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The Zoo, Disney Dreams, My Relay, and Sunshine’s Birthday

- Ankle Biter and I got to go to the local zoo on Saturday morning.We had a blast. It’s still in “off-season” rates so not only did we get in cheap, but we got there just after it opened and there was hardly anybody there with us…so it felt like we had the zoo to ourselves.  The sun was out and it was gorgeous outside, but not too hot…which meant that almost every single animal was out and about. Ankle Biter  wanted to see a tiger, but their tiger died a year or so ago, so it wasn’t to be. But their leopards were beautiful, the lions were close to the fence so he could see them up close, and the monkeys were swinging from rope to rope and singing for all to hear. I love little bonding experiences like this with him…it just makes me feel closer to him.

- Getting to the zoo was a good thing because about an hour after we got home it rained.  And then it rained the rest of the weekend. It’s still raining today and it’s supposed to continue to rain straight through to Thursday. I don’t mind summer rain at all, but it’s still cold spring rain…so I’m not quite ready yet. Still…I was out BBQ-ing in the rain on Saturday. Ankle Biter didn’t want to stay inside so he came out in the rain to watch me. I thought it was cute when he began trying to catch the raindrops like they were snowflakes.

- Rugrat contacted me over the weekend. It was via email, but we speak so infrequently that it’s always a real treat when whenever there’s ANY correspondence. She’s at the age (so I’ve been told) where talking to her old man…even if she only gets to see him twice a year…isn’t really on her “to do list”. I guess I’m okay with that as long as she continues to reach out when she does, because that means she’s not doing it because she has to…she’s doing it because she wants to.

- Which brings me to think…what would be one of the first things you did if you won a million dollars?  Sure…bills paid/money to family blah blah blah, but what then? I know that I’d absolutely change my living arrangements and go on another cruise with Sunshine…we’d end up seeing the world, I think. But the very first thing would be booking a trip to DisneyWorld with just me and Rugrat. It’s something I’ve always dreamed of doing and it’s a place she’s never gone. Just daddy/daughter time in the Happiest Place on Earth. Whether it’s now when she’s 12 or later when she’s 30…my dream is to take her there.  It will happen…some day, some how.

- My Relay for Life is quickly approaching. I’m currently at 65% of my online goal and with less than a month to go, you’re probably going to end up seeing more and more “Relay” posts. I’m sure I can hit $500. Please join me in the fight against cancer by supporting my participation in Relay For Life now. It’s really easy – just click on this link. It’s going to be a fun weekend, too, because Sunshine and I will be doing the Relay together with our kids…and my family has repeatedly told me that it’ll be a fun time and that there is a lot of things planned for kids, so that’s good.

- Speaking of Sunshine, her birthday is this coming Saturday. Y’know, it’s actually a bit depressing in a way because I so very much want to give her the world…but I can’t. I so very much want to be able to lavish her with gifts…but I can’t. I know she’d say that my love is enough and I absolutely feel the same way about her…I don’t even NEED gifts as long as she’s in my life…but still, I wish there was a way I could snap my fingers and make everything in our lives exactly the way we want it to be.  But I can’t. So I guess we’ll both just have to work with what the Universe has handed to us.

Hope everybody had a great weekend!

Vacation Day 4 – The Zoo!!

I am DEAD tired. It was a VERY long day…but it was a fun one.

So because I’m just too friggin’ tired to really go into much detail on how the day went, I’m just posting a few of my favorite pics. Enjoy…

Ankle Biter ready to hit the zoo: 08-13-10

Rugrat: 08-13-10

Ankle Biter stealin' some thunder!

Magnetic Hill Zoo: 08-13-10

Admiring the lions - Magnetic Hill Zoo: 08-13-10

The kids were keen to ensure that a caterpillar made its way across the path safely.

Seriously...how cute is this??

Rugrat & Ankle Biter...just takin' a rest.

Ankle Biter: Wharf Village, Magnetic Hill, Moncton, NB: 08-13-10

I can't tell you just how awesome it was to see my kids get along so well all day.

Rugrat: Wharf Village, Magnetic Hill, Moncton, NB: 08-13-10

Rugrat after watching 'Despicable Me'. She kept the glasses and popped out the 3-D lenses. Not sure why.

Parenting Win/Parenting Fail

It was quite the weekend with the Ankle Biter.

On Saturday we did what we normally did…spend the morning watching movies together. We don’t normally get out until after lunchtime on a Saturday as it’s just nice to hang out, relax, and enjoy our father/son time together.

And where it’s still in-between winter and spring in terms of weather, it’s difficult to figure out what to do so that we’re both not completely bored. My folks are down south on a cruise so we weren’t going to visit them, leaving our weekend pretty much wide open.

Honestly…I was also still REALLY sore from playing basketball on Thursday night, so I figured I’d take him to a place where he would have a great time and it wouldn’t be too difficult on me to look after him. So I took him to the only place that is a kid’s love:

We arrived and the place was packed. Thankfully, the dining area had a LOT of tables inside the play area so we got a decent seat and I watched him chow down on some French fries (his favourite). After watching in amazement for a few minutes (and eating very little), I unleashed him and let him go wild. And as you could see from Saturday’s photo-post, it was a total Parenting WIN on my part. I mean, it wasn’t about the food for him…it was about the pure joy a child gets from having fun.

Yeah...Ankle Biter was having a blast.

On Sunday I was totally planning on taking advantage of the final day of the “Free Sundays in March” deal that our local zoo had going on. And unlike last time, I was totally prepared with batteries in my camera.

So it was about 12:30pm and we had just finished lunch and I was getting everything ready to go. That’s when Ankle Biter came up to me to tell me that he had just “used the facilities” and that I needed to change him. I casually went into his room and grabbed the bag of pull-ups when all of a sudden…


I spent the next 25 minutes frantically searching the house for just ONE pull-up. No dice. So I changed him and put on a pair of his regular underwear…hoping that I could get to a store quick enough to pick up some more pull-ups before an accident took place.

I asked him to wait for just a minute as I ran to the car to just check…on the very off chance…that a pull-up was somewhere in there. No dice. So I ran back into the house and Ankle Biter was standing there pointing to his pants…

…DAMMIT. Parenting FAIL.

I reassured him that everything was okay and I changed him one more time. I threw his clothes in the washer and off to the pharmacy we went. After a quick-change in the car we finally made our way to the zoo, which was going to be the original topic of this post. Ahh well. Best laid plans and all.

Heh. I said “laid”.

Anyhoo…if you want to check out the photos from the zoo, just take a look at my Flickr page.

Chillaxin’ at the Zoo

I had big plans for today’s post. The highlight of this weekend with Ankle Biter and I was our plan on going to the zoo today. Y’see, every year the Magnetic Hill Zoo is open every Sunday in March for “winter hours”, where they only ask for donations as opposed to their regular fee.

And better yet, the weather was supposed to totally co-operate today:

So off we went at 11 o’clock in order to beat the crowds. When we got there, however, we quickly realized that a lot of other people were thinking the same thing we were. A LOT.

No biggie, though. We weren’t in any hurry to do anything or go anywhere in particular, so spending a lazy Sunday looking at animals was all we were concerning ourselves with.

We made our way inside and quickly steered towards the bear exhibit. Unless the majority of times that I’ve been to the zoo, this time around the bears were actually visible.

But really, they were only a couple of the few animals who were out in plain view. It’s odd, because last year when Rugrat was visiting me the animals were EVERYWHERE…and the two of us had a really good time together (she actually called me today, too…but that’s not really relevant to this post).

I ended up taking a couple more pictures of Ankle Biter and the animals…in fact, we were only at the second animal exhibit on our trek…when the bottom fell out of my plan and my camera batteries died.

Are you frickin’ kidding me??

I’m big on pictures. I’m really big on taking pictures of my kids because I never ever want to feel like I didn’t document or save a single moment that we share together.

Luckily for me, my phone was able to take a few pictures so the trip wasn’t completely lost…

It's a bit difficult to smile properly when your dad is making you stare directly into sunlight.

Ankle Biter was completely mesmorized by the monkeys. Mind you, the monkey was eating his own feces...so maybe his reaction makes perfect sense.

Touch my monkey!

The trip to the zoo is over and we're back home. How ya feelin', Ankle Biter??

Confessions from a Cubicle

Confessions from a CubicleSometimes I drift off at work a bit. It’s not like I actually fall asleep or anything…I just let my mind wander. But sometimes on a break or during lunch I’ll hear or read something online that sticks with me.

It’s been awhile since I’ve had enough downtime during the day at work to actually write down some random comments, but today is the day.

What I usually do is just jot something down and then finish these thoughts once I’m home. And for whatever reason, people seem to enjoy my random take on the world…

Corey Haim

  • Corey Haim passed away yesterday.  I won’t lie…I wasn’t the biggest fan in the world of Haim.  I never really cared for his movies (other than the awesomeness that was The Lost Boys) and never watched more than one episodes of The Two Coreys.  But his story is one that is all too commonplace in Hollywood, and it’s just a shame.  I’ve got no stories to tell and I’ve got no moral to provide…but it really needs to go without saying, doesn’t it? Drugs kill.  When will Hollywood finally get that through their heads?
  • Weather permitting, the Ankle Biter and I are heading to the local zoo on Sunday.  It’s a smaller zoo and isn’t open year ’round, but they open every Sunday in March and they only ask for a small donation instead of their normal fee.  I guess I’m wondering how many zoos charge guests?  I’ve been to Houston and I’m looking at visiting Chicago (hopefully) in the next few months on business, and their zoos don’t charge.  I thought it might be a big-city thing but then I remembered paying for a ticket at the Toronto Zoo a few years ago.  So what’s the deal?  Why do some zoos charge and others don’t?
  • Let this be a lesson to everybody: trying to blackmail a superstar celebrity for $2 million because you happen to know that they slept with somebody other than their wife is probably NOT a good idea.  Let’s face it…he should have just gone straight to the tabloids and sold the story to the highest bidder.  Oh well.  Better luck next time.
  • Gabourey Sidibe

    Is it wrong to point out that Gabourey Sidibe, the star of Precious, is morbidly obese?  Is it wrong to call her fat?  After the Oscars, Sidibe said that she couldn’t wait to chow-down on Chick-Fil-A.  Is that not sad??  Should everybody just laugh this off as a jolly woman crackin’ jokes?  Listen…this woman got a part in a movie primarily because of her look, and if she gets more acting roles down the road it’ll be roles that focus on her being an extremely large woman. I guess what I’m saying is that while nobody needs to be toothpicks (I’m certainly no toothpick myself), sometimes  people need to just be honest and say “You need to lose weight for your own health“.  This woman could very well be dead in 10 years if she continues down this path, and people shouldn’t be vilified for pointing this out.

  • Sunshine wrote me a random email yesterday and asked me my thoughts on prenuptial agreements.  She didn’t really have a reason for asking, it was just something that popped into her head.  She asked if I would be offended by the notion of a prenup.  For me?  Nah…I’m not offended at all.  This is my take on them: the majority of prenups are signed because people are getting married too soon and they know it.  My thought is that if you have some assets that you want to truly call “your own” as you enter a marriage (family heirlooms, for example), then a prenup makes perfect sense.  I told Sunshine that if she was left a ton of money and/or assets from somebody in her family before we got married, I would totally sign a prenup because I’d have no problem doing whatever I could to prove my love was for her, not for her assets.  Surely, I’m not alone here in this thought process…am I?
  • Lindsay "I'm a drunk whore" Lohan

    Lindsay Lohan is a drunken slutty dumb-ass whore.  I have no problems giving my opinion on her because the facts speak for themselves.  If you haven’t heard already, Lohan is suing e-Trade for $100 million (yes…one-hundred-million-dollars) because a commercial referenced a “milkaholic” baby named “Lindsay” and she (and her mom, apparently) both thought it was a personal attack on her and she wasn’t going to take it anymore.  Her lawyer had the audacity to say that she is so well known that her one name “Lindsay” is as recognizable as being her as is “Madonna”.  How absolutely frickin’ insane is that???  She’s pissed away whatever she had of her career left and is a walking joke.  This lawsuit is about as hilarious as it gets.  Want to see the commercial in question?  I mean…seriously, people.


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