Best Weekend Ever: part two

101_0653aOkay…this might end up going a little long…

***that’s what SHE said***

…because there are a LOT of pictures I want to post and it was really a very full day.

My sleeping Sunshine...

My sleeping Sunshine...

I was up early on Saturday morning.  Normally I’m up at around 6am anyway…but this morning was a bit different.  I felt wide awake…I felt free…I felt alive.

As she slept, I stood in the doorway and smiled.  I was the happiest I had been since…well…since the last time we had been together like this.  I couldn’t put a finger on it, but this just seemed right.  So I walked to the computer and whipped up a quick post before she woke up.

Once she was up, we got ready and head down to the Halifax Farmer’s Market.  We both have been there a few times before together (and it was even the location of our first date) and it’s something that we enjoy doing together.  We knew right away where we wanted to go…and that was to get Chinese food for breakfast.

Yes, it’s weird.  But it’s something we both love doing together.  One of the many, many things.  But I digress…

Halifax Farmer's Market

Halifax Farmer's Market

Lovin' the live music pt. 1

Lovin' the live music pt. 1

Inside the market

Inside the market

Cheelin Restaurant's market menu!!

Cheelin Restaurant's market menu!!

Sunshine's a bit impatient when it comes to Chinese food for breakfast

Sunshine's a bit impatient when it comes to Chinese food for breakfast. Watch your hands!!



Loving the live music pt. 2

Lovin' the live music pt. 2

You can find all of the Halifax Market pics here.

So we were in full-on “we’re in love and it is bliss” mode at this point.  There was nothing else in the world that mattered to us…not even in the slightest.  The sun was shining, we were holding hands, and we were simply the happiest two people around.  Period.

We walked along the waterfront…occassionally stopping in shops to see all the fun touristy stuff.  We talked…we laughed…we loved…we stopped to make out.


Yeah…that’s our new thing.  We’ll make out somewhere…even briefly…and then mark it on our imaginary chalk board.  Example?

“On the passenger ferry from Halifax to Dartmouth?  CHECK!”

Sad, we know.  But we don’t care.  Heh.

We took a gorgeous ferry ride across the Halifax Harbour to Dartmouth.  We walked around the local market.  We enjoyed the sunshine.  We made out.

Dang it…now this blog post is taking an entirely different turn in direction!!

Okay, I suppose I should just let the pictures do the talking:

Best. Ferry. Ride. Ever.

Best. Ferry. Ride. Ever. it wrong that Sunshine holding "Spicy Meat Rub" makes me giggle like a schoolgirl? it wrong that Sunshine holding "Spicy Meat Rub" makes me giggle like a schoolgirl?

Well...what would YOU do with a cow statue??

Well...what would YOU do with a cow statue??

This is what I'd do with a cow statue...

This is what I'd do with a cow statue...

She's a bear....believe it. Heh.

She's a bear....believe it. Heh.



What...doesn't EVERYBODY own a stuffed moose wearing an RCMP uniform?

What...doesn't EVERYBODY own a stuffed moose wearing an RCMP uniform?

Who's happy?

Who's happy?


Sigh…it’s at this point in the post that WordPress has started to act up on me. Seriously, I actually saved my post and it ended up removing eight of the pictures I had uploaded.


Well, you can see the rest of the Halifax Waterfront pictures here.  

So it’s now past midnight and our day hasn’t even been HALF discussed yet. Well, guess what?  That means the “Best Weekend Ever” post/description is gonna end up being an all-week affair.

But y’know…when I think about it…our story really deserves nothing less than that, anyway.  True love deserves all the time in the world.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ To be continued ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

12 responses to “Best Weekend Ever: part two

  • mommasunshine

    In my head at 6:30 a.m. after reading this blog post? CHECK!!!



  • Laura

    Sitting here grinning…sweetness to the fullest!

  • Sean

    Glad to hear everything is going so well, guys.

  • T

    You two are my kinda couple! I can totally feel the bliss in your words and the photos. And that last line… got me right here.


    What a beautiful love story!

  • junctionmama

    I’m smiling CBG.
    I can’t stop smiling because what you two have is incredible.
    Love :)

  • QTMama

    Yup, sitting here with the sappy smile. I feel it from the blog post. What an awesome thing!

  • Ashley

    Great pictures!!! I just love reading both of your blogs about the great time you’ve had together!!

  • Amira

    LOL. Funny, AWESOME post. Totally lurv the bear picture the most. Ha ha ha! You guys…you are funny and sweet and mushy. Love it! Can’t wait to read more.

  • SingleParentPlus2

    Spicy Meat Rub is pretty funny. I like that you are marking the places you two make out. WordPress should have a plug-in to show that – Just another wordpress make out map. :)

  • Canadian Bald Guy

    Sunshine — LOL…I was right there with you.

    Laura — YOU’RE still grinning? I’m going to have to go out and buy some wrinkle cream if my smile doesn’t get wiped off my face soon. :-)

    Sean — Thanks, Sean. I appreciate that.

    T — I’m hoping your story ends up just as beautiful, T!!

    junctionmama — I’m right there with ya. It’s an incredible feeling to have, for sure.

    QTMama — Well…it’s not sleeping with a woman in Orlando or having white roses on my doorstep upon my return, but it’ll do in a pinch. Heh. ;-)

    Ashley — We’re both very glad that you’re enjoying both blogs. Thanks for commenting!

    Amira — I’m looking forward to one day reading similar posts of yours, Amira. It’ll happen…in the meantime, just live vicariously through us! :-D

    SingleParentPlus2 — I’d be all over that app!

  • Tishia Lee

    Ok call me a dork but I’m wiping tears reading this and looking at the pics of u 2. It’s great reading this and ‘hearing’ the happiness. Looking at the pictures you can just see the love that the 2 of you have for each other….it’s great!

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