It makes you think

article43319I was a little stunned at work today.  During a team meeting, a fellow co-worker explained to our team that she’ll be out for almost eight weeks recovering from colon cancer surgery.


This hit pretty close to home for me.  I’ve only mentioned it briefly at this blog since starting it here, but last year I went through a hellish time with cancer in my family. My mom has brain cancer and has been battling a brain tumor since November ’07. My cousin…at 35 and having never smoked…died last year after a tough battle with tongue cancer.

So needless to say, when I heard the news today I was floored and saddened.

cancerribbonsMichelle is a vibrant, jolly, 50-something with a heart of gold and a sense of humor from the gutter (which is why I like her so much…lol). She brings so much happiness to our team from her stories that I can’t imagine her not being with us for a week, much less eight.

She is very positive about the whole thing, and the chances for a full recovery are high for her.  It doesn’t make things any easier to handle, though.

It really makes you think about your own mortality, which is weird since I’ve spent the last two days talking about my Bucket List.

Life can be short.

Life should be precious.

We can all sometimes take life for granted.

For me, the past year has been a personal re-awakening. I’m a happier person and do my absolute best to enjoy the life that I have without concerning myself too much on the life I don’t have or would like to have instead (a constant factor in my years and years of previous unhappiness).

ist2_1979198-wave-helloSo make sure you say “hello” to your friends and/or co-workers tomorrow…don’t just nod and walk past.

Try driving through that horrible morning/evening traffic calmly (i.e. without single-finger salutes) and take the time to think about what’s good in your life and what makes you happy.

Make sure you tell you kids that you love them.

Tell your spouse just how important they are to your life.

Thank your parents for raising you as best they could.

Embrace yourself…know that you’re a good person.

You’re worthy of enjoying your life…you’re deserving of happiness…you’ve earned love in your life.

Take a deep breath in. Let it out slowly. Think of friends and family that you may have lost and remember happy thoughts and memories of them.  




Because at the end of the day when something like this happens to a friend or family member, it really makes you think….

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