown Up?

And of course, there are also some blogs that were my favorites that are either no longer around or just aren’t updated anymore…

Daily Momsense
Depot Dad (hope you’re doing well, Jim!)
Choice Mom Choosing
Half Mum, Half Biscuit
Tales of a Junction Mama

And what’s more is that there are still a LOT more blogs that I read occassionally that aren’t even listed here.  All in all, I’d say it’s been a pretty good year for blogging in general.  Really, blogging is something that has taken a mind of it’s own and there are more blogs out there than you can shake a stick at (y’know…if you really felt the need to shake a stick at a blog….which is kinda weird…just sayin’).

Have you got a golden gem that isn’t mentioned here? Do you have a blog that you’d like me to check out? I’d love to read more recommendations!

Gettin’ some bloggy lovin’!

I’m not one to go out and beg for praise (PLEASE VOTE FOR ME HERE!!), so I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was recently given a little bit of ‘blog love’ by a fellow blogger.

Between some personal relationship issues with Sunshine (since worked through), spending an entire day volunteering at an AC/DC outdoor concert, and travelling to Halifax to visit mom (still in the hospital as of today…but we’re hopeful that she’ll be released tomorrow), I haven’t really been able to catch-up on my blog reading.

So I was going through my Google Reader when I noticed that When Did I Go From Kid To Grown Up? had four unread posts.  Jeez…had I slacked off that much??  Bobbi is always leaving comments and occasional messages on Twitter…I felt bad for not reading as much as I should have.

When I visited today, I was really pleased to see my name in print.  Here is what she had to say:

I recently received my first blog award from Throne of Thornes, thanks. I am so excited to be able to now give the love back to (some) of the lovely’s that I read.

The only rule of this award is that those that receive must share the love.

with out further ado I give the love to:

  • Canadian Bald Guy
  • Blog_Lovin'_AwardSure…there were other people mentioned (including Sunshine), but mine was first on the list and this isn’t their blog now, is it?


    So I knew right away the people I was going to share this ‘award’ with.  I have a TON of blogs that I try to follow (even if I don’t comment…you should I know that if you have posted here before at least once, I read your blog) but there are a few that I seek out as a priority every day.

    Here are the blogs that I absolutely love:

    If your name isn’t here, please know it’s ONLY because of time constraints.  I mean, I can’t just throw up every blog that I love to read…can I?

    Can I??

    Anyway…the “catch” is that if you receive this you’re supposed to re-post and name some of the blogs that YOU love.  Or not…entirely your call.

    And hey, if you don’t already, please check out the above mentioned blogs.  I think you’ll be glad you did.

    Oh…and thanks again, Bobbi!

    Twitter Tales: 05-21-09


    Twitter Tales

    Okay…I can now freely admit it: I’m addicted to Twitter.  I don’t 100% understand how people claim to be able to make a ton of money using it…and I really don’t appreciate them telling me how to write my blog…

    At the end of the day, the thing that brings me back multiple times every single day is clicking on random links and reading and/or seeing things I’d otherwise never get a chance to read and/or see.  In addition, I find myself easily keeping up-to-date on the lives of some of my favorite fellow bloggers.

    Thankfully, my TweetDeck allows me to truly follow whomever I want to and kinda ignore all of the spam while still increasing my follower/following count legitimately (I hate people who hit-n-run).

    Alright…everybody ready?  Good…’cause it’s once again time to check out my weekly Twitter Tales:

    • Lily Allen on safari

      Lily Allen on safari

      Singing sensation (and paparazzi darling) Lily Allen has been tweeting from her jungle safari trip in Africa.  I like her stuff…Alfie, The Fear…she’s got a cute voice and she doesn’t mind going topless every once in awhile (what??).  Anyway…to me, it doesn’t really matter who she is or what she does for a living…this is a pretty cool idea.

    • My internet crush, T, recently blogged about her recent…umm…”experience” with a toy that she recently received in honor of May being National Masturbation Month.  I don’t really know what else to say other than I’m soooo glad I saw this tweet!!!

    t's toy review

    • Umm…I don’t even know WHAT to say about this next one, but I have to thank “Weird” Al Yankovic for providing a link to a commercial I would have NEVER seen if not for Twitter.  And I think you’ll agree with me…this is one of the most unforgettable commercials you’ve ever seen:
    • You wouldn’t think that there would be a really good excuse for getting caught having sex in the front seat of the car while YOUR TWO KIDS were sitting in the back.  Apparently…there is.
    • Nikki


      Nikki over at Lucid Insanity is trying to get a job as a Murphy Goode Wine Country Lifestyle Correspondent.  To apply, she made a couple of videos and isn’t sure which one to use for her application.  As such, she is asking anybody and everybody to view the videos and give her their honest opinions.  So c’mon…help a fellow blogger get a pretty cool job and help her out!

    • I can’t lie…I’m a fan of porn.  I know…a turn-off for some, an addiction for others.  I have to admit that there are three or four adult entertainers (as they prefer to be called) that I follow on Twitter.  The one that intrigues me the most is Teagan Presley.  One…obviously, she is a drop-dead sexy living Barbie doll.  Two…she’s a mother of two (!!) and seems to be quite the family woman outside of her job (seriously).  Three…her husband enjoys taking pictures of her both in and out of her “adult duties”.  Four…she apparently loves guys like me:
    Teagan loves geeks

    Totally NO real reason to post this other than for my own self-serving interests. Heh.

    • It's really all about the shoes...

      It's really all about the shoes...

      Just a couple of weeks ago, Nicole from SingleMomInTheCity was complaining that she had bought these great shoes but her boyfriend hadn’t taken her out on the town to show them off yet (LOL…I’m laughing at the fact I even KNEW that story).  Anyway, last weekend was the weekend that the guy smartened up and took his Hot Mommy Blogger out on the town.  It’s nice to see good people have good times in their lives.  When you follow others in blogs, you’re always rooting for them to have happy endings.

    • @TrailerAddict recently posted that the new trailer to Sherlock Holmes was out.  Now if you haven’t heard, Robert Downey Jr. is playing Holmes with Jude Law and Rachel McAdams playing co-starring roles.  I can’t lie…this looks awesome!!  But don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself:

    Dating Girl 1Dating Girl 2Dating Girl 3

    • TMZ isn’t usually good for much.  They were, however, very cool for posting what could possibly be the coolest picture I’ve ever seen.  Basically, they re-posted a picture of the space shuttle Atlantis as it passed by the sun.  Now the shuttle was traveling 17,500 mph at 350 miles above the Earth’s surface, and TMZ reported that the photographer only had .8 seconds to get the shot.  The sun looms in the background a mere 91 million miles away.  HOW AWESOME IS THIS???


    • Hmmm…now I know there’s still one thing left that I was supposed to mention.  But for some reason, I can’t seem to remember what it was.  Hmmm….whatever could it have been???  Oh yeah…

    KimPossible's questionMomma_Sunshine's answer

    Ahhh yes…my relationship decision was “outed” on Twitter.  You gotta love that.  Heh.  



    So here’s the deal…“Momma Sunshine” (aka K) and I dated late last year and early into this year.  At one point, we were sharing a blog that described the ups and downs of a long-distance relationship.  When we split back in February, there were fellow bloggers and readers who knew the both of us…but because we didn’t really talk too much  about the break-up, a lot of the awkwardness was left behind and people just continued reading both blogs.

    So for them, this all probably came as a surprise (as it did for us).  Hopefully, though, because they read both of our blogs they’re rooting for us.  I know I am.

    I never stopped thinking about her.  I never stopped regretting my decision to end things.  I continued to tell myself that I did the right thing for me.  I was wrong.

    So now here it is…three months later…and we’re going to give things another try.  I realized a lot of things recently…the biggest was that while I was afraid to fail in yet another relationship after the failure of my marriage, I was more afraid of not having K in my life anymore.

    Like a glove...

    Like a glove...

    I am travelling to K’s city this weekend and we’ll see what happens.  There are no expectations, no conditions, no pressure.  We’re just going to hang out and see if what we’re feeling now isn’t a residual situation…if it’s still the same real feelings that we had previously.

    Keep your fingers crossed.  If things go as we both hope they do, you’ll be seeing a LOT of entertaining blogs and tweets in the weeks and months to come (we’re self-admitted attention whores…lol).  If not, I’m sure we’ll both just say that it didn’t work and then move on with our lives…content in knowing that we at least gave it a legitimate chance.

    But c’mon…how can you NOT be intrigued by a tweet like this in the middle of the afternoon???

    Momma_Sunshine's awesome!

    God…this girl is six shades of awesome.  Wish us luck!!

    My “goin’ blind” beginnings

    Okay, this is totally unlike what I would normally post, so if you’re looking for your normal dose of G-rated Bald Guy, you just might want to be going here or here.  

    Just sayin’.




    To celebrate May being National Masturbation Month, I’ve joined-up with the fantastic T from “The Quest for T” in a joint effort to dedicate blog posts to the glorious subject known as masturbation as May continues.

    We both have posted about this subject already this month, but we were having a hard time last night trying to decide how to write our next joint blog posts.

    T brought up the suggestion that we both post a blog talking about our “first time”.   I was a bit hesitant at first, but decided I could open up and discuss it in a way I was comfortable with, even if she decided to go in a different direction for her post today.

    So here it goes…




    …you ready?





    by Canadian Bald Guy


    I remember the first time I was intimate with myself.

    It was over before it started.


    THE END.


    Alright T…now it’s YOUR turn.  Heh.

    Twitter Tales: 05-07-09


    Twitter Tales

    Okay…I can now freely admit it: I’m addicted to Twitter.  I don’t 100% understand how people claim to be able to make a ton of money using Twitter…and I don’t appreciate them telling me how to write my blog…and I don’t have a desire to gather thousands upon thousands of followers just for the sake of my own ego.

    Well…I wouldn’t mind that last one…

    At the end of the day, the thing that brings me back multiple times every single day is clicking on random links and reading and/or seeing things I’d otherwise never get a chance to read and/or see.  In addition, I find myself really keeping up-to-date on the lives of some of my favorite fellow blogger updates (yeah…as if their blogs weren’t enough).  

    Thankfully, my TweetDeck allows me to truly follow whomever I want to and kinda ignore all of the spam while still increasing my follower/following count legitimately (I hate people who hit-n-run).

    Alright…everybody ready?  Good…’cause it’s once again time to check out my weekly Twitter Tales:

    • Iron Man 2 director Jon Favreau was continuing to tweet during filming.  This truly is viral marketing at its best.  I mean, the hype over the movie is already sky-high…but to know that the director is giving fans tiny tasty morsals of movie making is really amping up the word of mouth.  This week?  Well, this week he informed us that he was filming a scene between Nick Fury & Tony Stark before letting us know that Scarlett Johanson had her first day on the set as the Black Widow:

    Jon Favreau tweet

    • Nikki from Lucid | Insanity recently had some issues with her ex-boyfriend.  Ummm…some interesting issues.  Now, I read this series of tweets to mean that the ex-boyfriend was trying to make her realize just what she was missing by bribing her with Cheesecake Factory goodness.  Seriously.  She told me that he’s basically all “Don’t give up on me” with her…using guilt or cheesecake or something.  See for yourself:


    • My response to her?  (I love being a smart-ass)

    My smart-ass response

    • T


      As you may or may not know already, there will be some “dual-posting” this month between myself and T from The Quest For T.  Why?  Well…apparently May is Masturbation Month.  And…well…I’m not going to post the entire Twitter conversation that we had that inspired the whole deal, needless to say I think this month will be very interesting.  So yeah…I fired the first shot (so to speak), and T responded in kind.

    • Depending on whether or not your mom is a computer person or would appreciate this kind of thing, AModernMother posted a link to a pretty cool website where you can pop your mom’s name into a video about “Mom of the Year”.  My mom probably wouldn’t appreciate it, but there may be a number of moms out there that would.
    • Y’know…if you’re gonna steal a shirt, you may not want to make it a jail-issued shirt.  Why?  You might just end up getting one of your very own to wear for an extended period of time.
    • So Morgan launched a new look for her site, ModernSingleMomma.  I like it because it’s different.  It’s unlike any blog that I’m currently visiting.  So not only is she blogging there, but she’s got a whole new website that’s dedicated to her awesome photography, MorganSilerPhotography.com.  I immediately became sidetracked this week when she posted a…in her own words..goofy pin-up style photo.  Hmmm…”goofy” isn’t quite the word I would use to describe it.  Heh.
    • If I haven’t said it before, let me say it now: I LOVE the WEB URBANIST!!  They have some fantastic photos that are meant to educate and fascinate (their words, not mine).  This week they had an awesome collection of Effective Guerrila Marketing Stunts.  Some of these truly need to be seen to be believed.  Here’s an example:

    Web Urbanist

    • Rachel from SingleMomSeeking

      Rachel from SingleMomSeeking

      Jim (aka Depot Dad) had a pretty neat idea in his latest blog post…tweeted courtesy of Rachel from SingleMomSeeking.  Y’see, Jim has been fortunate enough to have met a few fellow bloggers from around the country in his one year of blogging.  And much like many of us, I’m sure…he wants to meet a number of his other favorite bloggers.  He came up with the idea of playing “Blogger Bingo”, where you place yourself in the middle square and then just fill the rest in.  I think Jim is a helluva guy going through a very difficult time right now.  

    • Depot Dad

      Jim aka Depot Dad

      I had mentioned last week that because my family had been hit pretty hard with cancer over the past year 1/2, I was interested in finding out more about what he was going through.  He actually took the time to email me and explain his cancer situation, how he found out, and what’s been going on with him since.  That just put him higher on my list of fellow bloggers I’d love to meet…even if he does live on the opposite side of the continent.  So yeah…I was happy to see my name on his board.  I think it’s a great idea:Blogger Bingo

    • SingleParentDad had a party for his son and, quite frankly, ordered the coolest cake a father could order.  I also need to preface this by saying that this cake is really the reason T and I are doing the whole “May Masturbation Month” posts.  Y’see, we both saw this cake and loved it…SPD asked T to visit…she said something about a Princess Leia costume…I jumped all over that comment…and POOF~!  The rest is history.  Ummm…where was I?  Oh yeah…the kick-ass cake!!
    I can't wait to get one of these for MY son!!

    I can't wait to get one of these for MY son!!

    • Speaking of Star Wars…our old Twitter pal Darth Vader was back to his Dark Lord tricks again this week:

    Darth Vader tweet

    • Now, I wouldn’t be “me” if I didn’t just make a quick note that MsSingleMama is dating somebody…forever to be known as “The Bear”.  She obviously doesn’t want to jinx it by blogging/tweeting about him all day long (and you know that everybody is hoping for the best, Alaina), but here’s a snippet of what she thinks about him thus far:

    My fingers are crossed for you!

    • Remember when I recently said that Jason Hawes from Ghost Hunters was now on Twitter?  It seems like he’s slowly getting the hang of things.  He’s now tweeting from the road, posting pics of everything from Grant being molested by some lady’s foot at the airport to Tango looking a bit confused at the wiring of a house to Kris doing something rather unattractive with her foot.  All in all, I think you’ll be seeing more from Jason in the weeks and months ahead…especially if he’s stuck on a long, uneventful overnight case.
    • I have to admit to enjoying the work of one Chris Angel.  I think he’s an extremely talented illusionist and I’m certainly a fan.  Turns out, he’s got a bit of a sense of humor, as well (although you probably have to enjoy his show to get the punchline):


    • Alright…last one, kids.  I have to absolutely give my “Tweet(s) of the Week” to Tanis, aka the Redneck Mommy.  This afternoon her cat had babies and…well…I don’t think anybody has ever truly described the experience quite like this.  Let her words speak for themselves.  Enjoy!!

    Redneck GREATNESS!

    Will it really make you go blind?

    Okay, this is totally unlike what I would normally post, so if you’re looking for your normal dose of G-rated Bald Guy, best be going here or here.  

    Just sayin’.


    I got the following tweet yesterday:


    Of course, the entire conversation that we had doesn’t need to be re-counted here (trust me…those who read our flirtateous tweets needed a cigarette and a cold shower when they were done), but needless to say that this tweet helped me realize something that had been in the back of my mind for a few weeks now…

    I am one horny bastard.

    Crude…but true.  And you know what?  I don’t think I was nearly as bad when I was in “my prime” as I am now.  It’s ridiculous.  I truly feel like I’m in “my prime” right now at age 36.

    Vanilla ice creamMy marriage started off like any normal relationship.  We were having sex on a regular basis…connecting and getting into “grooves” with each other. The problem, though, is that our “groove” was really our “rut”.

    If our sex life could have been an ice cream, to have called it vanilla would have been a tremendous over-statement and, quite frankly, an insult to vanilla ice cream.

    Get this statistic about me: I went just over three years from the night my son was conceived to the next time I was intimate with a woman.


    Needless to say, that (pretty darned attractive) woman got a bit more than she expected from me on that particular night.  

    I then went another six+ months before meeting up with somebody very special.  We dated for a few months and while things didn’t work out in the end, our physical relationship was absolutely incredible.


    And while I think having a long-distance relationship probably pushed things along in that direction, we were absolutely insatiable.  

    Three times a day.  Five times a day.  We were pleasing each other like no other person had done in our lives before.  It was like a sexual awakening for the both of us.

    MasturbationUnfortunately, things weren’t meant to be and we broke up in January.  

    And it’s been a long four months since.

    So when T emailed me and asked if I was interested in doing some type of “mutual post” based on this glorious celebratoin in the of May, I jumped at the opportunity.  

    I’m not sure when we’ll have our mutual post…I’m not really sure of what the exact topic of conversation will be…heck, I’m not even sure how we’ll do our research…

    Ugh…I can’t believe I just went there.

    This could be a very fun month.


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